Shut Out of Your Favorite Summer Destination? RedWeek Can Help.

published on June 15, 2021 by

If you’ve been paying attention even slightly, you’ve probably seen the headlines: Summer travel is back in 2021 after more than a year of pandemic-related lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing. The latest Longwoods International American travel sentiment tracking study showed that 90 percent of U.S. travelers are planning to travel within the next six months. In other words, Americans are ready to vacation again — and some favorite summer destinations and resorts are already selling out. 

If you haven’t been quite fast enough to book your favorite resort just yet, don’t fret. RedWeek, the world’s largest timeshare rental marketplace, is here to make your 2021 summer vacation dreams come true. 

Sold Out? Not On RedWeek. 

Let’s say you want to plan a vacation to Hawaii this summer. So, you do a little research and find the resort that is perfect for you and your family. But when you log onto the resort’s website, you find out that they are fully booked for the week you want to be there. Does this mean that your hopes of an island escape have been completely dashed? Not necessarily. RedWeek provides what may be the ultimate travel loophole: timeshare rentals by owner. 

It’s one of the travel world’s best-kept secrets. RedWeek.com is home to thousands of by-owner timeshare rental and resale postings, in locations ranging from Aruba to Sedona. Those by-owner rentals aren’t listed on resort websites. But you can find and book them via RedWeek. A dream resort vacation may seem out of reach if you’re sticking to resort websites. But there are often many more options on RedWeek. This isn’t just a great strategy for summer; it’s also a handy way to plan last-minute getaways or holiday trips. 

But Wait. It Gets Even Better. 

Here’s another good reason why booking a resort vacation through RedWeek might be a winning travel strategy for you: it could save you a significant amount of cash. Owner-direct rental prices are almost always drastically cheaper than resort prices. 

You may be asking: “What’s the catch?” There really isn’t one. You won’t take any tours or feel pressure to buy into a timeshare. There are just thousands of great rentals to choose from — for less. 

Why are timeshare rentals cheaper? The reason timeshare rentals are cheaper than “best advertised rates” elsewhere is because RedWeek’s rental inventory comes from individual owners who aren’t out to get rich on their timeshare property. Generally speaking, they just want to break even. So, it makes sense that they’d prefer to entice potential travelers with (occasionally very) low prices. 

Bonus: Since timeshare suites and villas usually come with fully equipped kitchens, thrifty travelers can save even more money by preparing some of their own meals while on vacation, as opposed to eating out at pricey restaurants. 

With a busy summer travel season about to kick off, RedWeek is here to make things simpler — and cheaper! After the stresses of 2020, it’s time to refresh and relax. Start planning your escape now

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