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By alfredof3


woul like to visit your resory on my visit may4

Avatar for alfredof3 alfredof3

10 years ago
Apr 25, 2007

By tome127

my name is tom taylor an i would like to reserve my villa for this week end or upgrade to a penthouse using my vacation points. also i have bank my point for the last 4 years. date friday thru sunday please respond to availability of my time share phone 619 204 7120

Avatar for tome127 tome127

5 years ago
Jan 10, 2012

By marty8084 Team

Hi Tom,

You will need to contact your resort directly since RedWeek isn't affiliated with any of the timeshares.

Thank you, Marty

Avatar for marty8084 marty8084 Team

5 years ago
Jan 12, 2012

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