Hyatt Windward Pointe Resort

Key West, Florida

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Key West, Florida


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  • Avatar for jonb270
    By jonb270 Updated Aug 15, 2017

    We have LOVED the Hyatt Windward Pointe location and the property since we began visiting the resort in the early 2000's. The rooms are beautiful, and are full of every amenity we need during our week in Key West - our favorite vacation spot in the USA. There's no need to even leave Windward Pointe as the pool, hot tub and restaurant/bar have everything we need to unwind and relax during the day. It's on the quiet side of Key West - which is perfect, but just a quick drive or cab away from all of the "action" the town offers. We've walked to Louie's Backyard and many other bars and restaurants near by. The Hyatt Windward Pointe management have continually made updates and improvements to the property over time. Even when we skipped a few years, it's like we were never gone as the resort continues to delight us vacationers. Hyatt Windward Pointe is by far our favorite property in all of Key West. I've recommended it to all our friends and family!

  • Avatar for robert5060
    By robert5060 Apr 28, 2017

    We stayed at the Windward Pointe over Christmas week last year and found it delightful. KW is very busy this time of year so staying away from downtown (Malory Square) was a real benefit. You are only 4 miles away from Malory Square so when you want to shop or drink or whatever you are there in a few minutes. The resort only has 80 units so it is peaceful and quiet. One of the best things about WP is Abby Road. This is a little open air shop next to the pool where you can get a drink, a snack or lunch. Super convenience and not found elsewhere in a resort this small. There are two restaurants next door. Very covenant for nights you don’t want you head into town. We did our research and never ate at the same restaurant twice. The pool and grounds around it are in perfect shape. Very easy to find a quiet spot to read and relax. They call it Windward Pointe for a reason. There was always a nice ocean breeze coming off the ocean. Every morning the wife and I would walk or jog along the ocean down to the state park for our morning walk. What a wonderful way to start the day. Yes, you are next to the airport but we didn’t find it a problem. The Oversea Hwy. passes along the resort and separates you from the ocean. There is sidewalk on both the ocean side and resort side. There is so much to see and do in KW and nearby Keys its hard to list them all. We really enjoyed Harry Truman’s little White House. It’s a cool piece of history. Hog’s breath Saloon, Sloppy Joe’s and Malory Square are must see’s. KW changes after the sun goes down so if you are looking for night life head down (or cab) after dark. Soooo many restaurants and bars to choose from. For the most part we liked the quietness of WP and prefer it as our home base. It’s the best of both worlds. We plan on going back.

  • Avatar for cathyb182
    By cathyb182 Updated Jan 1, 2010

    I love Windward Pointe for it's luxuriously appointed 2 bedroom/2 bath suites, relaxing amenities and especially for it's location away from all the hullabaloo of downtown Key West. After all the partying is over, I want to head back to Windward Pointe for quiet relaxation - until the next day's revels begin again!

    The Key West airport is adjacent to this property, but only small planes fly in and out and, frankly, my husband and I enjoy watching them come & go. Very convenient if you choose to fly into Key West rather than driving thru the other Keys! I've stayed here several times and the street traffic has never been an annoyance to me or my family, whether out on the grounds or inside the unit - however, my preference has always been to be a bit farther away than the units closest to the street.

    The poolside snack bar is wonderful and they have drink and appetizer specials every evening. There are also grills available if you want to cook your own steaks or freshly-caught seafood.

    Every unit has a lovely view of the Atlantic Ocean and the superbly landscaped grounds of the resort. The rooms are furnished beautifully and include full-sized kitchens with gorgeous cabinetry and granite tops. The covered veranda is very large and has a dining table & chairs plus 2 comfy rocking chairs. A lighted ceiling fan provides breezes on demand. We loved breakfast on the veranda and playing cards into the night after coming back from out on the town.

    I look forward to visiting Hyatt's Windward Pointe again!

  • Avatar for davidh811
    By davidh811 Updated Jul 27, 2009

    We stayed at this place last year and had a great time. Yes, you are close to the highway which runs the permiter of the island, but most of the mopeds are rentals and when the sun goes down it just isn't as noisy as durning the day could be. Most are tourists like you, just enjoying the sights that make up Key West.

    Have some fun and go to a resturant called "CAROLINES" on Duval Street (parking can be found off the center street of Duval). It is an open air place serving great hamburgers-hand made and cooked to order, and while you wait, watch the people who make the Key West nightlife memorable. Take time (sunset only) to see Mallory Dock (where the cruise lines come in-which are not there for the sunset). The locals have some great shows for all to see and have a time schedule that allows you to walk up and down the dock to see them all. Check online for museums, and attraction tickets. There are some great purchase specials to be found.

    If you want to see the Dry Tortougas this is the place to go from. You can fly, but we enjoyed going by boat, which included a continental breakfast, tour, lunch, snack, and (depending on weather) about 2 hours to snorkel the island; the boat will provide snorkel gear in advance of departing Key West. Camping is allowed on the Tortougas, but check with the National Park Service about timing and restrictions.

    For those that want lobster: the Florida Lobster Season starts August 6th, 2009. Check online for limits, and licensings requirements. If you are brave and want to catch your own lobster, take a recreational SCUBA diving course from a local diving instructor, and they will take you out and help you catch you own meal. They also know which resturants will cook your catch for you.

  • Avatar for ronald118
    By ronald118 Updated May 10, 2009

    Hyatt Windward Pointe Resort is one of three ingenuous Hyatt properties within Key West. Those guests who have matured beyond adolescence will appreciate the location away from the hordes in town center. Most properties offer a splendid view of the Atlantic. Bear in mind that there is a noisy 4 lane highway separating the property from the Atlantic. The endless motorcycles and mopeds cruising Key West soon become an annoyance.

    Hyatt Windward Pointe Resort is a premier property. Hyatt clearly dealt a knock-out punch to Marriott with all three properties. If one is thinking about adding a Hyatt Key West timeshare to the stable, be certain to visit/exchange into all three Hyatts. All three are sophisticated elegance, but different clients will observe three different environments.

  • Avatar for ralphd9
    By ralphd9 Updated Oct 17, 2007

    This is a beautiful Hyatt resort that is relatively new and has great views of the ocean. The rooms are decorated in "Hemingway" style like Old Key West. It's only minutes by car or bike from Duval Street so it's nice and private. Very relaxing!!

  • Avatar for debra664
    By debra664 Mar 12, 2006

    The most spectacular views of the Atlantic! The resort has beautifully decorated and spacious units with large verandas, a great pool, lovely landscaped grounds and very accommodating staff.

    Located on the south side of the island, away from the crowds, yet only 5-10 minutes from all Key West activities and entertainment. It was difficult to leave the tranquility behind.

  • Avatar for debrah55
    By debrah55 Jan 2, 2006

    Very beautiful resort, however the location is not the best. Since the hurricane there are no restaurants within walking distance and it is very noisy due to the adjacent Key West Airport, but otherwise very nice.

  • Avatar for james2702
    By james2702 Updated Jan 29, 2005

    This is the newest of the Hyatt resorts. Not far from Mallory Square, but on the flight path of Key West airport. Not bad, however, because there are not too many flights.

    Great views of the Atlantic, and very well appointed inside (outside is beautiful, too).

    This is a very beautiful, peaceful 5* resort.

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