trading weeks internally

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By Bernard R.

trading weeks internally

i am thinking of buying a fixed week, but i will be wanting to use the resort as a floating facility in other words i want a floater for a fixed--- the main thing here is --i do not want to subscribe to RCI thankyou very much as i only intend to use vistana resort question is---- will vistana allow me to trade my fixed week for another available week at a price ? another question ---- if the maintenance fees are say $700 a year are there any other costs to me like land taxes and stuff ?

thanks for your replies

bernard R

Avatar for Bernard R. Bernard R.

12 years ago
Oct 15, 2007

By Kay K.

I have owned at Vistana for 10 years or more and as far as I know you can not trade internally. You must go thru an exchange co. There will be no more fees. The taxes are included with your yearly maintenance fee of approx. $700. or alittle less. I had to go thru Rci to get back into Vistana., unless that has been changed very recently. kay

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11 years ago
Nov 14, 2007

By Bonnie A.

I have 3 units at the SVR 2 in Cascades and 1 in Lakes. Due to these units being new or almost new if I don't use them I HAVE to give them to RCI or rent them out. So if I decide to give up my Lakes unit (BRAND NEW NOW) I will only be able to exchange back into whats avaialbe. Here is a tip, on the Extra Vacations in RCI on the website it may show an available week but not where it is in the resort but if you call RCI they will be able to give you the exact area of the resort that the week will be in that you want.. So I would join RCI its great and they are so accomodating. You can't trade internally and a fixed week is a fixed week thats why its important to buy a floater only.

Avatar for Bonnie A. Bonnie A.

11 years ago
Feb 19, 2008

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