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  • With so much to see and do at Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France, it may take quite a few holidays before you find your way to the Tour Eiffel! Aside from Main Street USA being right outside our French doors, you'll find plenty of relaxing activities that await in your own back yard. Swim indoors or out, plan a picnic of brie and baugette, or wander through the marketplace for a flavorful taste of France.

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    • Avatar for leojm
      By leojm Dec 17, 2016

      A staggeringly luxurious villa close to Disneyland and the train to Paris

      The villas themselves are gorgeous. Two stories with a grand living/dining room, 1/2 bath, and fully equipped kitchen with W/D on the first floor and two bedrooms and two baths above. We had a beautiful view overlooking the Monet gardens and the golf course - other units have other views. There are both indoor and outdoor pools as well as other recreational activities. On property there is a reasonably good lounge/bar as well as a 'marketplace' with groceries, sundries, as well as a limited variety of hot and cold prepared foods.

      There is a little village within walking distance with various shops and restaurants - we loved Ti Ma Bro, a creperie. Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios, and the Disney Village are all a 5-10 minute drive away. There IS a shuttle bus service available for a fee, but for our family of four it was cheaper and much more convenient to rent a car than to arrange transport for our stay in France. Similarly, you can take the shuttle to the train to Paris or drive to the car park. I would discourage driving into and out of Paris on a weekday.

      I am very much a city person. But the extraordinary beauty and spaciousness of this Marriott makes me think we will stay here for our next trip to Paris - even if we never visit Disneyland Paris again.

    • Avatar for loup14
      By loup14 Updated Oct 18, 2011

      We stayed there in July 2009, it was a breath of fresh air. Designed after Giverny- Monet' village and was really a fun place to stay- We had my 83 year old husband, a 6 yr old grandson and 16 year old granddaughter. They immediately went straight out through the unit and out the door to the beautiful lilly pond- feeding the ducks and a stray kitty. It is very close to airport, bicycles, DVDs rent, concierge was wonderful. We immediately cancelled our reservation for a suite at Westin on Champ d'leysee and really enjoyed the place. The concierge gave me the "zip" code for the parking lot of a museum next to Eiffel Tower and were off in our car with the Garmin set. NEVER ever have I traveled through a major city- mid morning in a foreign country- with such ease! No longer a problem, as I missed the turn over the Siene, the Garmin type GPS simply recalculated and it was no problem. My new favorite place to stay in Paris. If you think of a big circle around Paris with the airport north of town- this is northeast so fairly close, with Giverny and Versaille on the other side of airport and ring around city, it was very easy to travel here- Also, the TGV runs into Paris- but car was too easy and then take metros around town. Food easy to buy in the on site market- I know my nephew and his family who were stationed in Belguim used it several more times with the annual pass we upgraded his Disney tickets for about $30 more over the 2 day ticket price. They stayed here 3 more times and loved it. Each unit is a town house syle- 2 story with your own little unique flower garden as you enter- Beautifully furnished, and I highly reccomend.

    • Avatar for donm115
      By donm115 Updated May 27, 2010

      My wife and I stayed at the resort in 2009 and were very disappointed with the cleanliness of the units. Unfortunately things have not changed much over the past year.

      My son just returned and he was originally placed in a unit that was occupied by an intruder that the desk was unaware of. They moved him to another unit that was bug infested and filthy. They did clean his room on a daily basis after complaints were layed but this doesn't compensate for a general problem in maintenance.

    • Avatar for davidk209
      By davidk209 Updated Sep 22, 2009

      Traded into this property via interval international for the week of 09/13 to 09/20/2009. Property itself is nice with more of a '"natural" way about the landscape as compared to the "manacured" look. The unit was sufficient in size although the kitchen was tight if more than two people tried to occupy it at one time. The water pressure is outstanding. Almost too strong really. The only problem I had was the dryer did not dry my clothes. I just used the drying rack provided and air dried the clothes. No big deal.

