RedWeek Travelers and COVID-19

published on March 14, 2020 by

This is a difficult time. We love to travel, and know if you’re reading this, you do too. We understand that some of you are grappling with the difficult decision of whether to travel right now – we are doing the same. Even if you are not formally restricted from doing so, this is an important decision where benefits and risks need to be carefully weighed.

Please view current recommendations from the CDC when making your choice:

Coronavirus Travel Alert

We are doing everything we can to assist during these uncertain times. RedWeek is a travel community that serves both timeshare owners and travelers. We are sympathetic to our members being impacted by the pandemic on both sides of this equation. It’s important to understand that vacation rentals on RedWeek are quite different than booking directly with a resort or hotel. The individual owner of the timeshare books the unit being advertised. In most cases, the owner is not able to simply cancel the booking or change the dates. If a week goes unused, the owner loses both the use of the week for that year and whatever maintenance fees they paid as part of their ownership.

In online bookings, where we are intermediary between the owner and renter, we’re obligated to follow the terms of the rental agreement that both parties signed. For every cancellation request, we are reaching out to the owner and asking them to please be as flexible as possible, given this unprecedented situation. Some owners may choose to waive or reduce the cancellation fee and some owners may be able to re-book a reservation for a later date. We greatly appreciate any flexibility our owners are willing and able to extend.

Please know that we are actively monitoring the situation and working with all parties involved to reach a fair compromise. We ask that all owners and renters be as patient and as flexible as possible during this difficult time.

Owners using RedWeek’s online booking system:

  • If you are asked to cancel or change your reservation dates for a renter, we will gladly pay any change fees to accommodate this request.
  • If you need to cancel entirely, we will also give you an account credit for a new posting and verification.
  • If you are currently advertising a rental with March or April check-ins, we advise you to call your resort and reschedule your week. We will give you a free verification for the new dates, when confirmed.

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Comments (28)

    • Avatar for Lori M.
      Lori M.
      Mar 17, 2020

      I rented my Marriott Desert Springs for April 23-27th. I'm assuming the renters were going that week end for Stagecoach. That was rescheduled for Oct.23 week end. Should I email them and see if they want to change the reservation for that rescheduled time?

      Lori Michaud Booking B07-1116-2893

      • Avatar for Jon S.
        Jon S.
        Mar 17, 2020

        I appreciate that this is a difficult time or everyone including the renters, owners, and employees of Redweek. I have a rental next week at Marriott Canyon Villas that I must cancel as I am a healthcare worker and now can't travel even if I was foolish enough to do so. I fully appreciate that I signed a non-refundable contract and am not looking or anyone else to lose money. Because of the National Emergency, Marriott has agreed to give the points back to the owner for future use. (I obviously can't cancel and do it or him) My frustration is that after multiple emails to RedWeek I still don't know if the owner has acknowledged my desire to cancel the week. Ideally he would offer me a partial refund of his chosen amount minus ALL of his cost including the premium I'm sure I paid for that week. I would hope however that in times like these, one could find the willingness to at least make a simple phone call to Marriott on my behalf and do what they see as fair for my now quarantined family. If he is not willing to give me a partial refund, then I'm still willing to at least live with the knowledge that he made his decision and that his points didn't go to waste.

        Owners, I understand your dilemma as well, but if I'm missing something here please let me know.

        Thank you - Jon S. Booking ID: B11-7330-2000

        • Avatar for RedWeek Support
          RedWeek Support
          Mar 18, 2020

          We want you to know that we are doing everything we can to encourage the owner of your rental to be as accommodating as possible. We're a pretty small company and are receiving hundreds and hundreds of emails a day.

          Please know that our entire team is working tirelessly to assist the thousands of RedWeek members who are in the same situation. Your patience is incredibly appreciated.

          • Avatar for Dave P.
            Dave P.
            Mar 20, 2020

            As a potential renter for Marriot Surf Club Aruba, is there insurance you can buy if you rent a unit on here, in case the island is still closed and get all your money back? I seem to be reading that this virus is not a covered issue. I don't want to spend thousands then not get any money back.

