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Kissimmee, Florida

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Kissimmee, Florida


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  • Avatar for ritad74
    By ritad74 Dec 17, 2016

    One of the best five star resorts in Orlando, FL

  • Avatar for teresar181
    By teresar181 Mar 1, 2015

    We spent one week at this resort early January 2015. It was immaculate. Staff and all services were efficient and wonderful. Staff was very courteous and quick to reply. Our unit was beautiful and we really enjoyed the LARGE jacuzzi tub in our master suite. The choice of 14 heated pools was very nice and the activities were enjoyable. There is something happening everyday. They are building a water park in the centre of the buildings and will be done this spring, so will be nice when we go back in the future. The free shuttle to the parks was a bonus as was the ice cream shoppe on site. I am looking forward to the spa being onsite in the future as well. Great Resort!

  • Avatar for heidis62
    By heidis62 Jun 19, 2014

    I rented the 2 bd/2 ba unit via Redweekat a great price so I didn't have huge expectations. However, the resort was as close to all inclusive as my family has visited through a rental. Check-in was quick with no problems; a $50 incidental deposit seemed reasonable. Directly from check-in you are processed to a "Welcome Center" which basically sets you up for a timeshare purchase tour through the enticement of free breakfast, a box of cookies, a $25 certificate for the restaurant on property, and use of all amenities of the resort for free (benefit of ownership). I guess this beats the daily phone calls asking you to take a tour, and really the "tour" pitch happens at every timeshare resort so I thought this approach was less invasive and more professional.

    The condo was well furnished, spacious, clean, and appropriately equipped. Our unit was directly beside the 18 hole mini-golf course, the activities center with paddle boats, bikes and sports equipment as well as corn hole playing area. My son played at the soccer field everyday - using a ball checked-out from the activities center. The only con is although there are 14 pools on the property, we did find them often crowded, and not conveniently located to our unit. Hopefully the waterpark under construction will address this compliant.

    My family found all staff professional and helpful. The shuttles to and from Universal, Disney and SeaWorld are a nice convenience, but keep in mind they are crowded. As a matter of fact, the Universal shuttle has two drop off times, but only one pick up time so there are many patrons standing on the return trip. Since it is a 13 mile trip, it is rough standing on tired feet while trying to keep your balance on a moving bus; I wish they would stagger drop off and pick up times to Universal like they do Disney.

    Lastly, the restaurants on property are reasonably priced with pretty good food. Of course, the Starbucks outlet was popular with the kids and the placement was genius since it is directly beside the game room. I appreciated the written activities schedule, including the daily phone blasts outlining all the activities. Even though most Orlando vacations are consumed with Disney and Universal outings, Westgate Town Center and Vacation Villas offer plenty to stay on property on the needed days of rest.

    We definitely plan to return when the waterpark is complete!

  • Avatar for rogerd92
    By rogerd92 Apr 5, 2014

    I suppose you can nitpick any place you stay but this resort is very good. Plenty to do. Free shuttle to Universal City, Disney World, Sea World, Disney Walk. They have 3 movies a day for children and adults. We stayed for 7 nights at the end of February 2014.

  • Avatar for kcburris
    By kcburris Updated Feb 11, 2014

    beautiful, quiet, relaxing and yet still close to an abundance of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences; great activities on site for families including biking, crafts, basketball, tennis, sand volleyball, pedal boats and shuffleboard

  • Avatar for kimberlinh
    By kimberlinh Sep 6, 2012

    We spent Labor Day weekend (4 NTs) and loved the room but hated the resort. I realize hate is a strong word but the resort felt so creepy. The grounds are not only dirty and unkempt, there were 5 areas taped off for what appeared to be work or repairs. These areas didn't look to have any recent work done to them. They appeared to have been taped off for weeks or months. The biggest disappointment was the huge sand pit in the middle of the main and two side wings. On the resort map, this area should have been a pool area. Instead it was an eye sore. Things like windows and glass in common areas were not only dirty but had mold/algae growing on them. Trash was in landscape beds. The pool furniture is in bad condition and the overall pool areas seemed run down. Expect long lines at check-in. It took nearly 40 minutes for us to check in. The positives to this resort is the rooms. If you never leave your room, you'll enjoy this resort.

