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Callicoon, New York

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Callicoon, New York


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  • Avatar for jessicag297
    By jessicag297 Aug 14, 2017

    I have been coming here for 17+ years. The only part of the building that looks new is the main lobby (there was a fire and it needed to be completely rebuilt) and the newer timeshare buildings. Our timeshare is not only outdated but also not well-maintained. The kitchen had pieces of the ceiling missing. There was black mold in both bathrooms that they bleached off...the sheet rock needs to be replaced to actually get rid of the black mold, so we will see if they did that next year when we go back. The bedrooms were musty and damp. You can tell where the old part of the building meets the new part of the lobby as the old part looks like it is still in the 80s. The forum (where nightly bingo is held) has red carpeted walls and floors. You would think with the yearly maintenance being paid to Villa Roma of a minimum of $300,000 per building the place would actually be maintained. The pool area is beautiful and the bars are nice. Everything is extremely overpriced. We will be back because our grandkids love it, but it certainly is not what it once was. They will need to update to stay with the times with the new casino and water park arriving in the coming years. If they do not update, they will lose us as timeshare owners.

  • Avatar for dianas287
    By dianas287 Dec 21, 2014

    It's a great resort-- for kids especially. You will enjoy your experience.

  • Avatar for rlp
    By rlp Updated Jul 4, 2011

    My last vacation was over Memorial Day Weekend. Had a great time then and each summer. I own several units and have been going since the 1990's.

    This is a full family resort --golf course, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center with gym, racquetball, bowling, tennis, bumper boats on a small lake, horseback riding, mini racetrack with cars for kids and adults, evening entertainment, movies and many activities all day are free, kids camp nominal fee and includes lunch, evening babysittng, etc. You can cook in the unit or go on a meal plan, waterpark and paintball nearby, and Bethel Performing Arts (site of Woodstock) about 20 minutes away with live perfomances (eg. Elton John, Stevie Nicks, etc to name a few) and it houses great Woodstock Museum. Gambling nearby. Can do all this or just lay by the pool and drink frozen drinks. About two hours from Manhattan.

  • Avatar for santo4
    By santo4 Mar 9, 2010

    Great Resort, we can't wait to go back this year.

  • Avatar for barbaral306
    By barbaral306 Oct 10, 2009

    VILLA ROMA! Is a getaway everyone must experience? Once you stay there you will want to keep going back because there is so much to do it is hard to fit it all in. Villa Roma has countless options all year round inside and out. There are activities for everyone and no matter what age you can keep very busy or just relax. I have been going to Villa Roma for more than 20 years now consistently several times a year. It is my favorite home away from home. No matter what season there is something to enjoy about the gorgeous Catskill Mountains. I love being up there to relax and enjoy great hospitality. There are activity directors, children camps, golf course, ski slopes, shows at night, comedians, daily bingo, pools, Jacuzzis inside and outside. On the premises there is also a gym, spa, bowling alley, tennis, racquetball and countless other amenities that are all private to Villa Roma. It is hard to put into words all the unbelievable memories my family and I have of the Villa so you must see it for yourself. Lastly, this last year the Villa was completely renovated and now more than ever it is an exquisite place to vacation.

  • Avatar for framer02
    By framer02 Jan 3, 2009

    I just returned from a trip to the Villa Roma for New Year's Eve week. The main building is completed and gorgeous. Everything is done top shelf.

    Entertainment was very good. New Year's Eve Party was a blast.

    Dining Room for New Year's Eve was elegant and the food was delicious. The price was reasonable considering all you got to eat. True Surf & Turf.

    As usual the units are clean and spotless.

    Villa Roma remains the "best bang for your buck".

  • Avatar for darlenel24
    By darlenel24 Aug 28, 2008

    Villa Roma is the best Italian Resort to take the family. The children have a great time, there is always something to do and the staff is friendly. The only problem is getting a chair by the pool. They don't have enough pools to accomodate the amount of people that go there. People have very big fights at the pool, fist fights, yelling etc... Other than that it's great. We can't wait to go again.

