Simpson Bay Resort and Marina

Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten & Saint Martin

Simpson Bay Resort and Marina

Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten & Saint Martin

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  • A tropical paradise awaits you at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina. Located on crystalline Simpson Bay and the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, guests have the opportunity to enjoy 4 tennis courts, 5 swimming pools (2 of which have swim up bars), a spa, a casino, a mini market, and a gift shop. The resort is ideally positioned on the beach, midway between the island's most popular night spots and shopping. Fine restaurants abound to tempt your pallet and an Activity Center makes it convenient for excursions to dive/snorkel spots along with a variety of water sports. At this beautiful and well maintained facility you'll find amenities for your every need. Enhance your stay by immersing yourself in the unique charms of the island's two cultures (Dutch/French).

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    • Avatar for jo277
      By jo277 Nov 26, 2016

      Beautifully renovated!!!

    • Avatar for ariellat
      By ariellat Jul 8, 2015

      I own several weeks at this resort over perhaps the busiest time of year, Christmas and New Years, and have found that the staff works hard to accommodate and please their guests. The grounds are beautiful and continuously being maintained and the old buildings and units have been almost entirely renovated to meet the gold standard for timeshare resorts. Besides, they are much larger than any new construction would be. I look forward to going back year after year for the friendly service, sunny location, and relaxing time in a very comfortable unit high on the hill, over looking the sea.

    • Avatar for jonip17
      By jonip17 Jun 16, 2012

      I exchanged through Interval and booked a two bedroom villa. Upon my arrival they tried to check me into a one bedroom with a detached Studio. After many go rounds and I refused to accept two seperate accomadations they agreed to have me pay an upgrade cost of $695.00 to get the two bedroom villa that I should of gotten to begin with. When they told me they did not have the inventory it was funny it was only available for an extra $700 bucks.

      I was given two one bedrooms in the same building but it started out our vacation on a very bad note. It felt terrible having to leave my family and walk down the hall to a seperate room each night. It took away from our enjoyment.

      I was locked out three times and had to make the trek to the main building at all hours to replace keys that never seemed to work. The management should all be replace with more customer service oriented personal. People who can make corporate decissions and service the customer.

      Know the difference between what is right and wrong and above all not blame the upper management and talk about how terrible they think thier company policy is but not able to do anything about it.

      It was very disappointing the whole check-in process the speed at which they all work. They make it obvious they are not happy employees and all tourist can just wait at a snails pace in a hot check-in area. 30-40 people in line and the manager sitting in the back room for whatever.

      It took me two hours to get to the desk the first time. After I saw my one bedroom and it was un acceptable becuase I was lacking the second bedroom. I had to wait another hour in the line .

      It was so frustrating. I lost the entire first day of my vacation just trying to get checked into a two bedroom that never did pan out. I was told I could call interval and find another resort through them.

      This resort is in the best location and has a beautiful beach. I loved the area. I just wish they would get rid of the lazy staff. Get people in there that know how to work and check people into a resort that doesnt take 5 hours.

      It is a very friendly Island where did they find their managers. They seem to be there for a paycheck only not obligated to provide any type of customer service, and completely uncapable for making a management decision.

      If they weed out the bad seeds and clean house and get some people who want to work it would be a great resort.

    • Avatar for dchilds
      By dchilds Updated Dec 10, 2011

      Pelican Resort was the base of our best vacation ever. Our suite was large, well furnished and had a great view, and the location was beautiful and convenient.

      The beach and swimming were great. Multiple pools, grocery, casino, and spa on site. Base for many excursions including watersports, scuba and day sails.

      Get a rental car and see the whole island. The Pelican is also a great place to spend a relaxing day.

      We are going back next year.

      March 23, 2004 Update.

      Just got back from another 8 night stay at Pelican. There are improvements happening around the resort. They have re-finished and updated the Marina pool, and started on the C pool this last week. Three other pools are available too. The grounds look great.

      The kids came this time, and had a great time as well. Lots of room, and we used the full kitchen and bar-b-q a couple of times.

      What can I say, we're owners now. We'll obviously be back.

      January 26, 2009 Update.

      We now own 3 weeks at Pelican. We love the island, and Pelican is a great base for exploring St Maarten. We walk to many restaurants, bars, and the theater.