  • Avatar for jenniferr233
    By jenniferr233 Apr 11, 2012

    I just spent two weeks at this resort, returned a few days ago. I arrived on a Sunday at about 6 pm and grabbed dinner at the restaurant Shorts & Sandals which was pretty good. I then went to check in which took about 20 minutes. Our room was great, there was a ton of stuff to do at the resort. Many different pools close to chose from if any are crowded so that was great. The staff was very accommodating and my stay was wonderful. Super close to Disney and a lot of other great stuff. Walking distance to grocery stores and restaurants. I have stayed there before and would definitely again!

  • Avatar for philipb113
    By philipb113 Aug 17, 2011

    Took a vacation to Disney with the family.....It was a great place to stay. We had a full kitchen so we cooked to save money and we were only 1 mile from Disney. Kids loved the kid zone, mini golf and movie theater. We loved the lake and pool side area. The 1 bedroom was just the right size for all of us. I also enjoyed the jacuzzi tube after a long day at the parks.......Not sure why they have bad reviews must have been a bad day.....not for us...A+++++

  • Avatar for johnc1532
    By johnc1532 Nov 8, 2010

    Outstanding vacation place close to all the parks. Lovely staff who catered to our every need!

  • Avatar for limatt68
    By limatt68 Updated Aug 9, 2010

    Just returned from a weeks stay at this resort(Bldg 5100). Will not stay here again.

    Location: It's probably the closest time share facility to Disney, which was why we booked it, other than the Disney timeshare properties. We were in the Magic Kingdom parking lot in less then 10 minutes. So 3 stars for this.

    Check in: No problems at check-in. Had to wait about 30 minutes on line for help. Thought it would be longer because there were about 20 people in front of me but they had plenty of staff moving the line along. They were trying to get you to sign up for a viewing of the facility and their "Welcome breakfast", we declined without any pressure to go. And then they wanted one of their staff(sales person) to take us to our room. I said, "Not to worry, I think I can find my room" and we left and found our room with no help. So, 2 stars for this.

    Staff/service: They seemed nice but didnt speak any english, which is becoming more and more the norm. I think they should know certain words like: toilet paper, towels. I mean I asked one guy for a pool towel not knowing if he had any and he looked around and gave me a garbage bag. Now, I needed a garbage bag(and maybe he knew that) but I was headed to the pool. He figured it out and we both chuckled, but when I'm on vacation in my own country I shouldn't have to do that. Half way thru the week they did change our sheets and provide us new towels but they didnt vaccuum(not sure what the policy is on that). So 2 stars for this.

    The Experience: I do like the fact that the pool stays open late(although we were in bed by 10:30pm every night but up at 7am to get to the parks early). So I can't complain that the people were being loud until the late hours, their on vacation just like us. All of the people that we came across were friendly to us. No one made us feel unwanted or insecure because we were a white family in a predominately African-American/Latino facility. Parking was not an issue, had a spot by my building every night. The one major problem I had was the huge pool right behind the reception area(in between bldgs 4000 and 5000), it appears to be the main pool for the facility, well its NOT THERE, its a sand lot. So, 2 stars for this.

    Every single Marriot time share in the area or the two Sheratons(Vistana or The Villages) is better than this, even the older ones. Go stay there.

  • Avatar for mochamom
    By mochamom Jul 26, 2010

    I will never stay here again. I advise others to steer clear from here! I was the second one in line to check in, we weren't able to get our room until 6:30 at night. After many complaints! Some people waited in line to check in for over 3 hours! It was horrible. They have many little pools with nothing to them. The drinks and food are expensive. Any time you call the front desk for anything they put you on hold for many many hours. You actually had to drive to the main desk to get any help. This is horrible place and I would never stay there again even for free!

  • Avatar for alisav3
    By alisav3 Updated Mar 5, 2010

    We have been owners at Westgate Town Center for a few years now. And every year keeps getting better and better! Every trip there is something new. From a Disney movie theater located right in the Town Center that shows 3 movies per day to playing mini golf at Jurassic Golf. There are all sorts of activities going on at pools 1 and 13. If you want a quiet pool, you can pick any of the other 11 pools if you want to sit back and relax. Upcomming is only getting better.... water park (3 stories), beach, shopping center, petting zoo... the list goes on and on. This is such a wonderful resort and it keeps getting better! Lastly, the staff.. They are the best ! They make it feel "like home".