  • Avatar for iselanded
    By iselanded Updated May 31, 2008

    great family resort. vacationers are very children friendly. I can go back each year and still enjoying myself.

  • Avatar for johnw501
    By johnw501 Apr 30, 2007

    Getting ready for another great time in Villa Roma. Have weeks 25 and 26 and need to start warming up for the great Bocci Ball games they have. Last year there were up to 50 teams registered daily for this event and they play real good. Get the trophies out since I am all warmed up. All ages play and some of the younger boys and girls are just as good as the adults plus. Hope there is a lot of progress in the rebuilding of the main office area. Big John and Michael his Bocci partner

  • Avatar for miriamc
    By miriamc Updated Mar 14, 2006

    Family of 4 visited June 2005. Many of the guests were seniors so the week started off slow. We were a week early for the youth programs but things picked up as the week went on. Lots of programs posted for the next week. There is lots to do onsite. We went to both the indoor and outdoor pools, bingo daily for only $1 each, pool table, bocce ball, and bowling (that was the only thing that was expensive). FREE nightly entertainment!! Even movies. Shopped for groceries in town and ate in most of the time. One day trip to NYC. An activities director gave us directions where to park in Hoboken, NJ and we took the PATH train right into the WorldTrade Center station. Had a great time. Would return again, when the youth programs are up and running. Units large, clean but not new. maid service was a perk we usually don't see at timeshares.

  • Avatar for thomas472
    By thomas472 Updated Nov 17, 2005

    Visited this resort on an exchange. The most complete as far as activities go. Bowling, bocce, swimming pool, golf, big exercise room , entertainment, etc. etc., all on site. We visited 1st week of November so definitely off-off-season. Nothing was crowded. But definitely an old crowd. Told a friend who was coming up later to join us to bring a walker to fit in better<g>. But so many things to do the kids would go wild, even teenagers.

    Only problem was noise. Resort is in a valley and noises carry. On the weekend the shuttle bus ground its way up the hill, down shifted as it made the turn and went in front of the unit, every 5 minutes! During the week no problem, but ral annoyance in the evening when trying to relax with windows open. Avoid units in front and take rear units to avoid this noise.

    Unit was spotless. They are cheaply built, and maintenance and internal appearance is not great but everything worked, the housekeeper came in daily and did a good job of cleaning. i thought the stove was new it was so clean; it wasn't until Day 2 before i realized that it was old and badly worn. New rugs and chairs. Plenty of space in two bedroom. Again it is not Marriott or Westin for quality but we will go back season...for a quiet restful week.

    Checkin was quick and easy, but of course the place was not busy. Funny thing though was the checkin crew. Not rude or curt or non friendly. They were just there doing their job. Example. Asked direction to jeffersonville. I was told, "easy. Take directions from the rack over there." (about three feet away). End of conversation. Go for the newspaper in the morning. Have to wait up to 5 minutes until someone comes to the desk or cuts short their activity to walk over to help. Rude, nope. Just busy doing something else so you, the customer, will just have to wait Believe these folks are not professionals in the resort industry. <g>

  • Avatar for petery4
    By petery4 Sep 13, 2005

    Always had something to do.Food on premises and in local resturants good. Winter weeks great for beginners in skiing & snowboard.