      We usually pick a beach to visit each day, and we're always finding new restaurants, for us at least, to try.

      Visitors at Pelican can walk over to the Marina, for some only 1 flight of stairs, and catch daily sails and ferries to Saba, St Barths, Anguilla and more.

      December 2011 Update.

      We continue to visit Pelican Resort, Simpson Bay Resort now, twice a year. We have been on a tour of the new Marina Residences, which are some of the nicest rooms we've seen anywhere, not just in the Caribbean. The new Marina Residences are only a few hundred yard walk to the Marina, and slightly more past the Marina building to the beach.

      The new resort management has raised maintenance fees, and is collecting special assessments in an attempt to bring the resort up to the newer building's standards. We hope they succeed. While the rest of the resort is as nice as any hotel we've visited in the Caribbean, it will be nice to have the older units upgraded with newer kitchens, etc.

      The resort has something for everyone. Nicer units that cost more for people who demand that type of accommodation. Some people prefer the views from the upper buildings. We like being on the beach. We own three units in the Flamboyant building, which is the only beachfront building, and it really is our favorite.

    • Avatar for dennis940
      By dennis940 Jan 6, 2010

      We have had very mixed impressions of Pelican over the 10 years we have owned it. First and foremost, you must know where in the resort you are staying before buying or trading or renting a unit. We have owned unit F-3 which is beach front. The unit seems wonderful - BUT - the unit continually has problems with its vacuum based toilet. It seems to break down at least twice or three times a week. Its not the toilet in the unit but the pumping system that has problems. Since this group of units is below the street level, it has also had problems with the bath tub and has backed up some grizzly water in it from time to time..

      The new Marina building, which is a fractional ownership, seems to get all the attention. You will feel the anger when you talk to some of the original owners.

      The new Marina building blocks many of the original units views of the Bay. So you now face either the back of the new building or its air conditioners.

      KNOW where you are staying on the resort. Last July we were there for two weeks and saw some people stuck in studios that were below ground grade level and facing the back parking lot. Even worse we met a couple who faced the back of the new Marina Residneces air conditioning units, many loud units cycling on and off all day and night. As a special bonus these units also face the main entrance road leading into the resort, which has a large retaining wall and cyclone fence facing this poor couple's unit. The top of the cyclone fence has razor wire, no doubt so that you would not take a short cut to the road????? I would never have stayed in those units, if felt and looked like a prison.

      On the other hand, if you can stay in the upper buildings, upper floors, which have wonderful views, it can be quite nice.

      The maintenance fees have gotten so high for what you get, that we simply gave our unit back to Pelican. I would go back on a trade since I know the location of units on the resort.

      Check in and Check out can be very slow and annoying. I had one run in with a very nasty towel lady, apparently someone had traded in towels and mistakenly or on purpose used our room number. The towel lady insisted that I had already traded in dirty towels and was lieing to get another set of clean ones. I really do not need this type of attitude when I am paying nearly $1000 a week maintenance.

      So, if you get a good unit, up high with a view, I would happily go back. BUT, this is not a resort to go to without knowing what you are getting! Caveat Emptor!!

    • Avatar for saraj29
      By saraj29 Jan 5, 2010

      This resort is great. It is perfectly located on a beautiful island with fantastic views. It has so many amenities on site that you really have no reason to leave, but there is so much to do and see on the island, that you would really be missing out if you didn't. Like all resorts in the Caribbean, the resort is subject to the wear and tear that high humidity, salt air and hurricanes inflict, but the resort is constantly cleaned, maintained and upgraded to a perfectly acceptable standard.

      Basically, if you are looking for the Four Seasons in Manhattan, this is not your resort. But if you are looking for a well-situated, convenient, well kept and lovely resort with lots of restaurants, entertainment and shopping on-site or a stone's throw away, you will love this place.