  • Avatar for jeanm151
    By jeanm151 Jun 16, 2009


  • Avatar for annaa47
    By annaa47 Updated Jan 30, 2009

    I own (since 1999) a 2bedroom/2bathroom unit at Westgate Town Center. It's a lovely resort....lots to do and fun for the whole family and friends!

  • Avatar for fayer12
    By fayer12 Jul 1, 2008

    My husband and I just returned from Westgate Vacation Villas. We found that the accommodations were first class. We were in a 1 bedroom villa which had a beautiful huge jacuzzi tub. We checked in without any problems, and checked out without having to enter the Pavillion. The staff was very courteous and made us feel like our vacation was equally as important to them. We upgraded by purchasing an additional week along with a 2 bedroom lockout in the 6000 building of the Town Center, which is still under construction. I can't wait to visit again and especially enjoy our new villa.

    I recommend Westgate to anyone without hesitation.

  • Avatar for deenaw
    By deenaw Updated May 18, 2008

    My husband and I just returned from Orlando,Florida.We stayed at the Westgate Town Center, we were there on a timeshare certificate 4 days 3 nights,with accomodations 1 bedroom 1 bath and a full kitchen.The first unit we were assigned,I wasn't happy with, after I complained to the manager, he apologized to us and instantly relocated us to an upgraded unit, "1 bedroom with a jacuzzi tub,1.5 bathroom,full kitchen and a large private balcony".The saleperson on the timeshare tour was a little aggressive,however,I stayed firm with him. Every thing with smooth after that. My husband and I didn't purchase at this time, but are planning to return early next year to purchase an unit.I definetely recommend this resort to anyone.BE AWARE,IF YOU PURCHASE A WEEK VACATION PACKAGE,THAT BOTH PARTIES AGREE ON THE SAME THING,PLEASE PAY OFF VACATION WITHIN 90 DAYS OR ELSE WESTGATE WILL SLAUGHTER YOU WITH THEIR INTEREST RATES AND ARE NOT WILLING TO MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENT.ENJOY YOUR VACATION. MAY 18,2008, My husband and I just returned home from visiting Westgate Towne Center . We are now proud owners of Westgate, Building 6000, which is under construction, expected to be completed in spring 2009. Our experience this time around was outstanding, we checked in on May 10,2008 around 11:00 am with no problems, we were given 2 choices as to where we wanted to stay, we chose the 2/2 Villas,unit Y4 which was located right in front of a swimming pool (13 pools total for this resort). If you decide to purchase, request to have Mr.John Greene as your closing officer, he is very knowledgable and personnable.This time of year is the best time to visit the Florida area, you have the run of the resort and the Theme Parks. PACK YOUR BAGS ,GO ON VACATION.

  • Avatar for barbara1246
    By barbara1246 Mar 17, 2008

    We stayed at the Town Center two weeks ago. The facility was very nice, but the staff and check in were miserable. At check in, you had to see seven different people before you got your keys. Big delays existed between each step. From the note on our villa when we checked in, the room was ready about 1 1/2 hours prior to them telling us at the front desk that it was available--which was well after the 4pm check in time. Management needs a change at this resort as anyone could improve this process in less than a week.

  • Avatar for sharons334
    By sharons334 Jan 7, 2008

    We have owned since 1999. We've come every year since our kids were little. We own a 4 Bedroom lockoff.The lockoffs are great if your bringing a larger group because every family can have their own place, yet still be close. So when you want to relax and have some privacy it's no problem. There's been talk about adding a water park on site. There's lots of stuff for the kids to do, our teenagers enjoy volleyball, basketball, biking, paddle boats, tennis, puttputt golf and pools. Be sure to see the animal show on site it's great. Disney is 1.1 miles away. Shopping is close. Pizza Hut is on site and a small grocery store. Any time we've had any problems they were taken care of right away. Overall a excellent place to stay!

  • Avatar for keithm1953
    By keithm1953 Updated Oct 29, 2007

    We stayed there this spring. We are owners and the new 5500 building was outstanding.