  • Avatar for pam1027
    By pam1027 Updated Sep 1, 2005

    We stayed here the week of Aug.21, 2005. We must admit we were a bit nervous after reading several negative reviews on the internet but the minute we walked into our timeshare we new this was going to be a great vacation. The check in was fast and our 2 bedroom timeshare was spacious and clean. (A maid service came in every day to make the beds and change the towels). We took our son and his friend (both 12 yrs.) and they had a blast. We were never bored for one minute. We enjoyed the entertainment, the sports complex, golf course, go carts, and the pools. The kids loved that they could play bingo and actually win money. It was nice that they were safe on the complex so we could enjoy some alone time for ourselves and took in a few shows. We saw 3 comedians that were all very funny, we brought the kids to the family show and they loved it. We all went on the Landers Raft Trip on the Delaware River and it was beautiful (be prepared for a workout). We passed on the meal plan because we didn't want to be tied down but we heard that the food was "ok". We did eat at the Golf Course and the food was excellent, it was steak nite and my filet was great. The grocery store is only 10 minutes away and very reasonable but keep in mind it closes at 7:00 pm. If you are willing to make a little effort and particiate in the activities you can't help but have a good time. The kids are even allowed at the happy hour which they thought was really cool. They had snacks and played the video games (and we could enjoy a cocktail) while listening to the house band Synergy with Katrina Love. This was a great vacation for us and we are sure to return in the future.

  • Avatar for lisa4058
    By lisa4058 Aug 4, 2005

    Wonderful people to vacation with. When going to this resort you are spending time with others who are fun, outgoing and treat you like family. After all you are at this resort with the same people all week . It is a great place to vacation as a couple or with children. It has it all. The best feature for me is the babysitting service and the kiddie corner. I can have fun with my children all day, they can enjoy themselves without me doing crafts etc... and I enjoy the nightlife worry free.

  • Avatar for barbara1246
    By barbara1246 Jun 20, 2005

    The activities were very good. But....the room was very outdated and had mold in the bathroom. The entire bedroom smelled musty and damp. Not a 5 star resort by any measure.

  • Avatar for bennett3
    By bennett3 Nov 7, 2004

    We visited during the children's Teacher's Convention in November. This was an off- season time for the resort and there were mostly senior citizens there. The activities were geared for seniors also. The resort had a wonderful gym (the best I've ever seen at a timeshare resort) and was very clean. There were a lot of activities on the grounds - there is really nothing outside the resort. You have to pay extra for many of these activities such as bowling, horsebackriding or golf. There is a separate dining room for timeshare owners but we did not eat there because it was very expensive ($20 per person for dinner). There is a deli and pizza place on the premises that also sells basic goods but is not cheap either. In Jeffersonville (10 minutes away), there is a Peck's Supermarket. There is a very good deli in the Sunoco station which sells sandwiches for half the price of the resort. I did not find the 'check-in' and 'check-out' people very friendly but most of the other staff was very nice. The 2 BR timeshare unit that we had was a lockout unit which was clean and was spacious. There is maid service everyday here. I would not look to come here for a week (at least not in offseason) as there is not enough for families to do. The 4 days we were there were enough. In the summer, with more families and the outdoor pools open, this may be different. Also, in the winter, there are many snow related activities which may provide more to do.

  • Avatar for lewis158
    By lewis158 Oct 27, 2004


  • Avatar for donna294
    By donna294 Updated Feb 18, 2004


  • Avatar for stockbooboo
    By stockbooboo Jan 19, 2004

    We were at this resort during December 2003. We had the time of our lives. The nightclub had dancing before and after the main show. There is an indoor raquetball, pool, tennis, basketball, rope climbing, bowling, game room, giant exercise gym and horseback riding.This is a beautiful place. I called about a repair and it was fixed within minutes. VillaRoma grounds upkeep is beautiful. A perfect 10!

  • Avatar for wizrdbrokr
    By wizrdbrokr Dec 18, 2003

    I have been at the resort many times. It is a top family resort. There is always a pleasant activity to do for everyone in the family!

  • Avatar for moon333
    By moon333 Nov 2, 2003

    The best of the best in the catskills....

  • Avatar for travelers1959
    By travelers1959 Mar 2, 2003

    Have stayed at resort many times over the years,newly renovated lobby is a site to see,very crowded in the summer but many things to do for the kids and adults as well,3 outdoor and 1 indoor polls. The golf course is a challenge for even the experienced golfer,well kept ,the greens can fool season makes the golfing a little better. Very good food in the dining room as well as the Cafe at the golf course. If you want something and don't see it just ask,very helpful.

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