Hacienda del Mar Resort

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hacienda del Mar Resort

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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  • This magnificent resort is located in the mystical desert landscape of the Baja Peninsula. Surrounding the resort are golf courses that will challenge any handicap, or you can explore the peninsula, known for its beauty and endless photographic opportunities.

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    • Avatar for lidib2
      By lidib2 Jan 22, 2019

      Love this place!

    • Avatar for kervink
      By kervink Updated Apr 8, 2017

      We have lived and traveled throughout Western/Northern/Coastal Europe and the US - Midwest & Coastal California. Traveled throughout coastal & colonial Mexico, Brazil/Argentina, Hawaii & Down Under. This is one of the nicest places we have ever stayed! The design & architecture is old Spanish colonial style smack dab on one of the most picturesque coastlines anywhere! Pitahayas is a high end 5 star dining experience along with several other casual spots. We cannot say enough good things about this place! Do yourself a favor and check it out on a visit or better yet try a week there!

    • Avatar for jacks251
      By jacks251 Updated Mar 9, 2015

      We rented an owner's week into a one bedroom/two bath through Redweek.Com and we had no problems with the transfer of the resort reservation to our name or in checking into the resort. However, when we reached our room, #3637, we could not believe where they had put us. Our "Garden View" was of the resort's maintenance yard (see attached picture). The shower had black mold growing in the corners and along the lower edges of the shower stall (picture). The grout on the kitchen counter top next to the sink and next to the stove top was filthy and stained to the point that we couldn't even clean it ourselves (picture). The underside of the kitchen counter had been chiseled away so that a half refrigerator could be slid under the counter; there was no finish work or cover to the opening, just jagged concrete hanging down (picture). The balcony beam had not been repaired after the hurricane and the beam covering was hanging down loose over the balcony (picture). The glass sliders to the balcony consisted of four panels and the one panel that was supposed to be anchored (screwed) into the wall of the condo, was not, therefore we had no way of locking the slider to the balcony and no way of locking our condo (picture). All this for a room for which we are paying over $100.00 a night; what a bargain! We immediately went to the front desk to ask for a different room and was told none was available as the resort was totally booked with a convention. We were stuck as we had already paid for the entire week to the timeshare owners. So each morning we were awakened to the sound of trucks, a backhoe, a skill saw, shoveling of stones and sand through a screen, talking and noise from the yard workers, etc. So much for our "Garden View," sitting on our balcony and a relaxing week at the Hacienda del Mar Resort. The resort itself is beautiful, clean and well kept. The pool side chairs, especially with an ocean view, suffer from the morning "towel reserve" phenomenon which was disappointing, but if the resort won't enforce "no reserving of chairs," there isn't anything the guest can do. Our room was so far back on the property, and from the ocean view, it was not worth the effort to try and play the "chair reservation" game; we settled for quiet chairs by the smaller pools on the back of the property. The restaurants are nice but expensive. We were so upset by our treatment from the resort that we decided not to spend any money there on the property anyway. We had a car and drove into town to buy anything we needed and to eat any meals when we decided to eat out. Our maid service was good, but there was only so much she could do with the mess they called a room. We were very disappointed in our stay at the Hacienda del Mar as we had read so many positive reviews on Trip Advisor. This experience had nothing to do with Redweek or the owners that sold us their week at the resort. The entire problem was with the Resort that put us in a room that was obviously used for "overflow emergencies" and then was unable to put us in an acceptable room later in the week. They will not guarantee you a certain room, therefore you are at their mercy when it comes to room assignment. This was a total rip off by the resort and they should be ashamed to treat ANYONE, gringos or not, in such a poor manner. We would NEVER consider going back to this place or recommending it to friends. Fool me once, your fault, fool me twice, my fault!! Renter Beware!! Pictures available on Trip Advisor site.

    • Avatar for a123
      By a123 May 4, 2014

      Traded into a 1 bedroom luxury unit for one week, followed by a second week in a 3 bedroom, 4 bath Penthouse unit. Both were very nice. Noise from units above can be heard some times. This was our 4th visit to HDM. The staff is exceptionally helpful, grounds are immaculate and a variety of pools to choose from. Prices in the restaurants are high as noted in other reviews. Tomatoes services was very slow and food was average. Girisoles offers a good value and quality as do the pool bar menus. No pressure to take the timeshare presentation. They up the offer if you turn them down the first time. We opted out. Shuttle service from the airport via Trans Cabo was good. We used Grey Line in the past which is also good. No swim able beach, thus we rated the location as a 4. On site Cactus Spa offers weekly specials and offers a good massage. Excellent Spa facilities.

    • Avatar for jl253
      By jl253 Jan 14, 2014

      We have had nothing but amazing service from a friendly staff who is willing to go above and beyond for your enjoyment and pleasure. This is a perfect place to be for a week with family, kids, and friends.

    • Avatar for les13
      By les13 Updated Jul 9, 2013

      We are owners of this property and have enjoyed it for years. It has many good attributes but...