      If you are going to Disney this location is very convenient. I was not there for Disney. Although Central Paris is not very close one can easily get there via public transportation. A bus (#34) stop right outside the property and you can get off at either Disney or the Val de Europe Mall and catch the (RER) Train righ into town. About a 40-45 min train ride. I purchase a "Paris Visit" pass which gives you unlimited access to the public Buses, Subway and RER train systems. I used these almost exclusively during my stay. I would not recommend driving a car into Paris. The streets are difficult enough to navigate on foot much less while trying to drive. A navigation system is HIGHLY recommended if you insist on a car.

      There is no need to go to the Val de Europe for Groceries if you just need a few items as there is a small market within walking distance from this property. However, if you want to STOCK up and a huge wine selection the Auchun is remarkable even by USA standards. Also at this plaza are a few restaraunts and pastrie shops if you want to stay close.

      I noticed another person complain about the resorts proximaty to Paris. Well maybe he/she should read the info better because the distance is no secret. Bottom line is if there was no Disney Paris there would probably be no Marriott Paris. It is what it is.

      Remember you are in Europe not America. Things are different. Appreciate it for what it is.

      PS. Hopkie's review below is dead on.

    • Avatar for peterc139
      By peterc139 Jul 15, 2008

      biggest drawback is 45 min train trip to Paris. Great town house type set up.

    • Avatar for hopkie
      By hopkie Updated Apr 25, 2008

      We stayed here in July 2007. I am a Marriott owner and have stayed at 6-7 different MVCI resorts around the world.

      We really enjoyed our stay here and I would definitely recommend this resort. You must go here with the right expectations because it is a slighlty different experience than what you are used to with other Marriotts.

      First, the rooms. Excellent 2 storey townhouse layout with a beautiful garden out back. Well appointed by French standards - if you have stayed in Paris you know what I mean. The kitchen was well appointed - a bit smaller than the American properties. Negatives - the internet service is useless. We gave up on the air conditioning.

      Grounds - the resort is meant to feel like a small French village and despite the somewhat modern feel they do a remarkable job of accomplishing this. There is an abundance of playgrounds and walking trails and the grounds are immaculate. The outdoor pool is not heated so plan swim days for the sunny days. Aside from this the pool is beautiful with a lazy river (much smaller than Aruba!) and a nice fountain. The golf course (owned by Disney) that surrounds the property is brand new and well worth a visit. The gym is one of the better ones I have seen in MVCI. There is a bar in the lobby - drink there - don't eat there. The Marketplace is well stocked - the prices will truly shock you.

      Staff - we found the staff to be very friendly and helpful, never a problem in 2 weeks.

      Area - Rental car a must. France has very modern roadways and driving is a breeze (bring your GPS!). Do not even think of driving into Paris. It is a short drive to Disney (hint - park in the multi-level lot at Disney Village). Also a short drive to a shopping centre (Val D'Europe) that rivals anything I have seen in America. Buy groceries and drinks at the Auchon lower level. The commute to Paris is 25-35 mins depending on the time of day. I had no problem with this but I am a subway commuter back home. I find the Paris Metro to be one of the best in the world - the station at Val D'Europe is modern and accessible. (hint - park free at the Auchon at the mall and walk to RER).

      Disney - about a 2/3 scale model of Magic Kingdom Orlando - the Studio park was about 1/2 scale. Remarkably we found the staff very friendly and eager to speak English. (Actually true throughout Paris too). We enjoyed 3 full days at the parks over the 2 week stay- this is all you need. It is loads of fun - I am an Orlando regular and I was not at all disappointed. Don't come here to visit Disney but visit Disney if you come here. Do visit Fountainbleau, Provins and Veaux-Vicomte - they are stunning.

      In all this is a great place to take it down to 1st gear (or even neutral) and experience the French countryside. A perfect place for a family with young kids. A brilliant place for a family reunion. A perfect place for day trips around the countryside. Not so good if you want/plan to spend a lot of time in Paris, but that is a different kind of vacation.

