Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


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  • Avatar for gary868
    By gary868 Updated May 24, 2016


    Suggest you eat breakfast at the Rose buffet next door and not at Blanco if you want more choices than a continental breakfast.

  • Avatar for jeff454
    By jeff454 Updated Nov 8, 2013

    This is an awesome resort! What it lacks in 5-star amenities and luxury, it more than makes up for in location and customer service. It is a refreshing change from the mega-resorts where you get lost in anonymity. Intimate & personal - a classic service oriented boutique hotel. Highly recommended and the location can't be beat!

  • Avatar for lesliea80
    By lesliea80 Aug 1, 2011

    We stayed here in June and found the resort to be very well maintained and the staff exceptional. It is right on Medino Beach with an oceanfront restaurent that is fantastic. The pool is a lazy river with beautiful tropical foliage. A fantastic place to stay for adults and children.

  • Avatar for colly
    By colly Jul 3, 2010

    We stayed here in June 2008. Had a wonderful time. Best resort I've ever stayed in. Every room has a balcony which overlooks the ocean and swimming pool. The staff were courteous. Food in Cabo is VERY expensive we went to the Rose next door and had a small mexican buffet, ok quality and it was $150 for four!! So we got a taxi to Walmart and cooked in our room some nights. Overall though beautiful hotel will definitely stay again.

  • Avatar for mirelag
    By mirelag Updated Jan 30, 2010

    Great experience

  • Avatar for maryellenw6
    By maryellenw6 May 30, 2008

    the staff is the best david egar marteen margortio are the best i have ever found anywhere tip them well

  • Avatar for davegeorge
    By davegeorge May 11, 2008

    Stayed week 17 in a 1 bdrm suite. Found the service to be exceptional and the resort well maintained. Food at the restaurants was wonderful. Location is fantastic .... great beach and easy walking distance to town. Would have no qualms about recommending this resort to others and if the circumstances permit, will definitely return myself.

  • Avatar for sandy417
    By sandy417 Updated Jan 9, 2008

    I own here, prefer it over any other PB in Cabo. One big problem, very difficult to get in unless you reserve a year in advance. It is worth the wait!

    Nov 2007-Still love the place but almost impossible to get except for summer. Would appreciate more availability, cannot even exchange in for late fall and winter!!

    Jan 2008- Ever happier with this location after horrendous two week experience at PB Emerald Bay. Expected Luxurious, received mediocre, ended up taking shuttle to PB Mazatlan for a wonderful last 4 days.

  • Avatar for tdelbi
    By tdelbi Jul 14, 2007

    My family and I stayed here in the 3bdrm penthouse July '06 and we absolutely loved it. The service was incredible and the opportunities for excursions was wonderful. The Pueblo Bonito resort was walking distance to the Rose resort making activities easy to find. Also, my son split his foot open and the hotel arranged for the dr. to come to us, he took us to the hospital in his private car and we were in and out. We loved it so much at this resort that we bought at the PB Sunset! The only thing that needed a little TLC was the interior of the room but it was still very comfortable jsut slightly outdated.

  • Avatar for summyr
    By summyr Mar 10, 2007

    We prefer the Pueblo Bonito Blanco over all of the hotels on the beach because of its size, location, clientele and overall beautiful facilities. The hotel is the perfect size, it only takes a few minutes to go back your room if you forgot something and just about every room has a great view. The hotel is close to town (10 minute walk) and the action of the beach and attracts an older crowd and families.

    We just returned from a 6 day stay in a jr. suite. The jr. suite set up is nice in that you can sleep and wake up to the view of the water, instead of a bedroom in the back. The luxury suite has more of a kitchen and dining table but we tend to eat out most meals so the jr. suite works better for us. We were in room 220 just above the flamingos, near the center and even though it wasn’t the most desirable location, it still had a fantastic view of the water and arches. We got a super deal here on redweek - we paid less than 2 nights stay for a whole week, no taxes.

    There are newer and fancier hotels on the beach but the Pueblo Bonito Blanco is our choice for the reasons mentioned above. It is the perfect place to relax by day and return to after enjoying the Cabo nightlife. It is not a fancy 5 star resort but I rate it 5 stars because it meets and exceeds our needs for a perfect Cabo vacation.

  • Avatar for sstep
    By sstep Updated Nov 23, 2006

    Pueblo Blanco should be rated about six stars, my wife and I have been going to Cabo for about 15 yrs and Blanco is #1 in our rating. I sold at a loss a 2 bedroom presidential suite at The Hacienda Del Mar just to buy another luxury suite at Blanco. Super nice staff. S Stephens

  • Avatar for denisew
    By denisew Jun 28, 2006

    the place is top notch..everything close by. right on the ocean with a great view. loved it and would recommend it especially since you can go next door to the Rose and use their facilities and can also hop on the bus and go to Sunset Beach resort which is georgous and secluded on the Pacific side for more tranquility.

  • Avatar for shannon221
    By shannon221 Apr 23, 2006

    Nice resort, great service. Comfortable furnishings. Lots to do in the area.

  • Avatar for russr6
    By russr6 Mar 7, 2006

    This place was awesome! My wife and I just spent the first week in March 2006 here, and we did not know what to expect (we rented a timeshare -- a junior suite with a kitchenette).

    Well, the place is spotless, the room overlooked the ocean and Land's End (we made breakfast each morning and ate on our balcony), the staff and the food was superb, and the water is purified throughout.

    We liked that the Blanco and the Rose next door share everything, so that increased our dining and relaxing options. Hints:

    ** The beach chairs at the Rose have both padding and armrests, so we opted for those. Sit in the middle row to avoid the beach sellers in front, and the hot wall behind. Ask the staff to set up an umbrella, even if you are sitting under a canopy, to avoid sunburn.

