Presidential Villas at Plantation Resort., Surfside Beach SC

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By Carl N.

Presidential Villas at Plantation Resort., Surfside Beach SC

SO this forum has gotten 1918 views and no post.. I see why the other page makes it look like the forum is closed. Not sure how i got to here.

Have been an owner since 2014.. have a EOY even, and so far so good. Have made the owners meeting the third thur in March the past two yrs one time we stayed in owned unit and this year across the street on old golf course unit out by the ponds near the water park.

I remember touring the resort back when there was only 4 to 5 building built. The model was on the golf course unit upstairs. I thought at the time it was a cool layout with the 3 bedroom or 2 bed adn hotel unit lockout. the layout map stopped at like building 235 236.

NO we did not buy from developer at the time.

now fast forward i have bought and sold 2 units in south africa, one in N myrtle beach, and the unit at Presidential Villa.

After buying the unit from another owner that had reserved a week already in late june i was able to rent it out covering the MF and some of the cost.

I hope other owners will chime in here and make your voice heard..

Also the website for plantation is nice with the new redo but lacking in good info and picture of the resort and amminited. Stuff like floor plans for the different unit would be nice.

Be sure to check out for more good info on the resort and other timeshare locations you might be heading to.

Avatar for Carl N. Carl N.

4 years ago
Jul 22, 2015

By Marie N.

Presidential Villas at Plantation Resort., Surfside Beach SC

My Dad has passed and my Mom has had a stroke; my husband and I have dogs that would not be welcome at the resort. How do you go about renting or selling a 2 bedroom Summer Premium Redweek (any week of the year) ? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appre- ciated.

Avatar for Marie N. Marie N.

4 years ago
Jan 03, 2016

By RedWeek Support Team

Presidential Villas at Plantation Resort., Surfside Beach SC

Marie -

We offer two option for the resale of your timeshare. You will find more information on our full-service option here: Full Service

The do-it-yourself option is explained here: Do it Yourself

If you have further questions, please Contact Us


Avatar for RedWeek Support RedWeek Support Team

4 years ago
Jan 04, 2016

By Nancy S.

Anyone go to the presentation breakfast will Wyndham where they try to tell you that your unit is not worth anything, you cannot exchange it now nor will they buy it back and they try to sell you their crazy system of going to their timeshares you are not interested in or have told them you do not like but try to sell you anyway and also the credit card Barclays to get extra points but they do not explain that is a credit card because the new sales person does not even realize that it is a credit card. Then the slick closer sales guy does not listen to you about your wants and preferences like Myrtle Beach and golf and tries to sell you this exorbitant sales package and gets mad when you are not one bit interested. We liked the plantation and the resort , the only thing we do not like is now that Wyndham has taken over they have jacked up our maintenance fees, our increased 3 times. They said they will keep raising our fees since we are not in their system. Not fair.

Avatar for Nancy S. Nancy S.

6 months ago
Nov 17, 2019

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