Resort Safety Changes for COVID-19

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How has the novel coronavirus changed the resort industry and what does a resort stay actually look like these days?

Marriott's Ocean Pointe

So, you made it to your destination city and have successfully complied with all of the national or state-enforced safety regulations. Don’t think the hassle is over just yet! Here are some generalized resort changes you can expect once you arrive at your rental:

Marriott's Ocean Pointe
Marriott’s Ocean Pointe

Lobby screenings & checking in.

Be prepared for the impromptu wellness screening and temperature check upon entering the resort lobby. Many resorts are also asking guests to use hand sanitizer, wear a mask and comply with six-foot social distancing policies. You may even receive a gift of branded PPE (personal protective equipment) upon arrival.

Don’t be shocked if the resort requires curbside check-in or emails you a “digital key” to check in/out and pay your bill via smartphone. This reduces the amount of surfaces which need disinfectant, as well as reduces contact with staff. Front desk staff will still be present — likely standing behind a partition wearing masks and gloves.

Inside your room.

If your room looks somewhat sterile and bare…this is likely due to the increased cleaning standards and reduction of decorative items which are difficult to sanitize. Many hotels have removed amenities like notepads, pens, and decorative pillows. Other items like minibar treats, robes, and extra blankets are now only available upon request. On the upside, some resorts are stocking guest rooms with safety kits stocked with masks, hand sanitizer and wipes upon arrival.

Housekeeping Changes

Housekeeping upgrades.

Housekeeping services have been affected by the pandemic probably more than any other area of the hospitality industry. Room cleanings have become vastly more intense for virtually all hotels and resorts, and some hotels have implemented only cleaning rooms once guests have checked out (unless specifically requested). Some resorts are even implementing a “post-checkout quarantine”, wherein housekeeping staff waits 24-72 hours after guests depart a room before entering to clean.

Marriott's OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes
Marriott’s OceanWatch Villas at Grande Dunes

Communal spaces & entertainment.

Many hotels have implemented maximum occupancy rules per their state guidelines, so guests must call in advance to reserve a spot in the game room or at the pool. Most communal spaces require facial coverings and social distancing to be practiced as well.

Room Service Changes

Restaurants & room service.

Much like housekeeping, the way that guests are served food has changed dramatically as well. The most common dining experience at many resorts has always been the breakfast buffet—this may become a fond memory we all begin to cherish in coming years. At the very least, some buffets have simply been changed to implement a masked attendant as opposed to having guests serve themselves.

However, some hotels are transitioning buffet dining to more traditional restaurant style accommodations where guests are seated in an outdoor or open setting, order from a digital menu, and are served on single-use paper products.

Other resort changes include expanded room service menus and creative delivery methods. Many Marriott hotels are offering “knock and drop” delivery where ordering is done via customers’ mobile phones and servers drop the food off outside their door.

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Comments (6)

    • Avatar for Gloria H.
      Gloria H.
      Sep 09, 2020

      This article was very helpful. We are still waiting until 2021 to think about travel.

      Appreciate your time and expertise

      • Avatar for Ed D.
        Ed D.
        Sep 09, 2020

        Thank you for your heads up information. This was quite helpful.

        • Avatar for Robert P.
          Robert P.
          Sep 09, 2020

          If you stay more than one week, from what we have seen, the resorts do not clean the room at the start of the second week. Upon request they will drop off sheets and towel etc outside your door and you clean the room and leave the dirty laundry outside the door when you are done.

          • Avatar for Barbara S.
            Barbara S.
            Sep 09, 2020

            The one thing that puts me off a hotel stay right now is bedding, especially PILLOWS. I usually bring my own, but how do they sanitize pillows? Is the blanket/comforter really washed for every new arrival?

            • Avatar for Cynthia Vaida
              Cynthia Vaida
              Sep 13, 2020

              Good question about bedding, pillows, blankets, comforters. Also if the cleaners must wait 24-72 hours after guests depart, doesn't this affect when our timeshare rooms are available? check in dates will have to change from Fri/Sat/Sun losing at least 1 day somewhere or else the middle of the week the place will be empty. this is going to be a big juggling act when the place is "full"

              • Avatar for Robert W.
                Robert W.
                Sep 16, 2020

                Añy definative information on when the bahamas will open back up for uñited states tourists