Share Your Timeshare Vacation Memories as They Happen

published on August 25, 2010 by

Resort Condominium International (RCI), one of the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies, has created a new iPhone app allowing timeshare travelers to share their vacation memories with family and friends in real time. With RCI Snapbook™, you can capture pictures, videos, audio or notes from your vacation, upload them to and invite friends and family to view it, as it happens.

It’s easy to capture memories with your iPhone while on your timeshare vacation. With this new app, you can create personal and customizable vacation scrapbooks in your phone. You select exactly which photos and movies you want to share: write descriptive captions for each, and when you are ready, the one-touch sync uploads them to your custom albums on You can even choose to have the RCI SnapBook™ app upload your memories instantly as you capture them!

Capture audio clips and create an audio postcard to send. Use it as a journal to retain special memories of the trip, or leave notes for friends and family on the share site. You can even geo-tag your location to create a map of all the sites and attractions you visited on your trip.

Viewing options include: Timeline View to see photos and videos in the order they occurred; Micro Blog journal, similar to viewing a slideshow; Scrapbook arrangement; or have the Map view plot your geo-tag captures to create an interactive atlas of everything you saw on your timeshare vacation.

When you are ready to share, you can easily email the invitations while still on your trip from your iPhone, or from once you return. You choose what content each person has access to view. Download the RCI SnapBook app.