which is the best tower? and where to eat in Oahu question

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By Joann W.

which is the best tower? and where to eat in Oahu question

Hi - which is the best tower to be in based on size and how new it is? Also - who has recommendations for great places to eat in Oahu near Hilton Hawaiian Village. thanks Joann

Avatar for Joann W. Joann W.

8 years ago
Apr 26, 2010

By Florence M.

the rainbow tower is great as well as Tapia tower.all depends.I suggest you contact your owners and check with them Many glorius places to eat.We love Benhannas, right there, the ususal Outbacks on the other and then up town Jimmy Buffet margaritville. So many to choose from........... Try the coffee house across the street from the Hilton its open 24 hours.great food all day long.

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7 years ago
Jun 13, 2011

By Angela B.

We prefer the Lagoon tower. Not the newest but nicely maintained and the service wonderful. Also, the location near the Lagoon and the layout and spaciousness of the rooms are wonderful.

The Ocean House and Chart House are short walks and very, very nice.

The Ocean House takes reservations and is just a block or two towards Diamond Head. You WILL want reservations somewhere on Fri and Sat nights. The sun makes it too bright to sit on the oceanside tables in the late afternoon, but the view is amazing. Just get a table with a little shade. The food is wonderful.

The Chart House is a block or so the other direction and also takes reservations. It is situated in the Hyatt (I think) but is right on the Marina. The window seats overlook the boats and ocean..very nice.

Both of these locations are a little pricy but worth it. For lunches and more casual fun evening meals, the Tropics right at the HGVC is very nice with live entertainment in the evenings. The grilled Mahi sandwich is amazing! Go early as they don't take reservations and the line on Saturday night last week was about 2 hrs long!

Benihanas is right around the corner and is, well, fun for kids or adults that like that sort of thing. The sushi is very limited there and I don't recommend it. The soups, fried rice, and steak are very good.

Avatar for Angela B. Angela B.

7 years ago
Jul 13, 2011

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