    • Avatar for liannem3
      By liannem3 Jun 7, 2009

      We just came back from two weeks at this resort and were pleased. We stayed in the same buildings as the person below. The Marina Residence for one week as well as one week at the B building for one week. The Marina Residence building is truly phenomenal. No complaints! There is no garbage area at the B building just a bin at the side/end of the parking lot. Parking itself was ample. We did have an ocean and pool view room both times not an efficiency unit as below but in three years of going to this resort we have never had tattered sheets or smelly rooms. We have used an efficiency unit as well as our ocean view and no complaints. The staff is friendly, the pools clean and fairly quiet even with the # of people staying there. There are never security issues or difficulties when needing assistance for anything. We will be going back next year!

    • Avatar for frank1286
      By frank1286 Updated May 27, 2009

      Stayed at this resort April 2009.We traded thru interval and ended up in a small unit at the very top of the resort overlooking the garbage area.The unit itself was old, smelled extremely bad ,floors were dirty and the linens on the bed were worn and tattered.After complaining to the manager (as we were going to leave the resort) we were able to transfer to the marine residences for a cost of an extra $450.00 for a week and agreeing to go to a timeshare presentation.These marine units were truly five star accommodations.We felt like this was a scam to try and get us to buy a timeshare.We would not return to this resort as you cannot trade into the marine residences you can only trade into the old sections of the resort.Which are not up to standard.On a good note the beaches in Saint Martin made up for the bad experience at the resort.

    • Avatar for elvira16
      By elvira16 Updated Feb 13, 2009

      While some of the units are in need of upgrading (funiture, drapes, etc.) our vacation at Pelican Resort was wonderful. The beach is lovely, lots to do (I loved the water aerobics), excellent food and prices for every budget. Expect a shower now and then to keep the island green, weather was great.

    • Avatar for toms196
      By toms196 Feb 3, 2008

      Disappointing events for this stay; first 2 days before our arrival we received a call from the agent that some visitors had been turned away and moved to another resort; explanation (a mix up in reservations due to the recent sale of the ownership) Also told that we could not have the 2 bedroom we paid for six months earlier; only a one bedroom. When we arrived, the desk could not find us in their reservations. After a 4 hour wait, they put us up temporarily in another unit. Next day, found our reservation and placed us in an efficiency. Not 2 bedroom, not 1 bedroom, not acceptable. It was a common occurrance to see other guests waiting for hours at the desk to receive what they expected; most never did. Internet was down for four days. Long lines to use it when it came up. Lovely resort, some staff showed great valor in the face of danger from irate guests.

    • Avatar for kathleend70
      By kathleend70 Jan 26, 2008

      I am a new owner and just returned from Week 1&2 vacation. Is the resort and 'older' resort yes, HOWEVER the upkeep is very well for it's age (over 20 years) and they are working at it all the time! -the staff can not do enough for you. Alan and Dacey at the B pool and Marina pool, Dominic from maintenance, and the housekeeping staff are all terriffic.

      You do not have to leave this resort if you do not want too, everything is here-the prices at the Peli Deli are only 60 cents to 1 or 2 dollars higher (pending the item) of those back in the states!! They have it ALL here. Gift shop, bars, resteraunts, Water Sports (Aqua Mania is the concession) are great, you can rent snorkle gear for the day/week. You pick up ALL your boats from the Marina (Saba, Anguila, St. Barth's) the resort offers trips for MINIMAL cost, sunset sail cruises with an open bar for 10.00 (I took 2!)

      They also offer beach and shopping trips for a minimal cost as well!!! A new French Bakery has just open as well. I invited a friend down and she is now interested in purchasing here-you have all these amenities This is a great "home base" and you are centrally located to the airport, entertianment and resteraunts off the resort property.

    • Avatar for nancys371
      By nancys371 Oct 23, 2007

      I have been an owner for 5 yrs and it keeps getting better and better every time we go! It is the most relaxing vacation spot ! You can visibly see all the improvements each year! The resort is back to pre-hurricane status and slowly becoming the 5 star resort they once were! Even the activities at the resort have gotten better - they are so much fun! You can do as much as you want to or as little and have a great vacation. You can walk to many things too, so the location is ideal!

    • Avatar for duffy104
      By duffy104 Mar 5, 2007

      We just returned after a pleasant week at The Pelican Resort Club. It is true that it is an older timeshare (25 years old) however, it is maintained well . . . beautiful gardens, clean, friendly staff, convenient location.

      We would return again.

