The Royal Mayan

Cancun, Mexico

The Royal Mayan

Cancun, Mexico

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  • Let the Royal Mayan pamper you with a vacation that provides exciting amenities along with the dazzling Caribbean at your doorstep. Take advantage of the lagoon-side marina, which offers sailboating, waterskiing, and Jet Ski rentals. When appetites beckon, try the delicious specialties at the resort restaurants or whip up your own creation. Relax by the resort pool or venture out on the available tours to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum, Chichen Itza, and Coba.

    Guests are allowed access to amenities at all five Royal resorts in the Cancun area, with a free shuttle service between them.

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    • Avatar for sbright500
      By sbright500 May 22, 2013

      We own 5 time shares and have traded all over the world. The Royal Mayan is simply the best. The reviewer (I believe her name was Nancy) who expressed anger and disappointment over her expectations of having an ocean view should have been reviewing the person who rented to her, not the resort! There is one building which faces the lagoon (Bldg. H) and that's where her rental appears to have been. Don't downgrade this fantastic resort because your room location was misrepresented. Sandy

    • Avatar for nancyc513
      By nancyc513 Mar 11, 2012

      We had a very unfortunate experience. We rented a villa listed on Redweek as oceanfront at the Royal Mayan. Seeing the ocean from our balcony was my number one priority. The villa was not oceanfront. We can,t see the ocean at all. From our balcony we can see the parking lot, an abandoned partly built building and the street with noisy buses and cars. We rented from someone who advertises on Redweek a lot so thought he would be dependable. We feel we were deceived by this individual and neeedless to say, I am extremely disappointed.

    • Avatar for jeffrey184
      By jeffrey184 Jan 18, 2011

      I have been a Royal owner now for 4 years, I have brought family, friends and kids and all of them had an awesome experiance. The friendliness of the staff and the location of the Mayan is great because you can walk next door to the Carribean and the Islander and it's like your at a new resort so the convieniance is great. It's not a mega plex so you can develope great relationships with people from all over the world.

    • Avatar for rodm28
      By rodm28 Updated Dec 11, 2010

      We have been original owners at the Royal Mayan since our youngest daughter celebrated her 5th birthday there and she is now 27. Our girls have loved having our annual family vacation at the Royal Mayan every year and have so many fond family memories and of course soooo many pictures.

      We have seen the Royal Mayan through several hurricanes with minimal damage which was quickly and easily repaired. It is built to withstand such events when other structures were completely destroyed. Even the beach "healed itself" after one hurricane when we thought it was surely never to be the same.

      We feel we truly made a very wise investment in the Royal Mayan because it was making an investment in our family. Now our (4) girls are bringing their own families to the Royal Resorts and prefer the Royal Mayan. There is no other place they would rather come even though one of them lives in "fun" Orlando.

    • Avatar for moe21
      By moe21 Updated Jun 15, 2009

      Isn't it amazing how most of these reviews are all 5 stars. The Mayan is really a great place.

      Our last visit in 2007 included our 3 kids, lots of scuba diving, and the best part was having breakfast overlooking the pool where our young kids could play, and my wife and I could enjoy some quiet time and yet still watch them.

      Our 2005 visit was a great adventure. I was in an ocean front unit when Hurricane Emily struck and I can still hear the wind howling through the doors. I have never been more impressed with the structure and the staff then I was on that visit. Their attention to detail, and need to ensure everyone's safety was unparalleled. When Hurricane Emily was over, it was amazing to see how fast the Mayan was restored to its full operations.

      The Mayan is very well built and maintained. We bought in 2001 when we had one kid and now we have four kids and its become a home away from home. Truly a wonderful place and experience.

    • Avatar for laurieh36
      By laurieh36 Feb 14, 2009

      We have never encountered the problems that elizabeth has. We always take our young children because we know that we will have a safe and enjoyable vacation. I have seen that the staff will go out of their way to ensure that you are happy. The units are updated regularly but they are on a schedule so some units may be updated before others but that is the case at all timeshares. We have stayed at Marriotts in the past and have always felt way too pressured to not only go to the timeshare presentation but to purchase. If you want a relaxed vacation were you are treated wonderfully, the Royal Mayan and it's sister resorts in Cancun are the best.

    • Avatar for danb238
      By danb238 Jan 25, 2009

      I have stayed at the Royal Mayan for 11 years now, the first year I went with friends and fell in love with the Mayan, I bought my own week and have never been happier. I have since bought at the Royal Sands, and have stayed at the Islander and the Haciendas but I am still totally in love with the Mayan. The decor is beautiful and the staff is absolutely the best of the best! The Palapa bar and restaurant is the gathering place for guests from all 5 of the Royal Cancun Resorts, the good times here will not be topped.

      Love it, love it.....need I say more.

