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Attorney General Launches Outreach to Manhattan Club Owners

A new chapter — among many — has opened in the New York Attorney General’s investigation of possible fraud and securities violations at The Manhattan Club. This week, lawyers for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched a direct outreach campaign to club owners who previously filed complaints about the Manhattan Club’s sales-and-reservations practices. The… View Article

Is All-Inclusive Right for Your Vacation?

All-inclusive. Just the word conjures up thoughts of delicious meals, tasty desserts and as many martinis as you can drink. But before you sign up for the plan offered by your resort, understand what is really included. Many resorts today offer all-inclusive plans that include the entire property.  All of the amenities, entertainment, tours, activities, plus… View Article

RedWeek Announces 8th Annual Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts List

Disney’s Beach Club Villas takes first place again! It’s that time of year again… RedWeek’s Top 25 Timeshare Rental Resorts List is here! This list represents which resorts RedWeek members find most desirable. What’s in store for our eighth edition of the list? Check it out! Disney’s Beach Club Villas Harborside Resort at Atlantis Disney’s… View Article

More Airline Controversy on the Horizon…

FlyersRights discovered this patent for new airline seating. Last December, we covered several airline changes that were reported to be implemented later this year. FlyersRights has since uncovered more industry changes that could impact your next flight. JetBlue’s announcement that flyers would now be charged for checked bags was met with disappointment. The change appears… View Article

Those Enticing, Enchanting Timeshare Tour Incentives

This article is by guest author Helen Sabin. Helen’s take on  timeshare  incentives is very clever, but keep in mind that salespeople are very good at their jobs and caution is recommended if you decide to give her methods a try! — Free! Free! Free! In order to market or sell timeshare points or weeks, resorts offer “incentives”… View Article

RedWeek Reaches Out to Manhattan Club Owners

If you follow news in the timeshare industry, there’s little doubt that you’ve heard of the Manhattan Club lawsuit. The case came to life in 2011, the crux of issue being that owners were unable to book reservations despite their ownership status. Banded together in a class-action lawsuit, owners alleges that the New York City-based timeshare… View Article

Is Travel to Mexico Safe?

With international travel, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. Mexico is a favorite destination of many vacationers for it’s beaches and exotic flair, but it’s also gained as reputation as a very dangerous country where organized criminal groups run rampant. Many of Mexico’s resort and tourist destinations can seem entirely safe –… View Article

The Best Time to Buy DVC Points on Resale?

We already know that owner resales are a fantastic way to save on timeshare ownership, especially if you’re looking at the larger vacation clubs like Disney Vacation Club (DVC). If you’re really looking to maximize your “bang for the buck”, however, you might also be asking when to buy. For a long time, there was… View Article

Take a New Year’s Resolution Trip!

We’ve all been there – we start off every new year with an earnest proclamation of our resolution. You’re really going to do it this time! As great as our intentions might be, however, it’s often not too long before something goes awry and we slip up, our resolution abandoned in suit. The trick is… View Article

Major Airline Changes Reported for 2015

As vacationers, many of us are all-too-familiar with air travel. Oftentimes, it’s a love-hate relationship; we love the speed by which a plane can deliver us to our destination, but few travelers find the journey itself pleasant. Between crowded airports, ever-changing air rates and typically, an organization dedicated to protecting consumers of air travel. uncomfortable… View Article