      BEWARE of weeks 51 (Christmas) & 52 (New Years). This year our week 52 begins in early January (according to the resort's calendar). In short, you don't get what you purchase (we didn't think to check "their" calendar 7 years out when we bought).

      Only in Mexico would a resort take advantage of their best customers this way...

    • Avatar for tsabers
      By tsabers Oct 9, 2012

      Great resort!

    • Avatar for garyh86
      By garyh86 Nov 20, 2011

      The staff go out of their way to make sure your enjoying your stay. It was clean and absolutely beautiful !!!!!! Close enough to town to go to each night , just far enough out to enjoy the peace and quiet !!!!

    • Avatar for ibq4
      By ibq4 May 28, 2011

      Just returned. LOVED IT!! We never felt crowded, the food was excellent everywhere we ate. Tomatoes had great pizza, and Girasoles had great Mexican food. Breakfst buffet every morning from 7:30 til 11:30. $16.00 per person. Food is a little pricey but quality is great. We just vegged!! No one bothered us. The beach is beautiful and the grounds lovely.

    • Avatar for cmo517
      By cmo517 Updated Apr 4, 2011

      We have owned here for 5 years - were there Feb 7-14. We love the trees and landscaping - the sounds of gecko, birds is wonderful to enjoy sitting on the patios. The beach is awesome - sand soft on your feet, swimmable beach, walking good in both directions - yet private due to being located in private guard gated community of Cabo del Sol - which also provides a wonderful walking spot in the mornings. Whale watching is spectacular from the lounge chairs on the beach or by the pool. Rooms are immaculate - daily service - any thing you need is brought up quickly. If you are not satisfied with the location they have put you in - they'll do everything to accommodate your request for a change. The staff is kind and willing to make your stay the best. Food is good - spa is outstanding and affordable - the sports bar has most major seasonal games on for those sports fanatics. We will be returning next year for two weeks with our family - we SO look forward to it - my husband says "how many minutes until we get to go back to Cabo?" Afternoon (optional) activities by the pool enjoyable to participate in. This is a wonderful spot to relax and re-charge your batteries :-)

    • Avatar for melaniem64
      By melaniem64 Mar 26, 2011

      AWESOME Resort!!! We've stayed their for several years and the reason we keep going back is we just LOVE everything about it!!!!

    • Avatar for marthah98
      By marthah98 Oct 4, 2010

      Dazzlingly beautiful location. Water is stunning and the pools, food options and quality, weather are all the best. We loved seeing the whales migrating from our bedroom!

    • Avatar for kurts7
      By kurts7 Mar 10, 2010

      We just came back from our first trip to this resort, and to Cabo, and think this place is unbelievably great. It could not have been a better experience for us - staff was very pleasant and accommodating and amazingly helpful - in fact we never once encountered any negative attitudes during the entire visit (OK, except for two guests, also from the US, who apparently overheard us talking about the need for reasonable health care costs for all, who then, in true Republican Faux News fashion, as a way to introduce themselves to us, said "We have paid more in taxes than you will ever earn..." as if this, which may or may not be true, somehow made them better people....) Anyway, none of the staff even asked if we wanted to attend the sales presentation - even though we helped ourselves to their very very good, free coffee each and every morning. Funny thing is, if we had wanted to buy right now, we would have gladly done so anyway - the place sells itself.

      The staff works hard, cleaning literally day and night, so the unit, and really the entire grounds, are absolutely spotless - and the flowers, virtually everywhere, landscaping, fountains, outdoor seating areas, and multiple, small pools, are all very conducive to quiet conversations and relaxation and enjoyment. For those curious enough to take just a 5 minute walk could wander over to some Interesting rock formations, on either side of the resort, to explore the tidal pools or to watch the waves smash into them - and if interested, the resort now rents snorkeling equipment for $15 a day.

      We never ate at any of the restaurants on site but did take advantage of their roving happy hours - some bars were from 11am-12, but others from 1-5, 6-7, 5-10, etc. Nonetheless, this is without a doubt a quiet, couples or family resort - no dancing or evening entertainment whatsoever.

      Shuttle from airport costs $32 for two people each way so instead, we rented a car for 24 hours via National Car Rental at the airport. We immediately drove to the village square in the center of San Jose, had dinner at Salsita's (best ever) just around the corner from the church, then drove straight to the resort to check in and sleep. The next day we drove up the Pacific Coast to check out some very isolated beaches with huge crashing waves, then up to Todos Santos for some shopping and eating before driving to the new Walmart in Cabo San Lucas to load up with cheap groceries. We then returned the car - but at the very same place we registered for the timeshare, all for $65 including all extra insurances. Could not have been easier.

    • Avatar for janiced84
      By janiced84 Updated Feb 24, 2010

      Just returned from week 2/15 to 2/22. Rented 3 bedroom for a family vacation because last year we had a great time with friends. The grounds are beautiful and well kept. Last year we had to pray for a parking space each night, so the new valet parking is a great addition. Food at the pool was good quality but a bit pricey. Drinks were a good value when you were able to get the 2-1 special, but 11am-12pm is a bit early. Pools are well kept and clean, but the saving of chairs was a problem. Lots of lounges were emtpy for hours with a magazine or hat. Cabana boys were a great help getting lounges and umbrellas for you.

