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By Steven D.

SOK Owners Communicate

Hello all SOK owners.

I'd like to ask you all to register your contact information at the Sands Of Kahana Concerned Owners website at:

This web site links a growing group of owners who wish to facilitate open communication about all aspects of resort and how it is managed. It is in my (and many others) opinion that there can be significant improvement to the management and financial efficiency of the SOK VC.

I do not feel that we the owners have fair representation on OUR SOK Vacation Club Board of Directors because the board is vote controlled by representatives of Arthur Spector and Arthur Spector company's.

(a web search of "Arthur Spector and Consolidated Resorts" will yield some disturbing facts of how the 2009 Consolidated Resorts bankruptcy played out.)

We the "regular" owners are not getting the full story and the Board of Directors will not allow us to communicate amongst ourselves.

In the spirit of transparency so that all owners can be communicated with, the SOKCO asked the SOK VC for all the owners contact details. SOK VC refused. After significant legal effort all the way to court, the court ruled that SOK VC turn over the contact information. The SOK VC board (this should be OUR board !!) turned over the contact names with ALL the addresses being at Sands of Kahana, and not with an address that SOKCO can contact them by. Other than a bunch of names, it is pretty useless. Back they must go to attempt to get what the courts said they should have.

It makes me wonder why OUR board of directors will not allow this informal owners group to facilitate communication between all of the owners and the SOK VC?

So, if you would like communication from other owners who are very active with SOK VC, please register at

They are slowly making progress finding all the owners.

Thanks for your consideration and I hope that we can all work together to make our Sands of Kahana the most wonderful vacation experience it can be.

Avatar for Steven D. Steven D.

7 years ago
May 03, 2013

By Susan G.

I heard that the consoliated company was having bankrupty problems and that at least Tahiti Village got bought out by Diamond resorts which probably means maintenance fees will be going up. I can not afford what I have now and it always comes around the Christmas time which really really sucks!! that needs to be changed ASAP!!

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Avatar for Susan G. Susan G.

7 years ago
May 07, 2013

By Sarah M.

We would like to communicate with owners at SOK. We are actually new owners. Our email; Fred & Sarah Michel

Avatar for Sarah M. Sarah M.

5 years ago
Dec 18, 2014

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