            • Avatar for RedWeek Support
              RedWeek Support
              Mar 20, 2020

              Travel insurance is available for rentals using RedWeek Online Booking with the following exceptions: the check-in date must be within 18 months, and we currently cannot offer insurance to residents of Hawaii or New York. For details on what is covered and what is not, you would need to call CSA/Generali directly at: 866-999-4018.

              • Avatar for Sara G.
                Sara G.
                Mar 21, 2020

                Hello. I have tried multiple times to find a resolution with Redweek and the owner of the timeshare property I rented at The Westin Kierland in Arizona. I was supposed to check in today with my family of four. Given the travel restrictions, shelter in place, hotels inability to provide- AND my obligation to do my part in putting an end to this- I clearly had to cancel my trip. I would be very happy rebooking the same exact unit for the same exact week next March. The owner of the timeshare does not need to refund me- they simply need to rebook me for next spring. I echo the comments that Mariott Bonvoy is making the owners of these timeshares whole and my family should not be penalized. I would like to find some resolution with this ASAP. I would appreciate if someone from Redweek could please follow up with me.

                • Avatar for John T.
                  John T.
                  Mar 22, 2020 (edited)

                  My family is in a similar situation starting Saturday, March 28 in Kauai. I understand Redweek represents owners and renters but 3 emails and 2 phone calls and I’ve literally heard nothing from a redweek agent. Kauai is on a no-tourist order and we’re on a shelter in place order in California. If Marriott is making good with owners, I see zero reason, in this rare circumstance, not to be allowed a refund. Airbnb issued us a refund w/ no questions asked, well passed the cancellation deadline and with no fees of any kind!! I would hope Redweek can at least attempt to do something similar. So if your reading this Redweek person, please, please return our emails. We have been very calm and patient but the worry of losing our entire booking cost is starting to weigh on us.

                  • Avatar for Darlene C.
                    Darlene C.
                    Mar 23, 2020

                    Your policy is an account credit for a new posting and verification if a person needs to cancel entirely. My question is the length of time this credit is good until and does the credit start from the date of the actual rental contract?

                    • Avatar for RedWeek Support
                      RedWeek Support
                      Mar 23, 2020

                      We understand the frustration by both owners and renters. This pandemic is like nothing we have ever had to deal with, and we continue to improve our processes as we go along. We currently have thousands of calls and emails and are handling everything as fast as we can. It’s an incredibly difficult time for the entire nation and we hope our RedWeek community will be patient and understanding as we get through this together. We will absolutely respond to everyone just as soon as possible.

                      Darlene: The credit on your account does not have an expiration date.

                      • Avatar for Sue L.
                        Sue L.
                        Mar 23, 2020

                        I have emailed and called redweek as well FOR WEEKS. I have tweeted, no response. Terrible customer service. I understand these unprecedented times-I am working on the front lines of Covid-19. I said I was happy to take a replacement week. Marriott is making it right with the owner so there’s no reason to not refund either. I am trying to be flexible BUT IT’S A ONE SIDES CONVERSATION. There’s not much left to do but take it up with the attorney general and I suggest everyone else do the same to protect yourself.

                        • Avatar for S L
                          S L
                          Mar 23, 2020 (edited)

                          I have repeatedly tried contacting Redweek via phone/email/chat/dispute regarding cancellation of my rental. I have no choice to cancel given the mandatory quarantine by my state as well as the state of Hawaii. Marriott Ko Olina has stated that they will waive any cancellation fees to the owner provided that the trip is prior to 60 days of arrival. I am trying to cancel this trip ASAP so that the owner can cancel without any fees but am wondering if Redweek has even notified my request to cancel to the owner?!?! I Please process this ASAP. It is not fair to neither the owner or the renter as the clock is ticking to meet the window of time for a penalty free cancellation especially when the resort is more than willing to allow changes and flexibility during this window frame. Thank you. RENTAL AGREEMENT B06-6172-2606

                          • Avatar for Barb G.
                            Barb G.
                            Mar 26, 2020

                            Now that Sheraton is Requesting that Owners PLEASE CANCEL their reservations ..and they are offering to reinstate the Options and give owners until 12/31/21 to use them .... I'd like to receive a refund from R745713 Susan Cooper who rented us her week 3/29/20 at Vistana Resort. She seems unwilling to give back the money which seems rather selfish in that she has nothing to lose and we are being ordered to shelter in place. Some people appear to be just greedy!