    • Avatar for elizabethc116
      By elizabethc116 Jan 18, 2009

      We are used to the Marriots and this is no way near. The pools are not heated and freezing and the pools next store the kids pool is not in the sun at all. We took the shuttle bus to the Royal sands everyday. Would not recommend this place if you have kids. Lots of little things broken as well in the units. Place needs lots of updating. Much better choices of places to stay.

    • Avatar for jerrys156
      By jerrys156 Aug 22, 2008

      The Best of the Best to say the Least!

    • Avatar for mercedesg5
      By mercedesg5 Feb 9, 2008

      We have been going to Royal Mayan and Royal Caribbean for several years now, and to us it seems that this must be the closest place to paradise. We fly transatlantic all the way from Britain and absolutely love the place. No other vacation that we have taken before comes anywhere close to it and this is the reason why my daughters will not contemplate going somewhere else for a change. The staff are fantastic, always courteous and smiling, and they will even go out of their way to keep guests happy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

    • Avatar for aliciag23
      By aliciag23 Jun 3, 2007

      Stayed at the Mayan twice and once at the Islander. Love the place sooooo much that we just bought at the Royal Haciendas yearly!!! You don't get this accommodation from the Royal Resorts any where else. You will have a fabulous vacation at any of these resorts......

    • Avatar for roger522
      By roger522 Updated Feb 1, 2007

      In December of 2006 Denver had one of the worst blizzards ever. This caused the Denver airport to be closed for the first time in history. This closure stranded thousands of passengers at the airport itself and delayed flights into Denver for other passengers in other cities trying to fly in.

      I was one of those passengers stranded in another city. Rather than wait for the airlines to recover and for the Denver airport to reopen, I rented a car and drove 25 hours straight from Nashville, Tennessee to Denver in order to catch a flight with my family from Denver to Cancun the next day. I was determined to take my family to Cancun for the first time ever.

      Upon arrival at the Denver airport in the wee hours of the morning on December 22, 2006, we were amazed to see over 4,000 passengers standing in line patiently waiting for their flight. The terminal was absolutely silent as our family of five walked through it. To our astonishment, we were first in line for our Cancun flight and departed on time. We were further surprised to see our Frontier Flight live on CNN as the very first plane to fly out of Denver after the blizzard.

      We had never stayed at the Royal Mayan but had heard great reviews from friends who had. Our experience, after all that we had gone through to get here, was absolutely fabulous. The resort itself was perfect in everyway. The service was definitely 5 star. My wife called on Christmas Day, when all the staff had been given the day off, for more towels. We were very pleased when the requested towels were delivered in less than five minutes. Now that is service!

      The breakfast buffet was excellent and the on- site restaurant was without question one of the best we have ever dined in.

      Make sure to cross the street and dine at the Captain's Cove for a great dining experience right on the water. The seafood and service were magnificent. To top it off, we were given a 20% discount for presenting our Royal Card.

      I would recommend the Royal Mayan to anyone at anytime. We definitely will return again. Next time though, we hope to do it without all the snow.

    • Avatar for ellist
      By ellist Jan 11, 2007

      I have been an owner at the Royal Mayan since it was built, in 1985. I bought another week in 1995, and another in about 2000 and again in 2003.

      To me this is the best timeshare on Planet Earth, because I have never had any complaint that was not resolved, and I have always been happy when I am at the Royal Mayan.

      I love all the Royal Resorts and I am very lucky to own with them.

    • Avatar for tonib21
      By tonib21 Updated Dec 6, 2006

      We just got home from a wonderful stay at the Royal Mayan. The accomodations, food and staff are top notch, something we have looked forward to each year and have never been let down. Enjoyed the water aerobics in the pool and new gym at the Royal Carribean this year.

    • Avatar for markm110
      By markm110 Nov 19, 2006

      I have been going to the Royal resorts since I was a child and am now brining my own family, you cannot beat it. This is where it is at!

    • Avatar for kisrael
      By kisrael Oct 24, 2006

      I just got back from this resort 2 weeks ago. I absoultely loved it. The units were beautiful. They had a real Mexican/Mayan flavor. The floors were glossy brown marble, and they had Mayan-looking caligraphy on the doors. We stayed in a 2 bedroom overlooking the pool and beach. The view alone is worth the trip.

      This resort is affiliated with 2 other resorts right next door. These resorts were within walking distance to each other, and each had their own theme and their own restaurants. I traveled with 2 babies and 2 other adults. They had everything to accomodate the children. One resort had one of the best kiddie pools I've seen, topped only by one at Disney World Resorts. The prices were acceptable for pretty good food. Breakfast is a must. Try it at least once for $10 per person. The rooms had maid service daily. This is the first time I have been to a timeshare where you get maid service DAILY! Top that with an onsite grocer with good prices, and this place can't be beat.

