Villa del Palmar Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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  • Avatar for larrym366
    By larrym366 Feb 9, 2014

    I have stayed for many years and this resort is cheap for what you get. Great people, safe, close to the bus(out the front door), nice beach, and good food. I will be back again, and again. No complaints, the only thing that is outdated is the old TV but who goes there to watch TV? Many great resturants, too many to name. They scrub the room everyday, but mexican tile just gathers dust, wear slippers. Great location!

  • Avatar for sharonv30
    By sharonv30 Dec 9, 2008

    Just returned from 5 weeks at UVC resorts 3 weeks at Villa del Palmar, 1 week Palmar Flamingos and 1 week Del Mar. My impression on arrival and the total length of our stay was how absolutely clean ALL the areas of the resort were. During our stay we had several first time guests visiting and they commented several times on the appearance, upkeep, and cleanliness of the grounds and condo. We actually found the Palmar condo cleaner than Flamingos and better equpped. Upgrades are continuous each season. Yes, one could arrive just as lights need upgrading, or fan needs repair...just call front desk and it will be replaced or repaired. Yes, if you are there during a high season week.. you may have to call a 2nd time. I have had fridge freezer door replaced, exchanged for cleaner couch, etc. They, need to know if something is not right and will replace or fix. If you are worried about the marble floors and your feet wear flip flops. All Mx, tile/marble floors are magnets to dust/dirt. We have been owners since 1986 and now our family, into the 3rd generation, is enjoying all the benifits of the property and its location as a 2nd home, or well deserved holiday week (s). And, the attitude of all the staff; housekeeping, front desk, bell boys, on site entertainment (bit lound for us oldtimers mid afternoon) is great...all ways cheerful and welcoming and wanting to please their guests... an attitude we try to also reciprocate as guests in their city. We look forward to our return this winter and 'the kids' really like the hype of 'spring break weeks' and so do their friends and families, who, after renting at other resorts in the area, say "The Palmar/Del Mar" has the best of everything we need on vacation and have confirmed condos. Vancouver, B.C. Canada owner 7 weeks.

  • Avatar for ioannisr2
    By ioannisr2 Oct 17, 2008

    We really had a great time with my brother and mother (first time aftem my chilhood years that we did travell all together again) The place is great and clean We did bought 2 weeks after leaving ....One for me and one for my brother We hope to visit the place again soon Hope and wish you that you will have the same good time like I did with my familly Thank you for reading and TRUST ME if you plan to visit Mexico this is a great DEAL!

  • Avatar for david1179
    By david1179 Jan 10, 2008

    We have owned and used this resort for 20 years and continue to enjoy the facility year after year. The staff is friendly and helpful, the suites are kept in top condition; the views are lovely from all but perhaps 1-2 % of the suites, the restaurant does a fine job with the food (the Americana is also next door with lovely walking areas and excellent restaurants), the entertainment has always been delightful and the resort is convenient to trips downtown as well as the airport-all making for an excellent value and a wonderful family vacation. If you decide you wish to talk to a knowledgeable sales-person who does not pressure you about purchasing, we also recommend talking to Mark Baker, a native Washington state guy who has moved to Puerto Vallarta and loves it. David Graham

  • Avatar for karen638
    By karen638 Apr 27, 2007

    We visited this resort in February 2006 and again October 2006. During our February trip, the floor in our unit was so dirty that we had to keep shoes on our little ones or their feet would be black from the dirt even after the maids had mopped. During our October visit our unit had a terrible ant problem in the kitchen and a women thought she needed to rid herself of her tan lines by removing her top at the pool. This is supposed to be a family friendly resort but I could get no help from the staff to get the women to put her top back on while we were at the pool with our small children. We love PV but don't care for this resort so we purchased at another resort down the street and doubt we'll ever be back to VDP Puerto Vallarta. And I agree with other postings that this resort is in serious need of renovations.

  • Avatar for randyg26
    By randyg26 Dec 30, 2006

    Close to downtown restaurants and entertainment but you are in a relaxed beach atmosphere.Good health club with nice friendly staff. BBQ area is fun.We loves relaxing at the various pool areas. Walking distance to a huge supermarket and other interesting stores.. In fact we did not need to rent a car. Bus and cabs are very accessible.

  • Avatar for debbieb88
    By debbieb88 Feb 11, 2006

    We love this place. It has well-cared for grounds, beautiful pools, and is located right on the beach. I don't mind the timeshare salespeople and beach vendors. It's all part of the atmosphere. The Mexican people are friendly and love to please the tourists!

  • Avatar for johnbmaryellen1
    By johnbmaryellen1 Jan 19, 2006

    Being GOLD members, we have the option of staying at all 5 locations. So far, we have stayed at the Villa Del Palmar -in Vallarta and the Villa Del Palmar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta. We are planning a trip the last of April 2006 to Cabo San Lucas, staying at the Villa Del Palmar.

    So far, our favorite location is Villa Del Flamingo-it is new but not as much entertainment as Villa Del Palmar-Vallarta.

    Being approached by Sales people is to be expected when you visit any RESORT. That is how some people make their living. Hey, accept the discounts, dinners,and shows, etc and just learn to say no if that is where your mind is. No one is going to make you purchase!

    We love being Vacation Club owners-it allows you the opportunity to travel to different places!