    • Avatar for judyw90
      By judyw90 Nov 4, 2006

      I have been an owner at Pelican for 20 years. If you are looking for a well-located resort, that offers everything, this is it! There is a grocery store, casino, and two restaurants on the premises. There is an olympic pool for laps and a swim up bar. There are also four other pools scattered and a private beach. We love the island . Rent a car, it is only 38 miles around with some of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen. Even a nude beach. Half French and Half Dutch, you couldn't ask for more. Shopping is great on both sides and you can go to any number of islands just for the day. St. Bart's, Anguilla, and Saba. The service at the resort is great and the rooms are huge....fully one bedroom sleeps four with a king size bed and a queen sleeper sofa. They will also roll in a bed if you need more. Kitchen is fully equipped, dishes pots pans silverware etc, dishwasher, two t.v.s that are cable. Love this island and love Pelican!!

    • Avatar for donnarita
      By donnarita Oct 12, 2006

      The resort is everything you would ever want for a tropical fantasy vacation, we took the sunset cruise from the marina at the resort and met new friends from all over that we are still in touch with, it was an incredible evening, with reggae music on board, and to make it even better we stopped in at the Red Piano at the resort, after the cruise, and stayed until closing, the piano player was awesome, a mix of Jack Johnson and Harry Connick, Jr!! The pools are awesome and the tropical cocktails are the best! We will go back!

    • Avatar for mattw18
      By mattw18 Sep 9, 2006

      constuction, old, outdated, and poor customer service ! A big drop from a five star !

    • Avatar for susan2961
      By susan2961 Updated Jan 2, 2006

      Pelican Resort is a beautiful and well maintained resort. The condo was updated and well equipped with everything you need. The view from our balcony was outstanding. The beach was well kept and beautiful.

      There are hilly roads but they have a free shuddle to your room after check in to help you with your luggage.

      We rented a car but you really don't need to. They have bus service everywhere. Driving is quite challenging there with very busy roads. We did drive the whole Island, but enjoyed the Dutch side better. Don't miss a trip into Philipsburgh. Great shopping.

      One tip... bring a cooler of meats, if you plan to cook. The meats in the grocery stores are very limited, frozen and expensive.

      Overall I would definitly go back to Pelican Resort. We were there at the end of Nov 2005 and it was a perfect time to go.

    • Avatar for evalynk
      By evalynk Nov 11, 2005

      Wonderful exchange experience at this hotel. It was large, the swim up bars were fun and the staff very accomodating. The owners we met loved their resort and many were buying additional units. That says it all.

    • Avatar for pamelaa11
      By pamelaa11 Sep 20, 2005

      Really enjoyed the Pelican in Sept. 2005. Our condo (penthouse in Marina) was great and the a/c problem in mst. bdr. taken care of right away. Loved the beach, the swimming, pool and the people. Much preferred the Dutch side to the French side. Shopping was incredible on the Dutch side. We are looking for a timeshare there to purchase on the water. Thanks for a great week.

    • Avatar for nikki1
      By nikki1 Aug 19, 2005



    • Avatar for steven978
      By steven978 Jul 5, 2005

      Decent resort. They advertise 5 pools, but most are small. Only 2 good pools. Resort is spread out. Bathroom toilets operate like an airplane toilet...waterless. Small casino. Sint Maarten is all about the beaches. Unbelievable beaches. Check out Dawn Beach on the Dutch side and Pinel Island on the French. Baie Rouge is another great beach on the French side but lost some points when they broke the locks on my rental car and stole a couple of hundred dollars out of my glove compartment. I know...stupid mistake. Don't leave anyhing in the car.

    • Avatar for howard304
      By howard304 Jun 17, 2005

      Howard304 After 18 years as an owner, this year was the best, all years have been good,ut 2005 was exceptional. The renovations in my unit, a Flamb0yant right on the beach are great. I see many improvements this year and have just purchased another week. Pelican is centrally located and an ideal place to be. The staff is better than ever.