      At check-in we were first given a 3/3 unit in the 36 building, but the AC units for the ballrooms across from the bedrooms were like being in a airplane hanger - with the jet engines on. Next we were given the option of staying in the hotel in a 3 bedroom suite. But declined this because it lacked the laundry and adequate kitchen along with small rooms. Finally we gave the management the option to split us up. This worked out the best - 2/3 in unit 13 and our daughter & son-in-law in a studio. We did miss spending the vacation together but we made breakfast and drinks in our unit each day. Disappointed that our arrangements were not as we planned and missed out on the first afternoon of our vacation checking out other units.

      The food from Tomatoes (this kitchen services the sports bar) is terrible. We were there through the Olympics and tried the sports bar. They only get 2 channels, only Spanish, on the TV's.We were told to go to Tomatoes when we asked the barman to change to the Olympics on one TV we were told they only get Spanish ESPN. Help is rude and surly. Complained to the front desk and asked about the dish at the front door of the bar. Was it CYA time for the manager, I don't know.But again I was told only 2 channels, Spanish ESPN. Pizza was uncooked,well done meat, dry hamburger.

      We will go back, the weather was great and it is such a pretty place. Maid service was good, when they came. Sometimes too early-before 9am and then too late after 3 when we were coming back from the pool. Lots of towels and then none.

      Tips- we rented from Alamo and took the AMEX insurance for $24.95 and avoided the $15 per day mandatory insurance. Eat at the pool and in Cabo (La Dolce $$) or San Jose (Morgans $$$$). Bring binoculors to watch the whales. Drive to Totos Santos. See Victor in the hotel jewelry store, good prices and service, and he will make anything you want in silver, gold, pearls,etc. Fernando is a great bellman and Raphael gave us great restaurant tips. Massages are half price Tuesday and Wednesday- better than the $50 for the timeshare presentation.

      Peeves- why do they give you half a sponge for dishes? only 1 dish towels? and the plastic bag for the kitchen garbage can is tooooo small ( you make a mess every day with little bag in the tall can!) need more stuff in the kitchen, the kitchen cabinets were hung for the jolly green giant (you need a stool) half dishwasher? small patio/bistro table in the 2/3. Not enough chairs (4) outside for the 6 of us to sit and dining room only had 5 chairs.


    • Avatar for danielh152
      By danielh152 Updated Feb 23, 2010

      We were not owners, but glad to say we are now.We had the a great time thanks to our friends Steve and Roxi who invited us to share a week with them, Scott and Lois. Go Legend Lake! My wife and I have traveled all over the world the last 29 years and we both agreed that this resort rates right up there with many of the top resorts we have had the privilage of staying at. The ground were beautiful and the beach is clean wide and easy to walk on. The Cabo night life is just short cab ride into town but the serenity is at the resort. Whatever was needed by our group was taken care of with a phone call and a smile. The food was a bit pricey but the service and quality was worth it. What more can you ask for than sitting by the pool looking over the Sea of Cortez watching the whales jumping and 2 for one drinks!

    • Avatar for elenap6
      By elenap6 Updated Jan 24, 2010

      We just returned from Hacienda Del Mar resort, We had not been there since 2008, so we were pleased to find the beauty, the service and attentiveness of staff and resort amenities were still superlative. In fact we were lodged in one of the new buildings complete with flat screen TV's and an in unit laundry room which were welcome additions. Girasole restaurant was superb! Concierge availability on site! What a wonderful week in paradise--our semi annual favorite spot to relax in January.

    • Avatar for stevena39
      By stevena39 Updated Dec 16, 2009

      We were so high on this resort after visiting that we bought a week there - THROUGH A REDWEEK AD! We love Cabo and although retirement is far away we will live in the area eventually. The grounds are manicured. The staff is excellent. The beds are cofortable (we are experienced Grand Mayan renters too - beds are not so comfy.) This place is tops! We love the local cuisine - stay away from the main drag although Lorenzillo's is great the prices rival the most expensive restaurants in the States. The food at the local "mariscos" is great, and of excellent value. Forget about food poison - drink bottled water - the rest of that stuff is simply in most people's heads. Viva Mexico!!!

    • Avatar for jacquet6
      By jacquet6 Oct 8, 2009

      Magnificent resort! The grounds are filled with beautiful exotic plants and flowers.. similar to what you would find in a botanical garden. My husband and I also loved the pools. Our favorite was a large pool with a negative edge overlooking the Gulf... wonderful!

    • Avatar for sharels
      By sharels Updated Oct 3, 2009

      Im wondering if the pools at this resort are good for older kids, the photo shows just one pool that appears small. Id appreciate any feedback, the resort otherwise looks very clean and beautiful!

