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Traveling with pets - where to stay?

We want to take our pet on vacation. How do we find pet-friendly resorts?

In 2020, this question couldn't be more prevalent. Today everyone seems to have a pet - they are adored members of our families. Many animal lovers rely on support animals to stay grounded, particularly while traveling. We take our pets with us to most places we go, so of course we want to take them with us on vacation. Not only do they make our vacations better, but by taking them along, we avoid the expense and emotional stress they may experience at a boarding facility or with a pet sitter.

Pet Friendly Resorts

Fortunately, for timeshare owners and renters across the U.S. and in some countries, there are a growing number of resorts that accept pets. Best of all, these resorts understand what it means to vacation with a pet and go above and beyond to provide an exceptional environment for families with pets. Timeshares have plenty of indoor space to comfortably accommodate the entire family and your furry friend. Often surrounded by lush lawns that are perfect for a romp, nearby walking trails, beaches, and open outdoor spaces, these pet-friendly timeshare provide every opportunity for exercise for the whole family.

Considerations for Planning a Pet-Friendly Vacation

Some pet-friendly resorts also have restrictions on family pets. Before you book the resort, find out about any restrictions the resort might have that would make your vacation with your pet less desirable:

  1. Check that your resort allows pets in the room. Though most do, there are a few that only provide on-site kennels for pets. Check for other restrictions, such as where pets are allowed on the premises and leash requirements. You want to make sure your pet is having as much fun as you are and long days in a kennel or limited places to play are not fun.
  2. Most resorts have breed and weight restrictions. They may also want to be assured that your pet is well-socialized, enjoys meeting new people and pets, adapts easily to new environments, and does not become overly anxious in new areas and with new people. Excessive barking and unfriendly behavior is generally frowned upon.
  3. Consider your pets' needs when choosing transportation. Though most pet owners prefer driving to their destination, it's important to take extra precaution when flying with pets. Call ahead to find out if the airline allows your pet to fly with you in a carry-on in the cabin, or requires your pet to fly in the cargo hold (which can be stressful or even harmful). Airlines may restrict the times of year that animals can fly in the cargo hold because there's often no temperature control in the hold and temperatures can be extreme. The airline may require proof of vaccinations (particularly if flying to another country) and possibly other documents. If your animal is a service dog or an emotional support animal, the airline will likely require documentation and even a doctor's note — and some are tightening restrictions even further, so don't assume your pet will be able to fly. Several airlines have rest areas for animals just outside the main terminals, but try to limit your pet's food and water intake before and during the flight.
  4. Just as you would do for yourself, pack for your pet. Bring your pet's favorite toys, plenty of food, their collar and leash, and any items that may help keep your pet comfortable. Ensuring that your pet has everything they need will surely make your vacation with your pet a happy, positive experience.
  5. RedWeek has a complete listing of pet-friendly resorts. Have a great vacation!

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    Avatar for Rick K.
    Rick K.
    Apr 13, 2020

    How do I search for resorts by the week they have available

    Avatar for RedWeek Support
    RedWeek Support
    Apr 13, 2020

    Rick: If you are looking for a specific week, first enter a location on the search page (, then select the date filter at the top of the list of results. There are also filters for size, price, etc.

    If you have further questions, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page. Thanks!

    Avatar for Victoria P.
    Victoria P.
    Jan 12, 2021

    Marriott Grande Ocean, Hilton Head does NOT allow pets. Redweek is posting on link above, plus owner listings that it does. Please correct, or you will have guests arriving with pet not able to check in!!