                            • Avatar for Jeff T.
                              Jeff T.
                              Mar 28, 2020

                              We had a week at Marriott Ko Olina in Hawaii rented with occupancy to start on March 28. Then COVID happened and state of Hawaii put the travel restriction on starting March 26. Renter registered a dispute and RedWeek Arbitration found in favor of Renter and refunded the entire rental fee, determining that the resort was "not habitable" due to the travel restriction. We as owners were never contacted by the Arbitration Team yet the Renter was able to register a dispute and plea their case.

                              We were able to cancel the reservation just in time not to lose it and received the points back, but they were placed into a "holding account" that has restrictions for use. So while we did receive points back, they are of diminished value.

                              Renter and Owners are both customers of RedWeek (RedWeek would not exist without both of us!). Renters and Owners both take risks when they enter into the rental contract. COVID is unprecedented and Red Week Arbitration Team should have considered that when they made their decision. The fairest way to have resolved this would have been to refund 50% to Renter and pay us (Owner) 50%. Red Week Arbitration got caught in the trap that they must make a binary decision and find for one party. VERY disappointed in you RedWeek!

                              • Avatar for Joanne R.
                                Joanne R.
                                Mar 28, 2020

                                Very happy with the timeshare owner and redweek. We had to return to Canada after staying only 2 of our 7 nights in Maui. The owner must have agreed to credit us back with redweeks efforts. We are receiving 5/7ths back and we are very happy with how quickly and respectfully both the owner and redweek were to us. good Karma felt here!

                                • Avatar for Kathleen D.
                                  Kathleen D.
                                  Mar 31, 2020

                                  What is an estimated time to get a response from Redweek concerning a cancellation? I already put in a ticket to cancel. Aruba has closed it's borders for the time frame I was booked so clearly we will not be able to go. I would think that the owner and/or Redweek would get in contact w/ me. I also would hope for a full refund, as this is totally out of our control.

                                  • Avatar for RedWeek Support
                                    RedWeek Support
                                    Mar 31, 2020

                                    Kathleen: I found we sent you a response on March 21st. If you did not receive it, please check your spam folder. The response stated we show you purchased travel insurance through CSA and you will need to first contact CSA to file a claim. If you choose to submit your claim electronically, please visit:


                                    If you choose to submit your claim by email, fax or mail, please visit:


                                    • Avatar for David S.
                                      David S.
                                      Apr 02, 2020 (edited)

                                      Why won't you remit payment that was due (March 17) and/or answer multiple E-mails and phone calls? Our posting says our account is "on hold for review". What's to review? Everything went perfectly and was completed. (We spent several hours on the phone to make sure things were OK.) The reservation was transferred as agreed - the agreement had a no cancellation provision - no cancellation was requested - we called Maui Ocean Club a day before set arrival and were told that everything was in place - the reservation/vacation was fulfilled! But, no action by you! Your service (and lack of action/response) is terrible!

                                      • Avatar for Stacy K.
                                        Stacy K.
                                        Apr 02, 2020

                                        My renter was unable to go to my Aruba timeshare from 3/23-3/30/2020 due to Island not allowing any more USA citizens due to virus. He wants full refund that he paid me. Is he entitled to it? Tough times.

                                        • Avatar for Pamela H.
                                          Pamela H.
                                          Apr 06, 2020

                                          I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in how has chosen to handle my rental contract. My renter wanted to cancel due to the Covid epidemic. Unfortunately, I was unable to change or cancel the reservation at the resort. I offered to split the difference with the renter, but she refused the offer, and filed a dispute. RedWeek sided with the renter, despite numerous clauses in the contract that made her liable for cancellation. I would have been happy if they split the difference, but now I am out the entire rental fee, the fees to RedWeek and my week.

                                          • Avatar for Ilda O.
                                            Ilda O.
                                            Apr 08, 2020

                                            Would RedWeek refund a booking for July 5th-12th Marriott surf club Aruba if we have to cancel because covid 19?

                                            • Avatar for Megan R.
                                              Megan R.
                                              Apr 12, 2020

                                              All of you should share this with the media. Fox news, MSNBC, CNN, and local news. All Timeshares like Diamond Resorts Marriott should either give you you money or annual fees back or let you use it next year at no charge.