    • Avatar for cbrks
      By cbrks Updated Aug 12, 2009

      In responce to lisae124: The beds are called Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed. You can buy them at the Sheraton store online. http://www.sheraton-hotelsathome.com/index.aspx. They are a pretty good price for how nice they are.

    • Avatar for johnbmaryellen1
      By johnbmaryellen1 Updated May 24, 2009

      We stayed at this awesome resort May 4-May 10, 2009 as an exchange. This resort was awesome & we look forward to going back. We attended an Owner/Guest Welcome Party the second night we were there. Unlimited drinks & food was served with music by a Mariachi band.

      We did attend a Sales Presentation & purchased a gorgeous Presidential 2 bedroom condo with Jacuzzi on the balcony. The condo was furnished with Mexican accent decor with a telephone in each bathroom, dishwasher, refrigerator with ice maker. The living space was very spacious. The balcony was very spacious.

      We ate at all the restaurants on the resort. The staff were awesome & the food was pricey but delicious! The resort grounds were well kept & beautiful to explore.

      We would rate this resort definitely a 5-Star.

    • Avatar for lisae124
      By lisae124 Updated Feb 22, 2009

      We stayed at this resort for Christmas...had a lovely time. We were in the Presidential Suite with a king bed in one bedroom and 2 queen beds in the other bedroom. Does anybody happen to know what make the king bed was? It was a lovely bed and we would like to purchase this brand name. Thank you.

    • Avatar for marisam17
      By marisam17 Jan 19, 2009

      We just returned from a week at Hacienda with our 2 year old and 4 year old and had an absolutely fantastic experience. Our 2 B/2 B condo over looking the ocean was beautifully appointed and absolutely great for a family. The grounds at this resort are meticulously maintained and the infinity pools are spectacular. We loved the zero depth, walk-in pools that were next to the baby pools. The restaurants at the resort were wonderful and cooking in the room was very easy. We actually ended up returning our rental car and using the shuttle to swim with the dolphins in downtown Cabo. The beach was pristine and we did do some swimming (the adults not the kids) off the shore. Our only disappointment was the fact that the tennis courts, which are actually apart of Cabo Del Sol, were in terrible condition. Nonetheless, I would reccommend this resort to anyone. Enjoy!!

    • Avatar for alissar3
      By alissar3 Dec 29, 2008

      Beautiful 5 star resort. Amazing rooms. Very kid friendly. Nice staff.

    • Avatar for sueb80
      By sueb80 Dec 4, 2008

      Seven women from 27-58 went on a SPLENDID week here at the Hacienda Nov 8-15, 2008. The resort is in my top 5 in the world - I just loved it. The pools were clean, the grounds like Disney, the staff very nice and friendly.

      We ate Tomatoes the first night - Mexican buffet $30/pp - very nice overlooking the beach. Drinks at the pool are 2 for 1 happy hour (different at every pool) at $13 - not cheap - but very good.

      We went to Sam's club and got food for 6 breakfasts/lunches and all but 3 dinners for 7 - it cost $140. - so for 20$/pp - the kitchen was well equiped. We brought a couple of soft sided foldable coolers so we could take picnics to the pool - it worked out great.

      We fell for a timeshare salesman at the airport - but it did turn out to be a good deal. It was a little scary when they asked for $200 cash for the "deposit" - but we ended up (after attending the tour) with our $200 back, free shuttle for 7 to/from the airport to the hotel, a spa visit for 2 and a snokeling trip on a catamaran for 7 - it cost us 4 hrs one morning.... frankly - a week of baking in the sun - you probably need some time out of it anyways! Our friend "bought" a one week return visit at the resort (El Encantata) for $1450 - with 900 back if she buys a week when she returns.

      Shuttle from the hotel into town - $5 apiece/one way and is about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.

      If you are going to buy pottery or silver jewelry, you might as well do that downtown - since the beach guys seem to be about double.

      Also, you may want to go to the beach/pool area at dawn - it is gorgeous, quiet and well worth it - then you can also grab some towels/bring books and pick out the best lounges at the pool. The hotel has signs up about "not saving" - but we never saw anyone moving towels or books off lounges.

      The snokeling on the catamaran was FANTASTIC - I'd highly recommend it - we went on the Spindoctor.

      I'd go back again - especially in Nov. we hear - crowds low, weather 90/day, 70/night.

      Have fun - this is THE PLACE!

    • Avatar for karen3748
      By karen3748 Updated Aug 8, 2008

      This resort is AWESOME!! We have gone twice once in January and once in May. The weather in January was still a little cold but May was FABULOUS!!!!! They go the extra mile with every request or concern. The pool concierge was unbelievable, he brought around cool clothes and cleaned our sun glasses! Everything was VERY clean, the housekeeping service was exceptional! Every bite of food we ate at the resort from the restaurants to the pool bar was delicious!! and the drinks were great even at happy hour! We have stayed at many resorts in Cabo and we own at Sunset and Westin Regina but this place is the BEST all around!

