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Reviews of Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort - North Village

Kissimmee, Florida


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  • Avatar for michaelr548
    By michaelr548 Feb 19, 2015

    We have been owners since 1991 and go to orange lake every year. The golf courses are awesome with great rates. The pool is very nice. Many nice restaurants on site and nearby.

  • Avatar for juliee79
    By juliee79 Oct 24, 2014

    A little background: I did lots of research on the internet before choosing Orange Lake (North Village). I read and understood many of the pros and cons I found, but thought it would be the right fit for our family. Unfortunately, I was wrong. To give a frame of reference, we typically stay in Marriotts and occasionally a Westin when we are on vacation, and always in timeshares. Also, I have five kids, ages 11, 8, 6, and 2 year old twins. We rented a 3 bedroom unit on the first floor, with a view of the golf course. There were several things we liked about the resort, but unfortunately, the negatives just added up… PROS: The unit itself was extremely spacious, and mostly clean upon our arrival. It was the end unit on the first floor, which meant it was very quiet. We had a nice screened in porch with a scenic view of the golf course. The beds were comfortable, and there were plenty of pillows, with extras provided. One bedroom had two queen beds, another had a king bed, and the third had a king bed and a pullout couch. Each bedroom had a flat screen TV (The only room with a DVD player was the family room). I am pretty particular about the pool, and I must say, the North Village pool was very pretty—lined with palm trees, a waterfall, a children’s splash area and baby pool, as well as a small slide ideal for younger children. Service was good. Anytime I called for supplies for the room, the response was prompt. The location of the resort was fairly close to the Theme parks. It was 20 minutes from Disney (depending which park you are going to), 25 minutes to Universal Studios, and 30 minutes from Gatorland. There is a SuperTarget located a ¼ mile away from the main entrance, and a SuperWalmart about 10 minutes away. There are numerous chain restaurants on the road just outside the resort. The workout room in the West Village was clean and fairly spacious with newer equipment. It had free weights, cardio, and nautilus. CONS: Hmmm, not sure where I should begin. My first impression: The villas in the West Village (the first you see as you enter), were older and tired looking. The grounds were fairly well kept. Keep in mind, I chose this timeshare in many ways because it was large and seemed to have lots of amenities and some nice pools. I typically stay at larger resorts because they have more to offer. I soon realized that the resort was too big (never thought I’d say that) for our family. The resort stretches at least 3 miles long from the front entrance to the back side of it. This necessitates either getting into a vehicle to travel many places on the resort, which is a pain in the butt with five kids, taking the shuttle, or walking. One day, I ventured out with my twins in a double stroller, planning to walk them to the kids clubhouse area in the main building at West Village (about a mile from our room). One would think, that with such a large resort, which tries to cater to families, that they would have sidewalks along the main artery leading to the clubhouse (a fairly busy road). There are some sidewalks, but they abruptly end, and one is forced to either walk in the grass (impossible with a stroller), or walk on the edge of the road (too dangerous with a stroller). So, I had to no other choice but to take the shuttle. The first shuttle to arrive (They come every 15 minutes), was full. The second shuttle driver, (Ed), told me I could fold up my stroller. Ed graciously offered to hold it next to him during the ride, instead of me having to do it while trying to control the twins. We arrived at the clubhouse in less than 5 minutes. After spending an hour there, I decided to return to my villa. Luckily, a shuttle was there just as I arrived with my stroller. The shuttle was the exact same size as the one I had arrived in, but was driven by Ada. As I was about to unload the twins, she told me I could not ride in the shuttle because the stroller would block the front door. I tried to explain that I could fold the stroller and load it onto a seat, which would not block the front door. She would not even listen to me, and just cut me off, telling me she wouldn’t do it. I told her Ed had already done it for me. She called Ed on the radio and he came about ten minutes later to pick me up, now driving a different truck, which had a handicap ramp in the rear. Ed loaded up my stroller, and again graciously took me right to the door of my villa. Great service from him, very poor service from Ada. But, I want to show what a pain it is to get around with a stroller, which should be effortless, but instead, is quite a chore. Back to our room: As I said, it was mostly clean, with a few exceptions—the back windows looking out onto the golf course were so dirty they had a brown film on them. The carpet in the master bedroom had the smell of dirty feet. Finally, I was up in the middle of the night several nights (courtesy of the twins). The first night, when I turned on the kitchen light, a large cockroach scurried across the kitchen floor. Not the way I wanted to begin my vacation  Happily, I never saw another one, but it put me on edge. Each of the three bathrooms had less than a half a roll of toilet paper left when we arrived, and no extra rolls for us (I had read about this problem on prior reviews—is there a TP shortage that I’m not aware of?) Speaking of bathrooms, the showers all had great water pressure, but the water from the master bathtub came out just slightly stronger than a trickle. So much for trying to use the jet sprayers in it—we would have waited all day for the tub to fill up. Ok, now onto one of my biggest pet peeves about North Village, which has to do with its pool. As I stated before, it does have a very picturesque pool area with some nice water features for children. Where the heck is the hot tub though? The other pool areas have one, so why wouldn’t they put one here? Both my kids and I depend on a hot tub to warm up (as old age sets in, I tend to run cold at the pool). We were so disappointed. Well, at least we thought we could warm up with the towels—uh, nope. The towels are the size of a postage stamp. Seriously, my six year old could barely get one around her skinny little body. They are about ¼ the size of the ones a pool typically has. Come on Orange Lake—how cheap can you get? On to the smokers: Why did it seem like there were so many on this property? Maybe there’s just fewer smokers in California where I’m from, I’m not sure. No smoking is allowed in the villas (the porch only), and only on designated spots on the resort. However, when I saw two different people smoking near the pool area next to children, I alerted one of the employees. He confirmed smoking was not allowed there, but did nothing about it. The workout room in the East Village consisted of about a 12’ x 12’ room, crammed with three cardio machines, three nautilus machines, and no free weights. I walked in, and promptly walked out. In summary, I sooo wanted to like this place. It’s not that I hated it, but I felt it was a step down from the quality of the Marriotts I am used to staying in. The resort is a victim of its own huge size. It needs to better accommodate pedestrians, or else make each village more self-inclusive. My family will be staying at River Island next week in a Signature Unit. I am hopeful it will be a better experience for us (I will complete a separate review).

