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April, 2013 Illegal to sell timeshare to companies that won't pay fees?
February, 2013 Is switching to RCI points the right move?
December, 2012 Conversion to points was a mistake - can I trade back?
November, 2012 Bad timeshare sales practices - ok?
October, 2012 License held hostage - what would you do?
August, 2012 Timeshare resale buyer - is it a scam?
July, 2012 Timeshare exchange companies - what's the story?
June, 2012 How do I find out more about timeshare before buying?
May, 2012 Can I pull cash out of my timeshare?
April, 2012 Timeshare education - why is there so little?
March, 2012 What type of timeshare should I buy?
February, 2012 RCI Update - is it a scam?
January, 2012 Special assessments on timeshare - what if I can't afford?
December, 2011 Should I buy a timeshare pre-construction?
November, 2011 Differences between buying timeshare from a developer vs. resale?
October, 2011 Which is better, vacation points or timeshare weeks?
September, 2011 Why are timeshare rentals the best kept secret in travel?
August, 2011 Interview with Timeshare Association (TATOC) director Harry Taylor
July, 2011 What can be done about timeshare's bad reputation?
June, 2011 What about companies that claim to have a buyer for my timeshare?
May, 2011 Do RCI Points transfer with resale?
April, 2011 What about timeshare consolidators?
March, 2011 Should I pay fees on a closed timeshare resort?
February, 2011 Advice on buying Disney Vacation Club points?
January, 2011 Should I use a proxy to attend my timeshare HOA meeting?
December, 2010 Did RCI improve their exchange service?
November, 2010 How do I buy a timeshare smart?
October, 2010 What happened at the vacation ownership investment conference?
September, 2010 Is ongoing timeshare sales training required?
August, 2010 Is Marriott's weeks to points conversion a good thing?
July, 2010 Timeshare classification systems - what are prime weeks?
June, 2010 Should I buy a timeshare, and how?
May, 2010 What if timeshare's value is less than my dues?
April, 2010 Why would I want a timeshare?

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Lisa Ann Schreier

Lisa Ann Schreier - The Timeshare Crusdaer aka The Timeshare Crusader

The answer to these questions came from Lisa Ann Schreier.

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