    • Avatar for monicab32
      By monicab32 Updated May 3, 2008

      We stayed here for Spring Break 2008. We are a family of 4 and had a beautiful unit. Kitchen, 2 bedrooms, lovely balcony, great maid service. Very convenient to everything. Staff was wonderful and very helpful. Timeshare only a soft sell, with a "quick" check in soft drink and person to "explain" the resort. Really trying to sign you up for a tour. No high pressure and if you're aware of the scheme - no problemo. Thank her and you're off. However, Get you wallet out. The resort is very expensive. Your 2X1 national drink specials are still $10.00....that is the price for 1 drink. Sticker shock while waiting for your room 2 shots tequila and 2 beers, 45.00. We were with another family of 4. It was great to have the kitchens for breaksfast and snacks - dinner out every night... very fun. Rent a car, it pays for itself. With 8 of us when we took a cab is was $40.00 each way for dinner in Cabo. We drove during the day and let the cabs do the work at night. All in all we loved the place but are very disappointed how expensive Cabo in general has become. First visit in 1985 the Giggling Marlin was the only restaurant in town. Other than that is was taco stands and back yards - which were great! Been to Cabo many times in between, all of our old haunts are there just triple the price and the food quality is way down.

    • Avatar for louis157
      By louis157 Updated Apr 10, 2008

      Beautiful resort. Great staff,nice rooms,excellent restaurants and pools. A little pricey for Mexico. Very clean!

    • Avatar for caroln82
      By caroln82 Updated Mar 11, 2008

      We stayed here last Oct. & had a very good time The whole complex is very clean. The maid service was very good also. Anything we needed that wasen't in the room was easily gotton for us. The only problem we had if you want to call it that is they had a hard time leaving us wash rags!

      The "pools" are great & varied. I would like to see more things for teenagers to do as I take my grandchildren with me & there are not enough games around the pool etc. for them to do. The resturants had very good food & everyone there did their best to make everyone happy. The staff were friendly & helpfull.

      We loved this resort so well we bought a red week!! The experience with the realators was even great!

    • Avatar for rona104
      By rona104 Feb 23, 2008

      Needs major improvement of both Internet service and rates. Rates are (outragiously) $18 daily and access often requires resort staff technical support. Restuarants could lower prices a bit..

    • Avatar for lawrencej16
      By lawrencej16 Aug 29, 2007

      Beautiful resort features stunning swimming pools, ocean beach, fantastic restaurants, and old world style.

    • Avatar for musicmanll
      By musicmanll May 23, 2007

      Just got home two days ago from a week at Hacienda del Mar. We rented a 1 bedroom, 2 bath unit with a gorgeous ocean view. The entire resort is the best that we have stayed in anywhere in the world. The greatest staff, best service, wonderful food and a beautiful property. Most likely will buy a week now..

    • Avatar for m1256
      By m1256 Updated Mar 29, 2007


    • Avatar for sherri302
      By sherri302 Dec 31, 2006

      We just got home yesterday and contacted the owners to tell them if they are not going to go next year we would love to rent from them again. The place was awesome!!

      Beautiful unit, spectacular landscaping, pools, restaurants, close enough yet far enough away from town.

    • Avatar for tomg74
      By tomg74 Updated Sep 15, 2006

      We've been owners here for 5+ years and the big thing for us, is they (the resort operator) will not allow any carryover time from one year to the next like they did when we bought.

      Having said that this is a fantastic place in terms of beauty and amenities. We've found the rooms beautiful in every way.

      And yes there are cats, but we've never had any negative experiences with them.

      I've read some of the negative feedback and don't necessarily agree with anything other than what I have said here. I would recommend to those folks to try one of the other resorts and make your comparison. And don't try to tell me that Hawaii is better! Been there, done that a couple of times and won't be going back anytime soon.

      Accept Mexico for what it is - a simple country with mostly good people living there. It's beauty is comparable to any other part of the world. Go and have fun and leave with some good memories.

    • Avatar for david797
      By david797 Jul 21, 2006

      Just stayed there 1st week of July, 2006. The resort is beautiful! The weather is unbelievable great. My family enjoyed the activities by one of the pools every day, but there could have more of them. The staff is very attentive and responsive. The A/C needed attention more than once, but it wasn't a major problem. My family enjoyed driving an ATV on the Pacific relatively nearby. My pics resemble a postcard and we're not pro photographers; the resort and surroundings are that pretty!

    • Avatar for wendy790
      By wendy790 Jun 12, 2006

      The best resort we have been to. Beautiful resort and coast line, great weather. Two of the best meals I have ever had at resort restaurants. Great family resort and 10 miles from Cobo for great night life. Local population is great, make you feel welcome. Absolutely the best!

    • Avatar for judy1432
      By judy1432 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Just returned from beautiful Hacienda del Mar and cannot say enough about the experience! The staff, esp. Roberto took excellant care of us...fulfilled ever wish and whim. The public and private areas were spotless. The food and drinks were fabulous. We love everything about it. I upgraded our timeshare to A PENTHOUSE and was given a spectacular deal. We are planning a huge celebration in 2008, a 20th anniversary, and two important birthdays, and 25th and a 50th and can't wait to celebrate fiesta style with several of our friends! (WE NEVER SAR A CAT, by the way, just "Fred" the iguana sunning himself by the hot tub near the Infinity Pool!