  • Avatar for adelhanaa
    By adelhanaa Updated Aug 23, 2014

    We went more than onetime to Orange Lake, North. In winter, weather great, very close to Disney Parks, very nice restaurants and great facilities at the resort Units very clean, staff wonderful, plus you can relax at the lake. In addition, with oversize nice pools, did give Orange Lake North more than 5 stars. We will back again, for sure!

  • Avatar for maja5
    By maja5 Jan 19, 2010

    Love this place, has everything you will need. Close in proximity to all parks, shopping, and restaurants. Will stay here again for sure!!!

  • Avatar for mitzid7
    By mitzid7 Jul 4, 2009

    We love it, we have been owners for 7 years and we return every year. Golf courses are amazing and affordable, legends walk is great for beginners and the cranes bend give you the most value. We play putt putt a couple times a day, a pass for the condo is $25/week. The pools are always stunning. Many great choices for food and drink. Staff is friendly and courteous. You need a rental car, the resort is huge. The resort shuttle does the trick but it doesn't take you to the Publix. The only internet is below the guest check-in and is overpriced. A great place to stay and play for a week.

    If you read the history of Orange lake you will realize that this resort will withstand time.

  • Avatar for xsinner5o
    By xsinner5o Sep 1, 2008

    I have stayed in the West Village(2006) and in the East Village(2007) and after having such a good time both visits I bought a week here. I checked out the North Village area. We had a tour of one of the units and they were very nice, and took my nephew to Splash Lagoon. He had a blast! All of the Orange Lake areas are great in my opinion (some in West Village a little outdated though) and anywhere you stay will be a wonderful vacation!

  • Avatar for woodardjw
    By woodardjw Nov 4, 2007

    Orange Lake is GREAT!!! Staying at North Village is by far the best timeshare experience our family has had. It addition to having it's own Clubhouse, Splash Lagoon and the very enjoyable Par-3 lighted Legend’s Walk, North Village is ideally situated an equal distance between the main club and all the West Village activities in one direction, and the new River Island in the other. It is really great for the little ones and those of us not getting any younger. Most all the units are 6-plexes with 4 of each 6 units on the ground floor, and a fair number, like the one we had, has full handicap accessibility.

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