    ** Ask for rooms 504-512 or 404-412 about 3 days ahead of time, and again when you check in -- these will give you the best ocean views and breezes.

    ** The gym at the Rose is way better than the tiny one at the Blanco, and we got in free since we were guests of a timeshare owner.

    ** While the spa at the Rose is gorgeous, the services were not good -- the staff seemed poorly trained.

    ** For lunch, eat at the Rose, which has a better menu than the Blanco.

    ** We dragged a mattress from the bedroom to the living room couch and slept on that all week. That allowed us to enjoy the cooling ocean breeze and the sound of the waves every night.

    ** There were no BS charges! No extra gratuities or other crap was tacked on to our bill.

    ** Hit the supermarket in town as soon as you can and stock up on breakfast and lunch foods. You can easily get a taxi back to the hotel.

    ** You can refill your empty water bottles at either gym, instead of paying for Fiji or other designer water at the pool.

    The only disappointment was the cost of food throughout Cabo (not cheap!). However, we really enjoyed our dinners at La Dolce italian restaurant near the harbor -- good quality, reasonable pricing.

    Hope this helps!

  • Avatar for vickis32
    By vickis32 Updated Feb 3, 2006

    We stayed at this resort and we LOVED it. It was close to town, the beach was fun and always busy. The staff is exceptional. They upgraded our room for free. We did the timeshare presentation at Sunset and it was GREAT . We purchased a timeshare at Sunset and cannot wait to go. Our timeshare presenter was NOT a bit deceiving very upfront and honest. They are both wonderful vacations...

  • Avatar for cynthiaroberson
    By cynthiaroberson Jul 7, 2005

    Great vacation!! Fun people. I visited this resort the first week in July 2005.

  • Avatar for sam_s
    By sam_s May 6, 2005

    we loved this hotel...though because of our terrible and deceptive time share presentation experience with the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, (see Sunset Beach review) the Pueblo Bonito's name is quite negatively tainted for us.

  • Avatar for dabbhall
    By dabbhall Mar 11, 2005

    Service was wonderful. Rooms a bit small. Great for families. Close to anything but far enough way if you desire.

  • Avatar for john1650
    By john1650 Apr 18, 2004

    Excellent resort location. Great beach, nice pool, very clean. Easy walk to town. Friendly accomodating staff.

  • Avatar for arturia
    By arturia Feb 24, 2004

    We love this place. We've owned here since 1992 and returned 8 times. It's clean and the staff is very good at attending to all your needs. It's within walking distance of town and we get a car for a couple days to go exploring and then you can return it to airport. It's cheapest to book the rental car and all activities at the resort. The restaurants are great but a little pricey on the theme nights. Go and have a great time.

  • Avatar for cabochick
    By cabochick Jan 7, 2004

    Just returned from 3 week stay. Had a great time! Just bought a one bedroom one week there over the internet, much cheaper than from the resort. Agree with previous posting about noise from upstairs. Poor insulation, you can hear chairs scraping, coins being dropped, etc. But a great resort nonetheless!

  • Avatar for expresso
    By expresso Jan 5, 2004

    Very lovely resort as are all the Pueblo Bonito properties. On the beach in Cabos San Lucas. Excellent accomodations, ocean view every room, excellent service. Walk to town. Negatives: No hot tub but you can use the one at the Rose sister resort next door. The room was noisy from family upstairs scrapping furniture along floor early in morning.

  • Avatar for sunshynlm54
    By sunshynlm54 Dec 4, 2003

    This resort is AWESOME!

    All units overlook a beautiful tropic style pool. Wake up to lovely piano music floating from Las Palmas restaurant.

    Just steps from your room is a beautiful pristine beach - A swimming Beach!!!!

    Staff is wonderfully helpful and very friendly.

    Great place for families. Activity director keeps the young ones entertained with numerous activities like face painting, treasure hunts, and fun games such as water volleyball, darts, and more!

    Downtown is an easy walk away with numerous eating places which serve great food at great prices - El Coral and The Stoplight to name two.

    You couldn't own, or rent, at a better place! It's paradise!

  • Avatar for lanerose
    By lanerose Aug 9, 2003

    great location and the staff has been extremely friendly and the activities are right on the beach in front of the resort. the pool is very family friendly. The food excellent

  • Avatar for gawright
    By gawright Updated Feb 9, 2003

    The resort is very fine. You will not be disappointed. We had a different experience than the reviewer who thought the resort's restaurants were overpriced. We found the Mare Nostrum at the Pueblo Bonito Rose, next door, to be reasonable and delightful, with fine service. Taco stands in town are cheaper, but the decent restaurants are not. Stay away from an eatery called the Trailerpark.

  • Avatar for asragov
    By asragov Jan 31, 2003

    It is hard to imagine a better resort. There are great activities for kids, it is right on the beach (El Medano, the "swimming beach"), and you can walk to town or to the movie theater (they subtitle movies in Mexico, so you can watch whatever new American feature you like).

    It is smaller and cozier than the Pueblo Bonito Rose (next door), but they are practically connected.

    The food in the resort's restaurants is supernaturally overpriced- best to eat in town. For the budget conscious, take a taxi to a local supermarket, and stock up on queso panela and nice other local food.

    The best location, superbly maintained, and very nice suites.

    This is one of the more impressive resorts in Mexico, if you can manage to trade into it.

  • Avatar for cpajam
    By cpajam Updated Nov 11, 2002

    I stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Rose resort. However I think the resort you have pictured is the Pueblo Bonito Blanco resort which is right next door. The Rose was fabulous, beautiful and has an awesome view of Arch Rock. The Blanco looks just as nice from the outside although I have not been inside.

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