  • Avatar for barryb17
    By barryb17 Oct 24, 2005

    We have owned at Westgate Town Center since 1998, and have used it three times, and always love it there. The amenities are getting better all the time as they expand, and we have always been treated like we are important. This year we checked out a couple other resorts while using our week (41), and were convinced we were in the right place!

  • Avatar for richardc48
    By richardc48 Sep 15, 2005

    I have been a Westgate owner since 2001 and a Towncenter owner since 2003. It is a great vacation for the kids. Near all of Disney parks and Universal Studios. The units are well maintained and the staff is extremely accommodating.

  • Avatar for jean916
    By jean916 Apr 12, 2005

    We have owned at this resoprt for 4 years and went on an exchange the year before. As soon as we stayed once, we had to own. The facilities are wonderful, as are the friendly staff. Many of the activities are free of charge, such as owners breakfasts and dinners, bikes to use, and fishing equiptment. There is an oversized roman spa in the master bedroom, and a big screen television in the living room.

    The first time we stayed, my 2 year old daughter fell and scraped her knee. We asked for a bandaid. Within minutes a staff member was at my condo with a first aid kit, making her feel like a little princess.

    I dont think you can beat the overall experience at any otehr facility.

  • Avatar for james3185
    By james3185 Mar 29, 2005

    The facilities were wonderful, once we were checked in to the correct room. We arrived around midnight, and the check-in was "mobbed". Instead of a beautiful full bedroom with Jacuzzi andfull kitchen, the first night we in in a "hotel room" of the small variety. By 1:00 pm the following day, they had us in the beautiful room we had exchanged for. From thereon, our week was terrific.

    The pools were spaced throughout the large resort in a way we found enjoyable. The proximity to the theme parks was convenient and I loved the kitchen facilities we had. The Jaccuzzi tub was terrific as well. It filled rapidly, as opposed to some I've used. One afternoon we locked our keys in the room and the security people were there to help in less than a half hour. Check out was fast. We just dropped off the keys as we left and there were no "hitches" after our initial one. I'd use Westgate again.

  • Avatar for grant15
    By grant15 Sep 29, 2004

    We've been there twice and it was great both times!

    Fantastic property with great amenities!!

  • Avatar for linda1119
    By linda1119 Jun 13, 2004

    We were just there this past week and the room was amazing. The mastersuite is grand. The furniture was outstanding. The place overall was wonderful, however, be sure to get a pool view. We were in the 5700 building which is a walk to the pool and the view was less than desireable. We overlooked construction. Overall, a great resort.

  • Avatar for ronald30
    By ronald30 Jan 18, 2004

    We originally owned at Westgate Vacation Villas and then purchased at Westgate Town Center which is the newest phase adjacent to Westgate Vacation Villas.

    It's a great place for kids with many activities that they can participate in and it is also great for adults. The rooms are very spacious and well kept. The furnishings are first class. Many amenities. The grounds are immaculate. Have the use of several pools at the Town Center and Vacation Villas. It's a great place.

    Have had with us family members on vacation, and/or have sent family members & friends to the resort and they were extremely surprised to see how big the rooms were and how nice the resort in general was. The lock-out feature is great.

    We recommend Westgate Town Center without reservation. You won't be dissatisfied.

  • Avatar for navigatorgoldens
    By navigatorgoldens Updated Oct 30, 2003

    I have owned my unit at the Town Center for 4 years. I had previously owned a unit at Westgate Lakes and find the Town Center to have all and more that the Lakes had. I would recommend this resort to anyone, especially those with children.

  • Avatar for ballardjm
    By ballardjm Aug 18, 2003

    We have owned at Westgate for 5+ years. We have used the unit 4 times and brought friend a couple times, to use the lockout. Everyone had a wonderful time. the units are roomy and comfortable.

    Westgate is constantly growing and adding more ammenities.

  • Avatar for mikes
    By mikes Updated Oct 2, 2002

    The Town Centre is the latest, and only partially completed part of the Westgate timeshare development right next to Westgate Villas and Westgate Towers. Guests can use facilities in all three resorts, incl. about 12 pools, tennis, club house, etc. The whole complex is only about two miles to Disney and very close to a variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment. We found the resort well maintained and managed by friendly and helpful staff.

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