The Secret to Enjoying a Business Trip – A Timeshare Rental

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Business travel can be difficult – there’s no doubt about it. Leaving the family for days on end, spending nights in cramped hotel or motel rooms, trying to take care of work on a small table or spread across the bed, constantly eating meals out in restaurants and fast-food establishments.
Some business men and women know a secret that makes the business trip aspect of the job much more pleasant, if not downright enjoyable. The secret is – timeshare rentals.  And while timeshare rentals are typically used by vacationers, they are the perfect answer to great accommodations for a business trip.
Timeshare rentals can cost up to 50% less than a comparable hotel room, and often even less than a budget motel. And you get space – lots of it. The separate bedroom makes a night’s sleep much more relaxing. The living room gives you a place to put your feet up and enjoy some television, or a movie on the provided DVD.
The dining area gives you not only a place to eat so you’re not perched on the side of a bed, but also room to spread out and do your work. The full-sized kitchen allows you to eat home-cooked meals when you get tired of all of that café food. Pictured left is the Wyndham Resort at National Harbor in Washington, D.C., where timeshare rentals start at just $86/night.
Most timeshare rentals come attached to a resort. So not only do you have swimming pools and hot tubs to help you relax, but there are other activities available as well, including arcade game rooms and tennis, along with fitness rooms and spas. Pictured right is Marriott’s Cypress Harbour in Orlando, FL, where timeshare rentals start at just $107/night.
While some timeshare owners own a specific week, and list their timeshare rental for the entire week, the number of days you stay in the timeshare rental is often negotiable. In addition, many timeshare owners are now members of a “vacation club,” which means that instead of owning a specific week, they own points which they can easily divide up. This gives you the opportunity to rent just 2 or 3 days at the timeshare, instead of the entire week.
Renting a timeshare from the owner is an easy process, and timeshare rentals are available all around the world, even including in the heart of large cities. While the city-based timeshare rentals don’t always have a full-sized kitchen, you do get a microwave, refrigerator, and dishes, along with the separate bedrooms and all of the extra relaxing space that we’ve spoken about. The Manhattan Club in downtown New York City (pictured left) has timeshare rentals starting at just $150/night.
Make your next business trip budget-friendly, relaxing – and enjoyable. Rent a timeshare!
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