  • Avatar for peter395
    By peter395 Sep 14, 2005

    Overall the resort was nice - however - the sales people pushing their other resort (Flamingo) were too much. The front staff personnel turn very rude when you decline visiting the other resort. As for the rooms - let's just say they could use some renovations (tacky old 70's furniture and fixtures). The best part of the resort is the pool area.

  • Avatar for audrey178
    By audrey178 Jun 18, 2005

    I have been an owner at this resort since 1991. The resort is going downhill more each year. Members automatically received a gold card,now we have to attend a presentation. These we are told is to let us upgrade, and yes, they will not take no for an answer. Free entertainment around the pool and into the evening is hit and miss. It is not uncommon to not have your room cleaned before 4 in the afternoon, and no amount of pleading will make them clean it earlier. I find the maintenance staff and the laundry staff the most helpful, and have called them direct to get a coffee pot that works, as calling front desk or telling the maid does no good.Last winter the resort had a habit of telling those checking in that there were no rooms, they had overbooked, and that they would take you to their new resort. This was a ploy to get people to see the new resort. AFter travelling 12 hours to get there, and having a reservation in your hand, who needs this hassle.Yes, money does talk,,but should it be necessary to get service.

  • Avatar for david1432
    By david1432 Nov 14, 2004

    Great resort to relax and enjoy. Great overall staff. Go to the presentation for timeshare (get it over with tell them you arent interested)and get gold card for discounts at resort and several activities(we did boat trip with snorkeling and swimming and played golf. This saved us well over $300-$400 dollars alone) and restaurants in PV. Good restaurants too, not pizza places etc. 15% discount with card at resort. One couple I heard even negotiated all inclusive for going to the presentation Resort is very clean,staff is always sweeping up the grounds to maintain. Attempt to get to know ther staff and give them a few bucks extra and they'll take great care of you. (one of the maids was going to do my laundry before I left)They do charge $4 a day for maid service which is justified for the work they do. Watch a couple of things though. Do not loose your room key even if its an electronic card or regular key it will cost you $25-$75. They charge for lost towels etc that might be taken to the pool. They charge 5-7% if you use a credit card to charge your balance at check out. Best to have pesos on had to pay cash. They love dollars, Exchang rate varies with each bank. Do not get pesos at airport or resorts go to the bank for proper exchange. Cab fare from airport to resort should only be 50 the scams with the suburbans and others...always negotiate especially with the beach vendors...they won't be offended, they've been told NO before even if they tell you its "almost free" Overlook these small things that are present at all the resorts and relax and enjoy!!!

  • Avatar for myfourboys
    By myfourboys Updated May 24, 2004

    Just returned. Well located near downtown but not in downtown. Bus and taxis are readily available and reasonably priced as compared to Cabo. We expected more high end accomodations but they were very clean and comfortable. They offered all inclusive services by the day, we didn't sign up but we did pay for the dinner/show a couple of nights and enjoyed them.

  • Avatar for pfink
    By pfink Updated Jun 4, 2004

    I had wonderful vacation here. I had read mixed reviews, but found the accommadations good, not the best, but they suited our needs perfectly. The beds are firm, a mattress on a cement base, but we sleep like babies. It was very clean, the grounds well kept and the staff were always helpful. We'll go again!

    Timeshare people at the airport were pushy and a bit aggressive- ignore them and keep walking. If you chose to do a tour, you get a goldcard to be used for discounts in the complex and around town. This actually saves you a lot of money. It saved my husband over $140 on golf alone and 10% on resturants

  • Avatar for ronb01
    By ronb01 Aug 15, 2003

    Very nice atmosphere on the beach, two large pools, hot tubs, functional, clean, well lit and safe, close to shopping and all amenities. Courteous staff, daily entertainment, highly recommended.

  • Avatar for chistuc
    By chistuc Jul 15, 2003

    I did not have a good experience at this resort. The staff was terrible and rude, plus you couldn't walk on the beach without being approached by peddlers every few minutes. My room was a disappointment, bed uncomfortable and a view of the top of a restaurant. The resort is extremely noisy all hours of the day and night. It was hard to find a lounge chair by the pool and forget the beach. The peddlers bother you so much at the beach they will even wake you up to try and sell you something. I got hooked into a tour of the resort which was really a sales pitch. The 45 minute tour turned into a 3 hour event before I walked away with them still following me. They do not take "No" for an answer, so beware. Puerto Vallarta is a nice little town with some enjoyable places to explore. Resort is a 3 Star and area 4 Star.

  • Avatar for pvtimeshare
    By pvtimeshare Updated Jun 4, 2004

    Very nice atmosphere on the beach, two large pools, hot tubs, functional, clean, well lit and safe, close to shopping and all amenities. Courteous staff, daily entertainment, highly recommended.

  • Avatar for mongo
    By mongo May 8, 2003

    We have stayed here 4 times and really enjoy the visits. Many aminities and good beach. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

    Easy walk to modern grocery stores and bottle shop. Short bus/taxi ride to down town.

    Rooms are very comfortable and nicely decorated and roomy. Pools are refreshing.

  • Avatar for jfaulkner
    By jfaulkner Updated Jun 4, 2004

    This resort has nice public areas, but the rooms are a little dingy and run down.

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