    • Avatar for karen1652
      By karen1652 Updated May 27, 2005

      We love the Pelican. Every time we go, we come back with another unit (we are up to 5 weeks now). Last trip I brought my girlfriend and her husband and they were very impressed with the resort - especially the staff. The Pelican is convenient to all amenities but we often just used the excellent on-site facilities - the Red Piano bar, the casino, the internet cafe, and the Peli Deli. The kitchen is well stocked and the units are roomy. My husband says we should sell our house and move into the Pelican :-)

    • Avatar for karen3510
      By karen3510 May 26, 2005

      Having owned at the Pelican now for 5 years. I have seen MAJOR changes. Most units have been upgraded, new appliances, furniture, tile and paint, entire grounds are beautiful. Beach is one of the best in St. Maarten. We usually go to Orient Beach, but this last trip in March, stayed on our beach, it is lovely, many improvements. Staff at the Pelican is truly friendly and any complaints are taken care of immediately. We had a problem with a tempermental lock on the slider door, maintenance replaced the lock within 10 minutes. We actually have bought another week in a 2 bedroom unit. We love St. Maarten and the Pelican Resort is one of the best on the island.Views are incredible from rooms, service at resort is 5 star. Food in restaurants are top notch. I have read another review here and it stated you are charge a FEE to check out. The "fee" is NOT from the Pelican Resort, it is a tax that is charged from the ISLAND, in any of the resorts you stay at for a week or more. It is $50.00, that goes directly to the Gov. of St. Maarten. Pelican also has 5 tennis courts, 5 swimming pools, 2 with swim up bars, a spa, casino,grocery store, gift shops, internet service, activities center, and many fine restaurants. We will continue to go to St. Maarten for many years to come.

    • Avatar for kathleen489
      By kathleen489 Updated Apr 21, 2005

      I love this resort. The rooms are a great size and the view is spectacular. This is my fifth trip and I will return again next year. This island is so beautiful and the people are quite friendly. The staff at Pelican are tops and the place gets better every year. Why would someone add a review from 2003????? We are in 2005!!!

    • Avatar for pennie10
      By pennie10 Updated Apr 14, 2005

      We stayed at the Pelican in Sept 2003. Perhaps it has improved since, but we had a bad experience. Check-in took 1 1/2 hours of standing in line, the bed was very hard, the toilet broke on 3 different days, the room was musty, bathroom was not very clean, the telephone in the room would not accept a credit card, on-site restaurants were mediocre, and we were charged additional, substantial "taxes and fees" upon checking out, which also took over an hour. We would not return to the Pelican. We did like the French side of the island - the beaches and restaurants were great. Also, the Lambada catamaran cruise was terrific!!

    • Avatar for mark1356
      By mark1356 Mar 26, 2005

      this resort has it all, cleanliness,great pools, rest., casino, nice beach, marina, fabulous views. My only complaint as a 5 year owner is the additional assesments and fees we've been charged over the past few years in addition to our annual maintenence fees. Buyers Beware. Having said that, we love the resort itself as well as the island with its two cultures, dutch/french, each side with its own unique charm. You will not find a better dining experience than the fine french restaurants at Grand Case

    • Avatar for beth60
      By beth60 Jan 14, 2005

      This resort went through a bad time a few years back, took control of their management and has made a truly remarkable comeback. The owners here love this resort, many come annually without trading to other locations. The staff is great. The beaches are beautiful and even the efficiency units are large. No complaints from me, I would definitely trade into this resort again and again.

    • Avatar for hallam1
      By hallam1 Updated Aug 1, 2004

      Hi ! Here I am back in beautiful Barbados after spending a very happy and relaxing 2 weeks in my time share at the Pelecian resort club.

      This place is lacking nothing (Pelican Resort) as well as the island , it is so relaxing that I am getting too lazy (smile). I notice that management are doing every thing possible to get and keep the place in top shape.

      Thanks to Patricia Lepoivre for selling me my time shares and congrats to her for being the top sale person for the year (she is a very good sales person).

      We are all looking forward to next year at the Pelican once again.

      Hallam (Harry)

    • Avatar for mauiman
      By mauiman Jun 19, 2004

      We just returned from the Pelican Resort Club in June, that we traded from our primary timeshare. This is an older resort, but it has been remodeled in some parts. (Our room, however had an older TV with no remote and only about 12 stations). The resort is centally located and offers a number of activities and tours at reasonable prices. The on site deli- store was convenient for food and snack purchases. I used the on site internet cafe for emailing and to make phone calls. They charge $4 to be on line for 15 minutes and 50 cents a minute to make a phone call to the U.S.

