RedWeek Hacks: Tips for Timeshare Owners

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Things can change fast in the timeshare industry! Have no fear, RedWeek is here to cut through the confusion. If you’re a timeshare owner, read on for some handy tips and important resources that will help you make the most of your rental. 

Use RedWeek’s “What’s My Timeshare Worth” Tool

Whether you’re planning to sell or rent your timeshare, knowing what it’s worth is essential. And we’ve got a tool for that. RedWeek’s “What’s My Timeshare Worth Tool” is easy to use and will show you rental and resale prices for units at your resort. Just enter your resort name and you’ll get the dollars and cents info you’re looking for. 

While this tool might seem more like something to use for resale, it’s great for owners who want to book and post a rental, too. The tool lets you check out historical and active rental prices for any resort, so that you can see the most popular (and expensive) times for each resort over time. It’s a great way to decide the best times to choose your dates. Get more details on how to use the What’s My Timeshare Worth Tool

Try RedWeek’s Full-Service Rental Offering

With RedWeek’s Full-Service Rental Offering, we’ve streamlined owners’ ability to rent their timeshare online. Online booking is also the most-requested feature from our renters who feel much more comfortable renting this way. Want to get started? It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Provide us a copy of your reservation. 

2. We confirm the details with the resort, add your posting, and manage all inquiries.

3. When your renter submits payment online, you have 48 hours to accept the offer then change the name on your reservation.

Why is Full Service a good way to go? For one thing, you’re not DIY-ing things here. RedWeek handles all inquiries and offers, taking the load off your shoulders. Even more, your ad can run all the way up until 10 days before check-in. Go Full-Service. 

Exchanging vs. Renting

As an owner, you may have discovered the timeshare exchange program, which allows you to trade your timeshare for another one either in the U.S., or internationally. It’s a great option, giving you a wide array of resorts and destinations to choose from. But you also might want to consider renting rather than exchanging. That way, you can find a great deal on RedWeek.com, and then rent out your own week, instead of using an exchange company and ending up with a resort you don’t like. RedWeek has already done the heavy lifting for you when it comes to finding deals — browse our Bargain Timeshare Rental page

Be Aware of New Policies

Resort companies are always changing the rules, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Owners should always be on the lookout for anything that is presented as a benefit when it’s actually imposing new limits on their ownership rights. For example, Wyndham Club recently expanded its Guest Certificate Policy to include most weekends and holidays through 2022 in many popular resorts. Now, regardless of ownership tiers, owners can’t apply for more than two guest certificates for any of these blackout dates. The idea is that owners will have maximum availability during certain high-traffic time periods; but it also means that owners won’t be able to take advantage of those high-traffic time periods through rentals. Stay tuned for more details from RedWeek on how to deal with this new policy. 

As a timeshare owner, what tips are you looking for? Let us know.

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