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The Luxury Resort Vacation Is Making A Big Comeback In 2023. Here’s What You Need To Know.

published on April 11, 2023 by

There’s a backlash brewing against Airbnb. “Complaints about excessive cleaning fees, chore lists, and poor value are rife on social media and elsewhere,” Jeremy Bowman wrote recently on The Motley Fool website. “The rap on Airbnb seems to be that it used to be good value, but prices have gone up and hosts have gotten more difficult, and in many cases, hotels are a better option.”

And not just any hotels — luxury resorts, too. Here are a few reasons why people are flocking to resorts for their vacations, and why, with RedWeek in your corner, “luxury” doesn’t have to mean budget-busting. 

Amenities and Services

One of the biggest advantages of staying at a resort is the access to amenities and services that you just aren’t going to find at an Airbnb rental. Most resorts offer a range of attractive facilities, including pools, spas, restaurants and bars. You can also expect to find on-site activities and events, such as golf courses, tennis courts, and fitness centers. What’s more, many family friendly resorts offer kid-centric activities and programs — even day care services if that’s what you need. 

Additionally, resorts often have staff available around the clock to help you with anything you need, whether it’s booking an experiential tour to enjoy the authentic culture of a destination or getting a recommendation for a local restaurant. The personal (and knowledgeable) touch can go a long way to making a vacation even more rewarding. 


Airbnb is supposed to be a more wallet-friendly vacation option, right? Not always. Since RedWeek’s inventory comes directly from individual timeshare owners (instead of large resort companies), renters can find resort rentals cheaper on RedWeek than even the “best advertised rates” elsewhere. 

That may sound similar to Airbnb, but it’s not quite the same. A key difference from Airbnb is that most RedWeek owners just want to match the cost of their timeshare investment for the year, so they don’t end up losing any money. They’re just trying to break even. On the other hand, many Airbnb hosts have the goal of making a profit in mind. Additionally, individual timeshare owners are not bound by contracted nightly rates, which means they can be more flexible with their pricing than even the most popular discount hotel booking sites.

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Safety and Comfort

Whether you’re in Mexico’s sunny Riviera Maya or on the scenic coast of South Carolina, luxury resorts are designed with the utmost comfort and safety in mind. Thanks to the recent pandemic, travelers are more cautious than ever about where they stay and what they do. As a result, resorts are going above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of their guests. Throughout the hospitality industry, you’ll discover stricter cleaning protocols, social distancing guidelines, and even contactless check-in and check-out processes.

Consistency and Quality

When you book a stay at a luxury resort, you can expect a consistent level of quality throughout your stay. RedWeek’s inventory is made up of gold-standard hospitality industry brands, from Marriott to Hilton to Vidanta. These resorts are managed by a highly trained professional staff who go the extra mile to maintain a high standard of service and cleanliness. In contrast, Airbnb rentals can vary widely in quality depending on the owner’s level of upkeep and attention to detail. Oh, and when you stay at luxury resort, you won’t be given a list of chores to complete before you leave — that’s a guarantee. 

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