      When we first arrived we were given a room that had an odor. They accomodated us the next day with a different room that actually was an upgrade. The staff and concierge people are very helpful and follow up to make sure you are taken care of.

      If you go, I suggest you also take a boat trip to St Bart's. (It leaves right from the Pelican dock and you can get a free ticket for viewing a timeshare presentation of Pelican). We enjoyed that island, as well. (Don't miss lunch at Nikki Beach).

      We also had dinner on St Maarten's at Temptations (fine dining) and The Boathouse (casual dining). Both were excellent.

    • Avatar for jftiv
      By jftiv Updated Feb 28, 2004

      We stayed at the resort in September 2003. We were a party of (8) with (2) couples located in the Marina section and the other (2) couples at the A section for a week and had a great time.

      However at the Marina unit the hot tub located on a 35 foot private balcony had a terrible leak and then it just stop working. Maintenance never did come after repeated calls were made. The unit otherwise looked good, clean and up-dated.

      The Marina Pool was also being re-built at the time and it could not be used. But the (4) other pools were in good condition and somewhat made up for the loss. The A section unit had not been modernized and looked worn. It had a musty smell to it which is somewhat typical of the Caribean.

      The outside of the resort was very well maintained and the staff were wonderful. The resort is very convenient to everything.

      I have been informed by a friend during his recent visit to the resort that the Marina pool has been re-opened and that it looks beautiful.

      We are planning to go back again and if they have done the improvements and the repairs to the units I will be more than happy to up- grade my review.

    • Avatar for cschwed
      By cschwed Dec 29, 2003

      Just returned from Pelican after 3 wk stay. We think its wonderful; centrally located, tons of restaurants nearby, staff very friendly and accomodating. Lots of remodeling being done on a scheduled basis, kept very clean, staff even sweeps rainwater away daily. Higly recommended and bargain prices.

    • Avatar for missohio
      By missohio Oct 24, 2003

      We jsut returned for the Pelican stayed two weks in October, 2003. Our one bedroom unit was great, maybe a new one. But everything was beautiful. Close to alot of good restaurants, and a pool right below our unit. I had read some of the other users reviews and was a little worried, but it was quite nice. Would most definetely go back.

    • Avatar for jfitz
      By jfitz Updated Jun 29, 2003

      We returned for our third year at Pelican spending two weeks in June of 2003. The resort is an ideal location within walking distance of many good restaurants and a short drive to many more.

      The grounds are well maintained, exterior painting and landscaping appear to be a continuous process. Several rooms were being refurbished while we were there. Calls to housekeeping about minor items (burnt out light bulbs) were fixed within 15 minutes!

      Security guards were highly visible around the clock. The entire staff was friendly and helpful at all times.

    • Avatar for kathie
      By kathie Nov 19, 2002

      The resort is really dated and thebeds were uncomfortable, thak goodness the island is so beautiful the resort was old and hasn't been keep up.

    • Avatar for lcjett
      By lcjett Nov 1, 2002

      On our first trip to St. Maarten we stayed at the Pelican. It is a beautiful, secure resort with a wonderful staff. We are going back to the Pelican in July of 03 for three weeks.

      Larry & Caroline

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RedWeek Verified Price: $7,500 Maint. fee: $1,137 Week: 26 Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Varies Beds: 1 Baths: 1 Sleeps: 4 View posting
Price: $9,500 Maint. fee: $800 Week: 18 (high) Use: Annual Type: Deed View: Ocean view Beds: 1 Baths: 1 Sleeps: 4 View posting
RedWeek Verified Price: $3,400 Maint. fee: $1,137 Week: 19 Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Varies Beds: 1 Baths: 1 Sleeps: 4 View posting
Price: $6,000 Maint. fee: $1,197 Week: 15 (high) Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Ocean view Beds: 1 Baths: 1 Sleeps: 4 View posting
Price: $3,000 Maint. fee: $1,162 Week: 7 (high) Use: Annual Type: RTU View: Ocean view Beds: 1 Baths: 1 Sleeps: 4 View posting

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