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Airport pick-up: Odessa Wharf/Gatwick

Forum: Odessa Wharf

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Airport pick-up: Odessa Wharf/Gatwick

We are arriving Gatwick, Friday A.M. September 21, reservation #243047501. Should we call upon arrival for pick-up or do you prefer more advanced notice? I have had trouble trying to reach you by telephone using 0110-20-0207-232-4600 or 0207 237-0032. What is the correct telephone number? Looking forward to a great visit, Sincerely, L. David Stader

Avatar for ld57 ld57

7 years ago
Aug 30, 2007

Airport pick-up: Odessa Wharf/Gatwick

What is the easiest way to get from terminal3 Heathrow to Odessa Wharf timeshare resort? How far is itand approximately how much will our fare be

Avatar for lynnb321 lynnb321

1 year ago
Apr 12, 2013

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