Conversion to points was a mistake - can I trade back?

Ask the Timeshare Crusader / December, 2012

I had an every other year week that I traded for points and have decided it was a bad move for us. Is it possible to trade back?

Great question, Kay. To answer properly, I would need to know which type of points ownership you have as there are many. I can tell you that the vast majority of RCI Points contracts are for a three (3) year period, at which point you have the option of reverting back to weeks. However, to make things a bit more complicated, some resorts have different rules which makes it all the more difficult; the number of rules and regulations can be staggering.

Feel free to follow up with the type of points ownership you are talking about and I would be glad to assist.

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Lisa Ann Schreier

Lisa Ann Schreier - The Timeshare Crusdaer aka The Timeshare Crusader

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