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Marriott Vacation Club - any issues selling and fees to transfer?

Have buyers had issues with Marriott giving approval for MVC points transactions? What kind of fees are they charging for this transfer?

We are not aware of any issues with Marriott Vacation Club approving the resale of points. Marriott does indeed have a Right of First Refusal (ROFR) option on all sales on the secondary market of Marriott Vacation Club Destinations - this applies to both points and deeded week transactions. The Right of First Refusal price point could fluctuate based on Marriott's needs and market conditions, and would be difficult to predict.

The transfer fees are $200* $500 per MVC Beneficial Interest (which equates to 250 MVC points), with a $3,000 minimum. In addition, there is a $300 new member education fee and a $95 ROFR option research fee. Again, Marriott holds ROFR for all MVC point ownerships - so, unless they exercise their ROFR option, the $95 fee will be required for the transfer. If the buyer is already a MVC point owner, then the education fee is waived. Escrow and closing costs are based on whichever closing company is used, and their specific charges.

* Article updated December, 2015; Marriott increased fees effective July 1, 2014

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This answer was provided by Ask RedWeek expert panel member Shelley C. Preece. Shelley is a Real Estate Agent who has been handling timeshare resales at Transaction Realty in Utah since 1990. She is also the Principal Broker of Shelley C. Preece Realty in Nevada. Shelley is a member of ARDA and a charter member of the Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association (LTRBA), where she also sits on the Board of Directors as Executive Treasurer.

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