      I was able to see the rooms in the sister resorts. They were pretty, but they lacked the native flavor that The Royal Mayan had.

      I would definately stay here again.

    • Avatar for reym5
      By reym5 Sep 14, 2006

      Indulge yourself in an entire villa, your family will love the space (1300plus square feet) and enjoy the very large veranda. With ocean views to sooth one's mind, you will be able to find exercise for the body by using the many amenities of all the Royal Resorts. Try the Spa, tennis, golf, windsurfing, scuba, snorkeling, and more. The restaurants are top notch with popular prices. It is a five star resort, and I agree.

    • Avatar for kevin376
      By kevin376 Updated May 1, 2006

      Just came back. No one has posted in over a year so I feel compelled to drop a review. First off, you can hardly find a hint of the hurricane at the Royals. The beaches were pristine. This is a 5 star resort in every way. I was watching from my balcony a man in a wetsuit enter the pool and wash the tiles around the pool. I saw this on 2 separate days. Its amazing to see the Royals maintain their properties. Even the Mayan, one of the older properties, are extremely well taken care of. Service is fantastic. Unfortunately, on our last night there my 5 year old daughter managed to split her chin open on the bathroom vanity during a fall. She received immediate attention from at least 4 people within minutes. A very good doctor is on staff. She was brought into the office and received 9 sutures. I couldn't imagine what would have happened had we stayed elsewhere. Outstanding.

    • Avatar for pippinsmommy
      By pippinsmommy Updated Mar 3, 2005

      I absolutely LOVE going to the Royal Resorts. The facilities and services are the very best. We prefer the three Royals together over the Royal Sands...they seem more laid-back and the pool areas feel much less hectic. More trees and warmer atmosphere. The spa at the Sands, however, is first class and not to be missed.

    • Avatar for colleen333
      By colleen333 Feb 27, 2005

      We just came back from a week at this wonderful resort (Feb 19-26 2005) and wish we could have stayed another week. Wonderful, friendly staff, beautiful location and accomodation at a resort that has thought of everything you could possibly need. go!

    • Avatar for blueayes
      By blueayes Mar 15, 2004

      Excellent resort. We've stayed at all the Royal Resorts in Cancun and all are topnotch. They are consistently rated at the top of the list of all the resorts in Cancun.

    • Avatar for ssspeak
      By ssspeak Nov 28, 2003

      I say "ditto" to all the other reviews. It doesn't get any better than the Royals in Cancun. We loved our visit at the Royal Mayan and would definitely return.

    • Avatar for rogers_07
      By rogers_07 Aug 20, 2003

      We stayed at the Royal Mayan in April, 2003. The staff is fantastic and the facilities and activities are excellent. Even the timeshare sales staff were great - low pressure and informative. It's easy to see why most of the other people there were owners that rarely trade their weeks.

    • Avatar for laraeski
      By laraeski Jun 20, 2003

      We have traveled a lot, and the Royal Mayan (and its amenities and services) is at the top of the list of places we would return to time and time again. We have the opportunity to visit in October 2003, and would not want to even consider another resort...this was the BEST! Two weeks would be ideal...

    • Avatar for mdmcompaq
      By mdmcompaq Apr 1, 2003

      I own two other GoldCrown Timeshare resorts. The accomadations are excellant and the service is excellant

    • Avatar for dgleason
      By dgleason Mar 22, 2003

      As a Marriott owner I can honestly say that the Royal Mayan, Carribean, and Islander are right up there with Marriott standards! All three resorts are connected and you can use the facilities in any of the three. The restaurants are tops, the employees all are friendly and try to please. All three resorts are just beautiful with very large pools. This was a very nice vacation for my family and I.

    • Avatar for hugsandkisses
      By hugsandkisses Mar 18, 2003

      The Royal Mayan & its 3 sister Royal Cancun resorts have it all- great beach, wonderful resaurants,a first class staff that trully treats you royal, fantastic pools and much much more. 5 stars and more.

    • Avatar for mikes
      By mikes Updated May 7, 2003

      One of the four top quality Royals with superb location and accomodation. Staying at the Mayan one is entitled to a free use of all facilities at the sister resorts - the Carribbean, the Islander, the older VCI and the brand new Royal Sands offering a choice of at least six restaurants and several pools. This is the best deal in Cancun. Positively a 5 star.

    • Avatar for dawson
      By dawson Updated May 7, 2003

      I've stayed in many hotels and resorts in CanCun and this is the best by far. Sister resorts next door to use their facilities, the out door palapya is excellent as are all the royals. The staff is always at your service.

    • Avatar for dlsalva
      By dlsalva Updated Oct 2, 2002

      Outstanding one does it better than the Royals. Beachfront, very Mexican feel, lots of freebies, the staff falls all over temselves to pamper. Don't past up any of the true royals. (the royal sunset is not part of this group.

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