    • Avatar for dmagliulo
      By dmagliulo Updated Apr 15, 2006

      We have been going back to this resort for several years and upgrading what we own there. This is by far the most beautiful resort in Cabo. (We own at 2 other 5 star resorts in Cabo, also.) The grounds are immaculate, the several pools are always pristine, the staff will bend over backwards to assist you. We had our daughter's wedding at Cabo del Sol last year and had 40 people staying at this resort. They could not do enough for us. They never asked one person in our party to attend a timeshare presentation. Everyone raved about the place. We currently own a Penthouse but have owned everything from a Luxury Suite on up. We have been happy with each unit type. Clean, maintained, stocked with the essentials, daily maid service, room service.

      In response to a couple of other reviews, in all our times there I have never noticed a problem with cats or with drinks being pushed at you. Some people can be so miserable in life that they can't even see paradise when they are in it!

      This resort has it all. The restaurants are good, some of them are expensive but the food is representative of that. Most restaurants in 5 star resorts are more expensive. Most people expect to pay more for convenience and location. Yes, you can go to town and eat and I do recommend that, but if you want to dine while looking out at the beautiful ocean sunset then expect to pay more.

      I highly recommend this resort if you want to pamper yourself (get a spa treatment, too)and spend time in beautiful luxury.

    • Avatar for ekennedyrogers
      By ekennedyrogers Updated Apr 15, 2006

      we LOVE this place!!! we stayed each of the last two years and have reserved again for 2006. the restuarants are very good and worth the price of eating onsite. ps, we never saw a single cat, but we weren't looking for them either.

    • Avatar for belindabg
      By belindabg Updated Apr 15, 2006



      Got a trade into the Presidential Unit, a large 2-bedroom, and since we were already staying in Cabo the week prior at the Melia (where we also own), I visited a day before check-in to request special arrangements for access, as my parents have some mobility issues and would be arriving in town to stay with us here. No problem, we were given Unit 1111 in the Girasoles Building on the Ground Floor, actually we were given a CHOICE of 2 different units, both of them in the newer section of the Resort, and had the opportunity to look at them both before deciding. Super check-in desk service, some of the best we've had anywhere, and we were EXCHANGERS.

      Yes, you will pay for maid service here at check- out, but it's about $3 a day, what we would normally leave as a tip anyhow, so no big deal to us...

      Restaurants are wonderful but yes, they are pricey - bring your wallet and your credit cards, this isn't a budget place, but well worth the splurge. Poolside in the early morning was my favorite place to be, and you don't need long to get a nice tan, even in December, even if it's overcast. There were drinks available but no one ever approached me with them. No forced tequila at all.

      You will need a car, you're too far from town to rely on the bus or the shuttle, and cars cost the same as the shuttle would for 2 people per day anyhow. Rent one at the airport, make arrangements for it ONLINE prior to arriving in Cabo, and USE ORBITZ or some other shopping comparison site to get the deal. Bring your PLATINUM VISA CARD to avoid the expensive Mexican Car Rental Add-On Insurance. You'll thank me for this later!! Also, get the smallest car to meet your needs, parking is limited at this Resort, challenging in downtown, and all rentals take premium fuel. And you don't need that big 4x4 in Cabo!!!

      Shopping for groceries is best done in town at either Soriana or CCC or even the little Arambulo Supermercado, because the on-site store is very expensive and hasn't much variety. Costco was too much work for the benefit and Soriana has better variety and sells everything, like a huge Wal-Mart Superstore.

      We used the onsite laundry room and the terrific Hospitality Suite (with full baths) on our last day after checking out of our room while waiting for our flight times that evening. Much better than sitting around waiting at the airport!!

      ATTEND THE WELCOME PARTY for Owners and Exchangers - Terrific Food!! And it was fun to mingle with the other folks and hear about all the activities in the area.

      A day trip to Todos Santos is mandatory if you have the car, but make it during daytime hours, as all those little gravesite markers along the road are there for the fools that hit donkeys and cows by driving at night!!

      We didn't see a cat the entire time, but would've welcomed one, as I missed all seven of mine from home and had 'cat withdrawal'. We had spa pedicures and manicures that were awesome and ate in 4 of the 5 gourmet restaurants. Mom and Dad ended up buying a Luxury Unit here so they could return annually and we will be exchanging into this wonderful place again.

      Try the Nachos at the Girasoles Restaurant and say HI to the Manager there, the wonderful SANTIAGO. We LOVE him!!!

      This is a little piece of paradise just waiting to be discovered...again and again and again. If we didn't already own at Club Cascadas de Baja (our favorite resort in Cabo or anywhere else for that matter) we would probably be buying more time here at Hacienda del Mar!!

    • Avatar for amys78
      By amys78 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      This is a spectacular resort providing every possible amenity. It has the feel of old world Mexico with lush, beautifully landscaped grounds, fountains and intricate mosaic sidewalks, just a delight for the senses. . .the restaurants and service are wonderful.

