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Cruz Bay, St. John (USVI)

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Cruz Bay, St. John (USVI)


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  • Avatar for dorisn3
    By dorisn3 Updated Dec 29, 2016

    Our family of six just got back from a week at the Westin Bay Vista villas. We just loved it! We stayed in a two bedroom unit in Bay Vista and it was huge- great for families. We used the kitchen everyday for breakfast and lunch and went out to local restaurants at night. These villas are on the resort side of the road (as opposed to the Virgin Grand villas that are across the street and up a steep hill) and it was really convenient to all the fun on the resort side. We used the pool and beach everyday and played tennis and worked out in the fitness room too. There was no competition for lounge chairs at the beach and pool like other resorts we've been to. That was really nice, especially with 6 people. There is also a car rental place on the Westin property (O'Connors Jeeps) so we rented a car for a few days and went to the most beautiful beaches we have ever been to- Honeymoon Beach, Trunk Beach and Cinnamon Bay Beach. You can keep your jeep in the lot at O'Connors at night and it's just a two minute walk from the villa. Overall, I can say it was a 5 star + vacation and we will be back!

  • Avatar for jimc490
    By jimc490 Dec 7, 2015

    We love St. John and especially the Westin. We spend most of our time at the resort, so the Bay Vista's are really nice and conveniently located.

    We rent a car at the St. Thomas airport and then take the ferry from Red Hook. (Budget or Avis will let you take the car to St. John.) There is free parking at the Westin so it works out great.

  • Avatar for shelbys30
    By shelbys30 Updated Mar 8, 2014

    The Bay Vista Villas are absolutely GORGEOUS! As other guests mentioned, our first year visiting the Westin, we stayed in the hillside units. They are a DISTANT cousin to the Bay Vista Villas. We bought on our first visit and would only consider the Bay Vista units. The hillside units are NOT fun with little kids. The stairs are steep to the second floor and overall, I would say the unit feels a bit cramped. The Bay Vista Villas are much more open floor plan concept, all on one level (unless you select the Loft unit) and built within the last 5 years. The Westin property overall is worth visiting!! If you can only afford the hillside properties, still come! They are very well maintained, have small hillside pools and BBQ amenities within steps of your door, and the Westin service is great no matter what unit you stay in. St. John is a magical place to spend a vacation! We look forward to this annual getaway!

  • Avatar for edmunds3
    By edmunds3 Updated Apr 21, 2013

    If you intend to use the pool ( 7or 8 of the most beautiful beaches in the world ) rent a jeep it's $450.00 a week for it's worth EVERY penny . If you rent on the hill , you can park you (expensive ?) jeep at your front door. The westin provides shuttle service up and down to the resort when you call. This will be our tenth year at the St. john westin the beauty of the island more that offsets ANY of the complaints of the 5 star wannabes

  • Avatar for duncanm22
    By duncanm22 Updated Oct 21, 2012

    I have to disagree with the comments below about the Westin Resort Villas that are across the road and up the hill (the "hillside units") compared to the Bay Vista Villas. The "hillside units" are much older (built around 20 years ago or more) than the Bay Vista Villas that are almost new and are on the main Westin Resort site. Even though the hillside units have been renovated there are still issues with AC units and other things. Since the hillside units are remote and across the road it is quite a hike to get to the main resort with the pool, beach, and restaurants. If you get a hillside unit you really need to rent a car which is expensive on St John and recognize that going back and forth to the pool or beach will not be convenient. Also don't be fooled by Hillside units that are listed under "Bay Vista" Villas which they are not. Ask if they are actually Bay Vista Villas or not.

    Check out Google maps of St John and zoom in to see the distance of these hillside units across the road from the main resort.

  • Avatar for davidea2
    By davidea2 Aug 14, 2012

    I am going to disagree somewhat to the posts above - while the Virgin Grand phase is up the hill - it isn't much of a distance. Having been in both phases - I would be inclined to stay in the hillside villas for 3 main reasons; 1) not on the main resort, 2) you can park by the villa, and 3) has it's own pool and BBQ area next to buildings (or it's own private pool/BBQ if you get the 3Bd pool villa). If you are there to stay primarily at the resort., then the BV phase is for you. If you plan to venture out and not be at the resort, the VG villas are a much better choice. To each his own, but we spend little time at the resort and most of our time at the many beautiful beaches. btw - the hillside villas are totally refurbished, better built, and also have heavenlu beds.

  • Avatar for amym307
    By amym307 Jul 7, 2010

    Much better location than Virgin Grand! No hike up the hill!

  • Avatar for gerril4
    By gerril4 May 27, 2010

    These units are much preferred. They are on the same side of the street as the lobby, tennis, main pool, beach and restaurants. Convenient to all the amenities and no hike up the hill. The bathrooms are amazing and the beds 'heavenly'.

  • Avatar for peterh157
    By peterh157 Dec 18, 2009

    Beautiful units that are much closer to the beach and pool!

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