    • Avatar for ec10
      By ec10 Jul 14, 2007

      Stayed the 1st week of July 2007 (we don't own there). Resort actually is OK but service is unbelievably BAD!

      First the resort: True, it is not convenient to a lot of things unless you have a car (we did), but if you rent a car it is quite easy to get to a great deal of non-Paris sightseeing (Fountainbleu Palace, Vaux le Vicomte Palace, Provin - medieval town, the Champagne region, lots of smaller towns with very nice churches and small castles, etc.) We had a great time driving around (it was quite easy to drive through the countryside and towns outside Paris).

      The resort had a nice ambiance and the 2 bedroom we had was very nice. One of our party had a bad knee and we requested and got a handicapped unit with one of the bedrooms on the ground floor - it was very large.

      Physical problems: Light bulbs out when we checked in. Very slow internet connection. Air conditioning went out upstairs and it took several days to get it fixed (after reporting it, they sent a security guard at 11 pm who, of course, could not fix it). Windows had no screens so if you opened them to get a breeze, mass numbers of mosquitoes came in. Birds had built nests in some of the windows (the quantity of mess on the windows would indicate they had been there a month or more) so you had to be careful which ones you opened. Did not replace toilet paper in bathrooms some days.

      Now the service: Concierge was quite good, but front desk staff was the worst we have ever encountered anywhere in the world - and we travel a lot. As an example, when we went to the indoor whirlpool the second day, there obviously was a problem - it was cold. My wife went to the front desk clerk to report the problem and the clerk's response was that we were Americans and didn't know the difference in cold and warm - how rude can you get! After about 45 minutes of inaction, I went to tell them there was a problem. The clerk's response this time was that maintenance had just checked the temperature and it was fine. I informed the clerk that no-one from maintenance had been in the pool area nor near the whirlpool in the past hour and she said that they had checked the temperature just a few minutes ago - she lied. I asked to speak to a manager - after waiting 15 minutes and being told 3 times she was "on the way", I left and told them I would speak to a day manager the next day. When I got back to the pool area and collected my belongings a maintenance person showed up and when I asked about the temperature he said he was going to check it - finally. Turns out someone had closed the hot water valve in the basement, but by that time, the pool was closing for the night.

      When I asked for a manager at 8:15 in the morning I was told that no manager was on duty. I was shocked and said that surely there was a manager or someone in charge I could speak to and was told that there was no management staff was on the premises. Either I was lied to again - or the resort management is hopeless.

      We had gone to a very low pressure presentation the morning of our 2nd day and actually considered purchasing at this resort. By 10pm that night we knew we would not purchase there, nor probably ever go back.

    • Avatar for kathleen123
      By kathleen123 May 1, 2007

      We felt a bit misled by the claims of this resort being a convenient comute to Paris. It is important to have a car even if you try to use the RER to travel in becauase the shuttle is very unpredictable. Also, we had 2 nights when we caught the last train back to the resort(long french dinners) only to find that the shuttle stopped early that night because of a shortened schedule at Disney. We finally walked to a nearby Disney Hotel and had the valet call us a cab; not a pleasant way to end a long day.

      The facilities are very nice and the staff almost all spoke perfect english. We only wish there were a small restaurant or cafe' on site instead of needing to drive to the mall for dinning options when not in the city. Lovely pool complex and it stayed open late. Our Teen liked the internet availablity, and the little store was helpful in a pinch. We fell in love with the large Market by the Mall callled "auchon' and marveled at the choices of ready prepared entree's, everyone we tried was outstanding! We only went to the Mall once, a Mall is a Mall even in France so we didn't want to waste any more time there.

      Day trips to Versailles and the Champagne region were very enjoyable.

      This resort would be great for a 3 or 4 day visit to the region but NOT if siteseeing in Paris is what you are looking for. And if you want Disney, stay at one of their Resorts, or better yet, go to Orlando- it is soo much nicer.

