Ask RedWeek / May, 2019

Why would I buy travel insurance?

I'm about to book a week on RedWeek, and see that you now offer travel insurance. Isn't this unnecessary? What are some scenarios where I would need to cancel and actually file a claim?

Great question. We added the travel insurance offering at the end of 2018 in order to supplement our owners' cancellation policies. As you probably know, RedWeek works differently than most hotel websites. Hotels can afford to have last-minute cancellations, but timeshare owners — who typically only own one or two weeks each year — aren't typically able to re-rent a canceled unit last minute. You usually get a better deal on RedWeek, but cancellation policies are a bit more strict.

We asked CSA-Generali to speak to specific cancellation scenarios we have seen, to determine what insurance actually covers — here are their answers.

What if I have to evacuate the resort during my stay due to a hurricane/fire/flood?

CSA-Generali plans include coverage for mandatory evacuations ordered by local authorities. You receive coverage for unused vacation nights during an evacuation. For evacuations that last more than 12 hours, you receive coverage for additional accommodation costs as well.

What if my home state is experiencing hurricanes and I don’t feel comfortable leaving for vacation?

Not feeling comfortable traveling is not a covered reason for cancellation. However, plans provide coverage for a number of specific weather-related complications, including road service interruptions and if your personal home is made uninhabitable.

What if my flight is canceled or delayed?

Coverage for flight cancellations and delays is included.

If your flight is canceled or delayed because of adverse weather, mechanical breakdown or a labor strike, you receive coverage for forfeited vacation days, plus additional transportation costs to reach your destination.

If your flight is delayed 12 hours or more, you receive coverage for additional costs during the delay, including overnight lodging, meals, and local transportation.

What if my daughter sprains her ankle the day before we are scheduled to leave?

Unexpected injury is a common covered reason for having to cancel your trip. Cancel your arrangements as you normally would and submit a claim to CSA-Generali - along with the treating physician's recommendation against her travel.

What if I'm pregnant and concerned about the Zika virus in my tropical destination?

Unfortunately, like most travel insurance, this plan does not cover cancellations due to fear of travel.

What if my spouse or I lose our jobs and we can no longer afford a vacation?

Plans include coverage for unforeseen job loss—provided all requirements are met.

What if I change my mind about where I want to go a couple of weeks after I book?

Changing your mind isn't a covered reason for cancelling under the insurance. If you're rebooking your trip, your CSA-Generali plan can be reapplied to your new booking as long as you haven’t incurred a loss or filed a claim.

What if my room wasn't what was promised?

If your timeshare's essential services aren't working (water, electric, sewage or gas) because of adverse weather or a natural disaster, travel insurance can cover cancellation. The plan cannot reimburse you if you generally aren't happy with your room or if it was falsely advertised.

If there is a material discrepancy in room size or view that doesn't match your contract, and you used RedWeek Payments, follow the dispute guidelines outlined in your rental contract.

What if I get injured while on vacation and my family has to stay in Aruba longer than expected while I recover?

CSA-Generali travel insurance can cover additional lodging, meals, and local transportation during the delay, as well as extra transportation costs to return home. Note that daily and plan limitations apply, so please refer to your plan documents for coverage details.

RedWeek highly recommends purchasing travel insurance, especially if you plan to travel to or from an area that is at high risk for storms, or are traveling with children, seniors, pregnant women, or active military members.

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Plans are administered by Customized Services Administrators, Inc. CA Lic No. 0821931 and underwritten by Generali US Branch NAIC # 11231. For details visit

Comments (8)

    Avatar for Angela C.
    Angela C.
    May 14, 2019

    Can you use this insurance if I have to cancel a cruise after I paid for it because of illness

    Avatar for Kylie K.
    Kylie K.
    May 16, 2019

    angelac471 - you would have had to buy the insurance at the point you booked your cruise. But, typically travel insurance would cover cancellations due to illness.

    Avatar for Steve B.
    Steve B.
    May 19, 2019

    I received a request to rent my timeshare in Aruba from a person whose email came up as Pricilla Smith, but said her name was Paige Rowett. We went through all the steps to rent the timeshare; I sent here an agreement to sign last night. This morning I received a mail that said she had decided not to rent because she had no guarantee I wouldn't change the reservation once she paid. Now this person has much of my personal information, and I don't have any idea if he or she was real. Please be careful! How stupid on my part!

    Avatar for RedWeek Support
    RedWeek Support
    May 19, 2019

    Steve B.: As an FYI, we received an email from Paige and she is a new member. She wasn't familiar with how RedWeek worked and was being extremely cautious. I think she feels a bit more comfortable now, but this is a good example of how using RedWeek payments can help protect both owner and renter.

    Avatar for John R.
    John R.
    May 23, 2019

    I am an owner and want to rent my unit. I have a prospect. I do want to use title insurance. My unit is available per the resort. What do I do next?

    Avatar for RedWeek Support
    RedWeek Support
    May 23, 2019

    John R.: If you are renting out your timeshare, then you would not need travel or title insurance. If you are concerned about damages to your unit, that can be addressed in the rental agreement. If you would like more information, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page. Thanks!

    Avatar for Albwise
    Mar 05, 2020

    what if travel is advised against, restricted or canceled by gov't or airlines due to corona virus. Will that be covered.

    Avatar for RedWeek Support
    RedWeek Support
    Mar 05, 2020

    Many travel protection plans exclude losses caused directly or indirectly by an epidemic. You would need to look at the Description of Coverage/Policy from the travel insurance company or contact them directly with questions on their coverage policy for this type of situation.