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TradeWinds Cruise Club - St. Maarten

Marigot, French side (Saint Martin), Sint Maarten & Saint Martin
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  • "New" flag for first 30 days
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  • Market valuation & pricing help
  • Professional inquiry management
  • Licensed broker handles buyer negotiations
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We advertise and bring buyers to you. You'll personally finalize contracts and details.

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+$899 or 3% of price only when sold

We create and verify your posting for you, while helping with prices and managing negotiations.

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Using RedWeek to sell our time share was a breeze! Within 3 days we had an offer and 30 days later the transaction was complete!

Selling Your Timeshare FAQ

What is the process for selling my timeshare?

You have two choices for selling your timeshare on You can choose to do it yourself (DIY) or let RedWeek help you with the full-service resale option. This service costs a few dollars more, but offers much more convenience with professional market valuations, pricing guidance, and a coordinated closing.

How should I price my timeshare for sale?

The pricing of your timeshare resale should be largely based on supply and demand. Check out your resort's page on to see what other owners are charging for similar units, and use our What's My Timeshare Worth valuation tool to see historical rates by week and unit size. If you want a faster sale, consider pricing low to attract more attention. If there are very few offerings available at your resort, try pricing high and making a note in your "Details" section that you are open to reasonable offers. Either way, make sure you sign up to be notified as new postings are added on your resort's page. This will allow you to keep track of your competition and tweak your pricing (for no extra charge) as you go.

I'm behind on my maintenance fees, can I still sell my timeshare?

If you are behind on your maintenance fees then our full-service resale option would not be available to you until the fees were caught up. You are welcome to try to sell your timeshare on your own. Just know that no transfer to a new owner can take place until all fees are up-to-date.

Do I pay RedWeek a commission when my timeshare sells?

A commission is only required if you choose the full-service option and have a successful sale.

How much does it cost to sell my timeshare?

If you choose the DIY option, the price is just $59.99 for a full 12 months of advertising. If you would like the assistance of a professional broker, our full-service resale option costs $125 to get started, and $899 or 3% of price, only when sold.

How much are closing costs?

Closing costs will vary by closing company, sale price, and timeshare interval being sold. There are many variables that determine closing costs, including: closing company fees, title transfer fee, attorney fees (if any), estoppel fees, and notary fees (if any). If you use our full-service option, your assigned broker will be able to quote closing costs as part of the sale process.

Should I use an escrow company?

We highly recommend using an escrow service for timeshare resales to avoid security concerns that may be associated with private transactions. Our full-service team will help coordinate you with good title and escrow options if you choose this service.

Can RedWeek handle the closing if I sell it on my own?

Unfortunately, no — if you choose the DIY method to sell your timeshare, we cannot handle the closing. If you think you will need assistance with this, please choose the full-service option.

An active RedWeek Membership ($18.99) is required for the purchase of all postings