      I am NOT a negative person, and we did have a nice vacation. The only problem was the location made everything more of a challenge than we had anticipated. Next time we'll stay in the city proper and pass on the suburbian commuter.

    • Avatar for anns48
      By anns48 Jul 2, 2006

      Location, location, location. This resort doesn't have it. The units themselves are terrific, but you are staying in a distant suburb of Paris. I liked the nearby discount shopping center, but did I fly to Paris to go to the mall? It is convenient to EuroDisney, but if you've been to Orlando, EuroDisney is ludicrous. Daily visits to Paris involve a tedious 2hr commute.

    • Avatar for marylyn1
      By marylyn1 Updated Aug 29, 2005

      We loved the resort and the area but it is touted as being close to Paris. If you want to stay at the resort that's fine but if you want to see Paris this is not the place. The RER is close by but parking costs $$ and spots are hard to find. The train into the center of Paris is inconvienent at best. Runs infrequently and is NOT safe at night. We found ourselves coming back very early each day because of the train which we really hated. If you want to do Disneyland Paris or Versaille then this place is great. It is VERY necessary to have a car to shop, although there is a wonderful Market within a few miles with supermarket and an outlet mall.

      If you want Paris stay in Paris. We found out the hard way. This year we stayed in a Paris hotel that allowed us several more hours of touring and walking. Although a nice place, this would never be our choice again.

    • Avatar for arlene94
      By arlene94 Apr 22, 2005

      We stayed here March 2005. It is slated to be built out by end of 2006. Construction did not present an issue--not a problem at all.

      Beautiful two-story two-bedroom unit with both bedrooms upstairs. Lovely full kitchen. Entry closet helpful for coats/jackets. 2 1/2 baths. Comfortable living and dining room with small bar at the end of the kitchen. Nice patio with table and chairs for leisurely snacks/meals/coffee.

      Attractive grounds worth walks. Right off a gold course, so a green vista for quite a way.

      A car is necessary. The shuttles were not always convenient and had a limited time that they are available. Trains from to and from Paris approx 6 am to midnight. At midnight, there are no taxi or shuttle possibilities. Paris is about 30-40 minutes away by train which is more than convenient unless one is returning after midnight. Metro is easy to figure out.

      Staff is very helpful. Small store on site with wonderfully fresh breads every morning.

      Highly recommend this Marriott resort. Looking forward to a return trip! One of the nicest timeshares anywhere.

    • Avatar for kathleenpeyer
      By kathleenpeyer Oct 6, 2003

      We just returned from our stay at this beautiful resort. Although the resort is being developed further, we were not inconvenienced at all by noise or even the site of construction as, we were at the opposite end of it all. The area (where our townhouse was) from the resort entrance to the main clubhouse and reception building is complete and quite lovely.

      There's a 24-hour security guard at the main entrance gate and we felt very safe walking around at night. The townhouses are 2- stories and all of them are 2 BDRM 2 1/2 Baths with both bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms (1 with stall shower and master bath with tub/shower) on the 2nd floor. There are also several townhouses with 1 bedroom and full bath (equipped for handicapped) on the first floor. The kitchen is fully-equipped and adjacent to it is a small laundry room with a washer and dryer. We had daily maid service and towels were replaced every day. Beds were very comfortable and like Marriotts everywhere, the pillows are the best.

      There is a large indoor and outdoor pool, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, fitness room - the works! The on-site store is well stocked with groceries, wine, DVD rentals, deli and cappuchino bar, not to mention all sorts of gift items and souvenirs.

      The resort is literally 5 min. by car from Disney and offers a complimentary shuttle bus every 15 min until 8:00 p.m. Paris is only about 35 - 40 min by RER train and the station is in the Disney area (5 min. away). We loved the surrounding area and took several excursions to towns nearby, such as Meaux, which was one of my favorites.

      The people at the resort couldn't have been more friendly or more obliging and everyone we spoke to speaks English as well as several other languages. I'm looking forward to my next visit.

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