    • Avatar for pattis15
      By pattis15 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Absolutely beautiful resort, excellent golf not only at the resort but thruout Cabo. Wonderful experiences poolside. It's always "Happy Hour" and we've met delightful people and made long term friendships. We own a Presidential Suite and, having stayed at other resorts in Cabo before purchasing, truly appreciate the quality of our lodging, the restaurants, the service and overall ambience. Broke my wrist one year...sand and tile combo is slippery! Treatment was more than adequate & upon returning to the states, everything checked out A-OK! If you've never experienced Halloween in Cabo, it's a MUST! Dress up! Too much fun! The entire town turns out. The addition of Costco is a boon as shopping for "dailies" is expensive. In answer to a previous posting, we found the Hotel California in Todos Santo. WONDERFUL. The best margueritas ever and well worth the trip. (It's the one across the street from the actual hotel). Feel really safe in Cabo...have strolled the streets at all hours...everyone nice, friendly, delightful! Downtown ROCKS...fishing great...have owned 5 years now & can't say enough. ENJOY!

    • Avatar for ramsin1
      By ramsin1 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Great resort. We just came from an RCI exchange into Del Mar. Its managed by Sheraton. Half of it is a hotel. Very nice and deserve the 5 star rating. Best Advise: Restaurants are very expensive, worst than traveling through European luxury hotels except its MEXICO. So go to the grocery store in Cabo, ask around they are some real Costo like places, fill the fridge. Save money don't buy a time share just rent it every year.

    • Avatar for sandra1125
      By sandra1125 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      My husband and I vacationed at the Hacienda del Mar Resort last year. We loved it so much we bought a timeshare. We didn't encounter any cats! We were at the pool or beach every day, no one pushed us to buy tequila. The resort is beautiful and relaxing. We did eat at the restaurants (prices are comparable to the east coast) the food is fresh and the presentation is excellent. We purchased water and other snacks from Costco's. The resort is a short ride from town. We elected to rent a car. I think you will definitely enjoy this resort. Don't fault the resort for lousy airport workers or problems in town.

    • Avatar for lighthorse
      By lighthorse Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Awesome place, I own 2 weeks (Christmas week and New Years week) here.

    • Avatar for annmarie75
      By annmarie75 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      My husband and I have spent two years there and we love it!! We don't eat at the restaurants..they are very expensive but other than that its a great place! There is plenty of shopping places to buy your food and stay at home which we love. In town, you can find cheaper meals. We have already rented for 2006 also. As far as cats...we had one and we fed it and gave it milk everynight on our patio. No problem with that and not at all scary and I don't like cats. As far as Tequila at the pool..where was it??? We were never approached for that either.We absolutely love it in Cabo. The downfall for us is that we are from the east coast and getting there is somewhat difficult. We flew America West which was a very bad experience. When we booked we didn't realize there is only one flight to the east coast a day and when we were delayed like all their flights we couldn't get home. Next time American Airlines. All in all its a beautiful resort....

    • Avatar for david2122
      By david2122 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Conde Naste Jan. 2005 rated Hacienda delMar as one of the top 4 resorts in the Cabo area. I fully agree. With the rsort being in the Cabo del Sol development you have the Jack Nicklous & Tom Weiscopf courses plus all the pools, restaurents,etc. I believe it is one of the most romantic places I've been!

    • Avatar for jscritchfield
      By jscritchfield Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Absolutely Paradise - Well maintained landscape, beautiful beach, great pool area, lots of activities for the family and the peaceful quiet for a great vacation destination. The 2- bedroom units are large and well equiped for a family getaway. My family will come back, and maybe just Mom and Dad by ourselves to play golf, lay by the pool and drink Corona. this is a 5-star resort, no questions.

    • Avatar for sarah21
      By sarah21 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      I agree with expresso. My mom, two nieces, and I stayed here several years ago and had a wonderful experience. We traded my studio at South Lake Tahoe and got a 2-BR, 2-BA presidential suite (rack rate over $400 a night if we had walked in off the street to rent it.) There was a jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom. It was decorated in traditional Mexican furnishings with tile floors. The balcony that wrapped around two sides of the unit was great for watching the sunsets. We spent many lazy hours in the pool and on the beach. We were there in August, definitely the off season, but it was great. It was hot, but no worse than the Georgia heat we are accustomed to in the summer. We rented a car and went to Todos Santos in search of the Hotel California. That was the only bad experience of the whole trip. We got a ticket for supposedly running a red light (which we did not) and paid the policeman over $70. We figured he probably pocketed that since he was driving a shiny new truck. Other than that, our week there was wonderful. I highly recommend it. We've been doing timeshare exchanges for a number of years and this is our favorite.

    • Avatar for expresso10
      By expresso10 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Just returned from a wonderful week at Hacienda del Mar. We were there July 17th to 24th, 2004. Just had to write to refute that crazy cat story, that another reviewer wrote, to slam this resort. This is a very beautiful resort affiliated with the Sheraton. Does it even make sense that they would not maintain it? Hardly. Groundskeepers were evident everywhere, and service was wonderful.

