Westgate Palace

Orlando, Florida

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Orlando, Florida


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  • Avatar for alaint2
    By alaint2 Updated Oct 8, 2013

    I was at Westgate Palace last year and our stay was more than just right for the price we paid, very luxurious Condo, nothing to complain about all of us really enjoyed our stay.

  • Avatar for dand169
    By dand169 Updated Sep 1, 2009

    I hated this place! We had to stay here because westgate overbooked at the resort we were supposed to stay at. The dining/living/kitchen was so small, you had to pull the couch out of the way to put the dining table down...because the table folded into the wall! When the couch was pulled out into a bed, you had to climb over it to get out of the master bedroom. We tried to use the pool area, but it was so crowded that we couldn't even get in, and the kiddie pool had a bunch of teenagers in it. After two nights we just couldn't take it anymore and checked into another resort. We will NEVER stay at a westgate property again!

  • Avatar for david5284
    By david5284 Jun 17, 2009

    Recently stayed there for a week and won't stay at another Westgate-operated resort. During checkin, you're pressured to make a mandatory visit for what they say is filling out a questionaire. Bull. They want you to listen to a sales pitch. Knowing the situation, we didn't show up for the scheduled mandatory time. During my one visit during the week to the hot tub, this idiot smoked while sitting on the edge of the hot tub with only his legs in the water. The smoke drifted over the whole area. I asked an employee if smoking was allowed in the pool area, and she said yes. And, during another visit to the pool, next to the sign that said absoluntely no running or diving in the pool area, these unsupervised abnoxious teens were running and dive-bombing into the pool where there were several children in the water, obviously endangering the children, including my grandchildren. This continued and that turned out to be the only time we visit the pool during the week. If you don't mind being pressured during a sales pitch, smoking on the property and the unsupervised pool area where swimmers were violating the pool area rules, to mention the only negatives we were aware of, then this place is for you.

  • Avatar for stanleys13
    By stanleys13 Updated Feb 9, 2009

    The resort was ok. Not the best for a WestGate Property. I am a bit confused by the previous reviews that were made. The unit was very small for a two bedroom, especially compared to the unit that we own at Westgate Lakes. Our two bedroom unit at the Lakes is approximately 1200 sq. ft. compared to this two bedroom which was around 650 sq. ft. And the other review also mentioned a balcony --what balcony??? Unless we missed something - none of the units had a balcony and that was a real disappointment. We just returned on January 24th, 2009, from a two week stay in Tower B, 17th floor. The pool closes at dusk - another disappointment. After a day out at the parks, etc. - can't go swimming because the pool is closed.

    The view was great from the window but would have been much more enjoyable to have a balcony to sit on and enjoy the view. Would stay there again - but only if no other Westgate Resort was availabe.

  • Avatar for jolthoff
    By jolthoff Updated Mar 10, 2008

    We were very pleasantly surprised at the wonderful accommodations in the towers. Everything brand new, including 3 flat screen tvs. Don't go for the pool or the fitness facilities, but a terrific place to stay if you need a luxury launch pad to see the rest of Orlando. I would stay there again without hesitation. Better than the Westin Resort in Scottsdale we stayed at a few weeks prior!

  • Avatar for bodamato
    By bodamato Updated Apr 27, 2007

    Elite property! The units are well-furnished with high quality furniture including marble kitchen counter tops, mahogany doors and fine leather couches. The views from the balcony are spectacular! The resort is close to Disney parks and the Universal Studio. The property is clean and well-maintained and rooms are the best part of the property!

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