                                              • Avatar for Brian G.
                                                Brian G.
                                                Apr 14, 2020

                                                I sent a reply to 8 days ago and still no reply. Is this normal? I understand given the current situation call volume and email traffic is high, but 8 days with no response seems excessive.

                                                • Avatar for Frank A.
                                                  Frank A.
                                                  Apr 20, 2020

                                                  I own a Marriott Shadow Ridge timeshare and rented it for the week of March 15-22 via RedWeek. The unit remained habitable during the entire week, although a few of the resort facilities (not all) were closed. After the cancellation deadline the renter objected and RedWeek, purportedly held an arbitration WITHOUT NOTICE TO ME, found that the unit was uninhabitable and refunded the renter's payment. As an attorney and long-time arbitrator, it is clear to me that this process is beyond unconscionable. To have a so-called arbitration without providing notice to a party is unjustifiable. Further, to shift the burden to one party (the owner) in favor of the other party (the renter) when both are equally affected by events is clearly inequitable. This is especially true when, as the governing provision of the contract specifically points out that a renter might obtain insurance. And, by no definition was the unit uninhabitable. If that were the case, then each and every housing unit in the area (and country) (whether house, apartment, condo etc.) would have been uninhabitable.

                                                  The provision of the rental agreement relied upon by RedWeek is as follows:

                                                  If the Unit is not habitable on the day that the Rental Period commences by reason of flood, fire, or storm, and a satisfactory substitute is not made available, the total Rent will be refunded to the Renter. If the Renter is required to evacuate the Unit at any point during the Term, the Renter is entitled to a pro-rated refund for unused nights from the point of evacuation order through the remainder of the Term. In such events, the Owner will have no further liability to the Renter. Renter's inability to complete their travel for any other reason beyond the Owner's control (including, but not limited to: illness, airline interruptions, job loss) are the sole responsibility of the Renter, and Payment is non-refundable. Renter is encouraged to purchase trip interruption and cancellation insurance for such matters.

                                                  Clearly, a refund not only requires a unit to be "uninhabitable," which it was not, but further, uninhabitability is specifically defined as including only that which is due to "flood, fire or storm." Additionally, the agreement lists all other causes of renter’s inability to use the unit as the responsibility of the renter. Thus, there was and is no basis for refunding the renter's payment.

                                                  We are contemplating a class action lawsuit against RedWeek for its clear disregard of the facts and the rental agreement.

                                                  • Avatar for Pamela H.
                                                    Pamela H.
                                                    Apr 20, 2020

                                                    I totally agree with you. If you proceed with a class action suit, I am sure that many owners would join you. How do we keep in touch?

                                                    • Avatar for Shawn S.
                                                      Shawn S.
                                                      Jun 17, 2020

                                                      This company has no regard for the owners. They automatically side with the renter and offer full refunds even though the contract is supposed to protect both parties. I would never use this company again. Horrible customer service, all they want is your money for the listing fee. Once they have that they could care less about you.

                                                      • Avatar for Pierre M.
                                                        Pierre M.
                                                        Jun 18, 2020 (edited)

                                                        stacyk81 wrote:
                                                        My renter was unable to go to my Aruba timeshare from 3/23-3/30/2020 due to Island not allowing any more USA citizens due to virus. He wants full refund that he paid me. Is he entitled to it? Tough times.

                                                        You sold him a service that you weren't able to offer, so yes you should refund him...

                                                        • Avatar for Nicole D.
                                                          Nicole D.
                                                          Jan 04, 2022

                                                          We have a issue with a rental for Aruba. Last week Aruba changed their Covid pcr test from 72 hours to 48 hours and without any notification even from red week rental. We had to cancel and we are losing 5800.00 which is not right during these unprecedented times. We sre Coming from a high risk country and could Not even get a test for 48 hours. Any suggestions here? Owner has not Responded and it has been 5 days .

                                                          • Avatar for Pierre M.
                                                            Pierre M.
                                                            Jan 05, 2022

                                                            You want the owner to refund you because you omit to buy a trip insurance?... Owner cannot be held responsible for PCR testing requirements changes...