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RedWeek Verified

The "RedWeek Verified" flag on a posting means we have confirmed the accuracy of key details, so you can feel confident in your transaction. Everything you see in the green RedWeek Verified box on a posting page has been reviewed, confirmed, and validated by RedWeek staff.

A "Verified & Protected" flag on a rental posting means it has been verified and is bookable online with RedWeek Booking Protection (formerly known as RedWeek Payments). On these, we do a second verification that the reservation is in your name, and funds are held until after you check-in, so you can ensure you get what you paid for.

RedWeek Verified FAQs

  1. What is the difference between "RedWeek Verified" and "Verified & Protected"?
  2. How does RedWeek verify postings?
  3. What does verification guarantee?
  4. Why should owners add verification to their postings?
  5. Can I verify a floating week or points?
  6. What is the duration of a verified posting?
  7. Can I verify a week obtained through exchange?

What is the difference between "RedWeek Verified" and "Verified & Protected"?

"RedWeek Verified" means we have confirmed key details of the owner's offering, but the contract and payment arrangements are left to be negotiated. Rental postings marked "Verified & Protected" have gone through the same initial verification, but also have the benefit of using our online booking system with RedWeek booking protection. There is a defined rental agreement, online credit card payment, and a second verification that the guest name has been updated. Funds are held until after check-in to ensure the renter gets what they paid for.

How does RedWeek verify postings?

We require owners to send a copy of their reservation (for rental verification), deed or certificate of ownership, purchase agreement, and current maintenance statements (for resale verification) to verify that they do, in fact have the timeshare unit or points available to rent or sell. We confirm and clarify the information provided with the resort and/or management company as necessary.

What does verification guarantee?

Verification confirms the unit was available as described at a point in time - likely when the owner first purchased the posting. RedWeek does not take ownership of the week at that point, and the owner or resort can make changes to reservations without our knowledge. When renting or buying a timeshare, we always recommend taking all safety precautions, such as using RedWeek Booking Protection to handle the funds whenever possible.

Why should owners add verification to their postings?

Trust is critical for success in a by-owner marketplace. The Verified flag provides renters and buyers with an additional measure of trust in the offering. They can move forward with the transaction confident that the unit will be as described, and that they are sending money to someone with rights to transfer the week. RedWeek's online booking system is now available to all owners, offering an additional level of booking protection to renters.

Can I verify a floating week or points?

If you are selling a floating or timeshare points ownership, you can have your posting verified. Just purchase the verification when adding your resale posting, and submit your ownership documents for review.

For rentals - in order to have your week verified or use RedWeek's online booking system, you must have a confirmed reservation. We can not verify a floating rental posting without set check-in and check-out dates, so you will need to make a reservation to have it listed as verified.

What is the duration of a verified posting?

After verification is purchased for a posting, we will need to collect your documents and verify details with the resort. Typically this will take less than two business days. The verification will run from the point of verification until the posting itself expires, you remove it, change key details, or the advertised rental dates pass. Online booking, if selected, will be available until 10 days before the check-in.

Can I verify a week obtained through exchange?

No. Both RCI and II prohibit the rental of weeks obtained through their exchange systems; RedWeek cannot verify this type of timeshare rental.