Difference between Platinum and Gold

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By Ryan G.

Difference between Platinum and Gold

I see that many of the resales are for Gold and say floating weeks. I would like to know the difference between Gold and Platinum? Also, I was informed that if you purchased Gold or Platinum private party that you can no longer receive Four Seasons trade dollars. Is that true?

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11 years ago
Oct 11, 2007

By Celia C.

You better call the Four SEason, you may not get four season trade dollars and you cannot exchange to the other resorts.

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11 years ago
Nov 29, 2007

By Steve S.

Difference between Platinum and Gold

Summer weeks are platinum.. All else is gold.

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9 years ago
Apr 26, 2009

By John N.

I am an owner of the Gold week and with a little planning (six months out) I have routinely been able to book Platinum weeks during the summer and early fall (typically September which is a great time here). Since I own a two bedroom unit, I can opt to split that week into a one-bedroom unit with all the amenities (full kitchen, dining room, large living room with fireplace, large balcony, and two full baths, as well as washer and dryer);then my second week is the lock off unit which is kind of like a studio that sleeps four and has what I would call a mini kitchen. There is a charge to split the week into two weeks ($149) and also a fee for booking a Platinum week when you are a Gold week owner. Yes, the maintenance fee is high however, in my case I'm paying the maintenance fee for a two-bedroom/1 week ownership and yet getting typically two weeks in Platinum Season. The staff here is invariably courteous, efficient, and very friendly. There are plenty of activities around the resort, for instance on Sunday night there was a wonderful jazz concert down on the lawn near the tennis center and I was able to enjoy it sitting on my balcony with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Every week they have a wine tasting event at the Meadows pool area- always very nice wines paired with gourmet appetizers.

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6 years ago
Jul 09, 2012

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