      We had a 1 bedroom master suite. Totally lucked out, as we had an ocean front room. It was a two story condo with the master bedroom on the ground level with two queen beds and a bath and a jacuzzi tub. The room had a sliding door leading to the patio and the pools, walkways and beach. The upstairs had a futon type sofa in the living room which was not too bad. There was also a bath upstairs with a shower. Next time I am going to bring an inexpensive mattress honeycomb topper to add a little more comfort to the futon. This upstairs also had a sliding door to an ocean front balcony. The room was more than satisfactory. The staff was very gracious and hospitable.

      There was a full size kitchen. We had a rental car and were able to get a nice supply of groceries from the CCC supermarket and also from the new Costco.

      We ate at the restaurants on site and enjoyed the waterfront dining. We also ate at the Westin Hotel buffet, which has a fabulous seafood buffet on Wednesday nights.

      It was hot in July, but not unbearably so. The resort has covered parking so our car did not overheat. It has a beautiful infinity swimming pool. Also there is a lot of vegetation which seemed to keep the grounds cooler.

      This is a very re-laxing resort and we plan to go back next year.

    • Avatar for richard1064
      By richard1064 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      Spent one night in a villa (vacation club property) at this resort(?). Room smelled like varnish, maintenance was repeatly working on unit, the pools looked dirty (and were according to my kids), and the lobby smelled like smoke. The beauty of this place is only skin deep. They charge for kids club and automatically add maid/housekeeping charge to your bill. You can find much better value at other resorts at this location (Cabo del Sol)

    • Avatar for lucylovertoo
      By lucylovertoo Updated Apr 15, 2006

      cats **** all over the patio. Tequila pushed too much at the pool. Will never go back.

      Can't say it enough Cats, I mean scary, mangy, hungry, angry ones, (not cute little kitties )and they relieved their bladders everywhere.

      My room smelled like a mexican animal shelter and I was truly afraid to use my deck, the cats hissed non stop.

      view however was breath taking

    • Avatar for rcr_cr
      By rcr_cr Updated Apr 15, 2006

      This is an awesome resort. We stayed here with our 2 young children and had a wonderful time. The staff was wonderful and friendly. The restaurants were great.

      We took the shuttle into town twice, which was fun, but mostly were content enjoying the resort beach and pools.

      There is a beautiful spa with an exercise facility and we both got excellent massages there.

      We didn't get to play the spectacular golf courses adjacent, but we'll be back!

      I would recommend this resort for people with or without children. There is enough room and privacy in the layout for both a romantic getaway or a family vacation.

    • Avatar for vljn
      By vljn Updated Apr 15, 2006

      I have visited Cabo for over 5 years. Golf courses are absolutely beautiful. Resort is located in the middle of the stretch of beach separating two towns. It has spa, great restaurants, pools.

    • Avatar for jmheffernan
      By jmheffernan Updated Apr 15, 2006

      This resort IS beautiful but our air conditioner broke down and we had to sleep with the windows opened (humidity sucks). It's Cabo in general that has the problem. From the grumpy custom agents to the waiters in town who constantly overcharge. Check all your bills, we were overbilled for room service here twice. The Alaska Airlines boarding gang was especially unpleasant on our departure (threatening and just plain nasty). We definitely did not feel welcomed in Mexico, we'll go to beautiful (and welcoming) Hawaii next time. BTW: Cabo is not inexpensive and you still have to watch out for the water outside the resorts (margarita ice also).

    • Avatar for becca86047
      By becca86047 Updated Apr 15, 2006

      I have vacationed in Cabo for over 7 years. I love it and the Hacienda del mar is one of the nicest resorts there. I like it because you have privacy if you want it, and then again you can party like an animal if you want it. If you go, I suggest renting a car, it is great to do leisurely day trips to neighboring towns, it saves $ and convenience over taking the shuttle. Staying in town can be convenient, but you can never escape the crowds somehow. This resort is the best of both words. The golf is top notch , as is the food and the restaurants. I highly recommend it .

    • Avatar for cecilesharp
      By cecilesharp Updated Apr 15, 2006

      I have visited the Hacienda Del Mar on multiple occassions. Great for a romantic getaway, or with the kids.

      Private, quiet, excellent services and staff. Star gazing has never been better. Definitely an all inclusive resort worth coming back to again and again.

    • Avatar for desildee
      By desildee Updated Apr 15, 2006

      This place is wonderful. Friendly staff and very clean. Beautifully landscaped. Enjoyed our stay and can not wait to go back in March. you do have to take transportation into town but really don't need to leave.

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    • Boating (6.2 miles)
    • Fishing (6.2 miles)
    • Scuba Diving (6.2 miles)
    • Shopping Area (6.2 miles)
    • Wind Surfing (11.8 miles)
  • Corredor Turistico KM 10 Lote D, Cabo del Sol, 23450 Los Cabos, B.C.S., Mexico
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