Renovation whether you like it or not

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By Russ G.

Renovation whether you like it or not

Am I the only Aviara owner who thinks that spending several million dollars on a makeover of the units, as well as the reception, is premature and wasteful? My personal observation is that the carpeting and possibly the couch in the units could use renewal; but NOT all the furnishings, as well as the kitchen appliances, countertops, cookware, cutlery etc. The kitchens have seen very light use as owners tend to eat out more than in. I contacted two members of the board who seem intent on ramming this down our throats ... no doubt soon to be followed by an increase in annual dues.

And who thinks the reception areas need to be redecorated? Apparently the management company does, with your money.

As best I can tell, we (the owners) have no control over this. Apparently, the renovation (every so many years) is written into the contract with the management company. Let's at least make sure that the NEXT renovation is not overdone and premature. In this economy, excess is not smart. I would rather see a cushion of funds, than an empty bank account. I am sure we are going to have many defaulters in this economy, and without a cushion, that's just going to be the justification for the next increase in dues.

The AGM is this week ... show up and make your sentiments known, one way or the other.

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7 years ago
Nov 07, 2011

By Lorraine P.

Beds look ok but really need a re-do. They sag and give no support. I called housekeeping and they brought me a new mattress in minutes. I was shocked how responsive they were. The new kids area they added in their renovation is wonderful. I do agree that not all areas might not have needed to be redone but the place looks wonderful and staff are the best of any resort I have every been to.

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5 years ago
Apr 27, 2013

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