Rental Escrow Service

For timeshare rentals handled outside of our online booking system with RedWeek Booking Protection, there is a third-party alternative available. Using the escrow services of First American Title Insurance Co., members can transact rental agreements with other members, without security concerns that may be associated with private transactions. The service is available for rentals made at least one week in advance.

Costs (in $USD):

Rental Price Escrow Cost
$0 - $1,000 $100
$1,001 - $2,000 $150
$2,001 - $2,500 $175
$2,501 - $3,000 $200
$3,001 - $3,500 $225
$3,501 - $4,000 $250
$4,001 - $4,500 $275
$4,501 - $5,000 $300
Rental Price Escrow Cost
$5,001 - $5,500 $315
$5,501 - $6,000 $330
$6,001 - $6,500 $345
$6,501 - $7,000 $360
$7,001 - $7,500 $375
$7,501 - $8,000 $390
$8,001 - $8,500 $405
$8,501 - $9,000* $420

Costs to be split 50/50 by the two parties, unless otherwise negotiated. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or checks are accepted as payment.


  1. The two members come to an agreement on a rental price and use of First American Title Insurance Co.'s vacation rental escrow service.
  2. The owner completes the online Rental Agreement and Escrow Instructions.
  3. Renter receives an e-mail from First American Title with a link to the agreement started by the owner. Renter reviews and completes application information and submits to First American Title.
  4. First American Title contacts both parties to collect a non-refundable escrow fee from each. The renter also pays 50% of the rental fee as a deposit if more than 60 days remain before check-in, or 100% of the rental fee if there are fewer than 60 days before check-in.
  5. 60 days prior to start of vacation, renter makes final 50% payment to First American Title, if not paid in full upon opening of escrow.
  6. First American Title sends a check to the owner approximately 11 days after the last day of the rental period, provided there are no material disputes filed by the renter.

Complete service terms are included in the Rental Agreement and Escrow Instructions.

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Why First American Title?

First American Title Insurance Co.'s National Vacation Ownership Division (NVOD) is part of the First American Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company that has been in existence over 100 years. Our specially trained staff is just one of the many reasons First American Title Insurance Co. is an innovator in the vacation ownership industry. We understand the unique needs of the timeshare/fractional customer.

First American Title Insurance Co. acts as escrow holder and orchestrates obtaining signatures for the Rental Agreement and Escrow Instructions, collecting the deposit and final payment from the Resort Guest, disbursing the payment to the Owner based on the agreement and, when applicable, coordinating the disbursement after determines results of any complaint. You can have peace of mind knowing that your monies will be held in trust by First American Title Insurance Co.'s National Vacation Ownership Division.