La Residenze Kastalia

Scoglitti, Italy

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Scoglitti, Italy


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  • Avatar for john726
    By john726 Aug 15, 2005

    If you value your vacation - DO NOT GO TO THIS RESORT!!! Our vacation was ruined as the staff here speak little, if any, english!!! We felt isolated and concerned for our safety because if something were to happen no one could understand us and we couldn't understand them. The only person that spoke some english was the manager Monica and she was rarely anywhere to be seen!

    Service was very poor! The staff were indifferent to the language barrier and did not offer much support.

    A MAJOR ISSUE was the discrimination against Americans and Canadians where the mandatory food plan was concerned. An american couple staying at the resort and who spoke spanish learned that the food plan for italians and other europeans was more than half the price it was for americans and canadians. Italians and other europeans were charged 15 euros for either lunch or dinner and 7 euros for breakfast for a total of 22 euros per person per day. Americans and Canadians were charged 48 euros per person per day for half board (breakfast and dinner). Plus, we were not given a choice between lunch and dinner as the others were.

    The food at this resort was a major disappointment considering that we had spent $1,050. CAD dollars for the two of us for the week. Don't expect eggs and bacon here...Considering it was Italy you'd think there would have at least been fresh fruit...but not even that!!! Dinner was your basic cafeteria style food...Certainly not worth anywhere near the money they are charging...We could eat in town in Comiso or Vittoria for significantly less!!!

    RCI has made a huge mistake adding this resort to the RCI community and are much to blame...Even though there is a building there with RCI plastered all over it there was NO RCI representation!!!

    This part of Sicily was unattractive. Everywhere you look is the color of straw. Lots of stones and greenhouses as far as the eye can see!!! The resort is miles away from anywhere decent...We took a day trip to Malta to get away and that was well worth it! Otherwise you have to travel severak hours to Catania, Taormina, or Palermo.

    Our hope is save others the pain we experienced not-to-mention a ton of money!!!

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