Start Planning: Fall 2021’s Hottest Timeshare Destinations

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Fall is right around the corner, so it’s time to start planning your autumn escape. Check out the hottest timeshare destinations and get inspired. These spots are certainly popular, but don’t despair — even when resorts are allegedly sold out, RedWeek.com has an inventory of thousands of by-owner timeshare resort rentals still available. Even better? Those by-owner prices are often much cheaper than resort rack prices. Here’s how it works

Hit The South Carolina Coast: Hilton Head Island & Myrtle Beach

People still wanted to travel during the pandemic — but many of them wanted to go to places within driving distance. That’s one of the reasons we saw an uptick in bookings on the South Carolina Coast. But even with restrictions loosening and vaccines being readily available, destinations like Hilton Head Island and Myrtle Beach are still hot. 

And why not? Dripping with evocative Spanish Moss, Hilton Head Island is an ideal getaway that delivers warm, white sand and turquoise waves, perfectly manicured golf courses and some of the best (and freshest) seafood in the country. In the fall, the weather is still breezy and balmy, inviting exploration. 

Check out your Hilton Head Island timeshare options. 

Up the coast, Myrtle Beach is a beach-lovers delight. The hub of the Grand Strand, a 60-mile string of gorgeous beaches, the destination offers an abundance of old-school fun at its beachfront boardwalk (home to the SkyWheel, one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the U.S.), along with a host of celebrity-designed golf courses, such as Jack Nicklaus’ famed Long Bay Club

Check out your Myrtle Beach timeshare options. 

Baja Getaway: Cabo San Lucas

Mexico’s Baja Peninsula beckons in the fall — especially Cabo San Lucas, where the waters of the Pacific mix and mingle with the Sea of Cortez. That’s not all that’s mixing and mingling, however. If you’re in the mood for nightlife, Cabo won’t disappoint, with an array of nightclubs, dancefloors, cocktail lounges, and more. 

But there’s another side to Cabo beyond the party scenes. The natural beauty here is unbeatable, with secluded beaches and off-road desert expeditions attracting those who like a mellower (but no less fun) vacation. Don’t skip the famed Arch at Land’s End, one of Baja’s signature sights. 

Check out your Cabo San Lucas timeshare options. 

Island Escape: Aruba 

Picture this: Palm trees swaying above you, sunlight sparkling off the sea, a tropical beverage near at hand. Well, you’re not the only one picturing it! Travelers are flocking to island destinations in big numbers this fall in search of scenic beauty and peace of mind. 

Aruba is a perennial favorite year-round, but budget travelers who love a less-crowded vacation experience will find even more to love in September and October. In the fall, the throngs thin out a bit and prices go down — but beware: at the same time, the temperatures go up a bit during this season, averaging out around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t worry, though, there will always be a refreshing pool (or the Caribbean Sea itself) nearby. 

Check out your Aruba timeshare options and discover some must-do activities for your trip. 

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