Helpful Coronavirus Travel Links: Resort Updates & Closures

published on April 16, 2020 by

Use this list of helpful Coronavirus resort links to help navigate through vacation ownership during the pandemic.

Times are tough right now, that’s a given. If you’re having difficulty finding current and/or consistent information from your resort regarding COVID-19, here is a list of helpful coronavirus links discussing resort updates, closures, policies, and more…

If you have resort updates to share or need assistance with a booking, please contact RedWeek Customer Service.

Read our COVID-19 Update to learn more about how RedWeek has been impacted and is working through the pandemic.

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Comments (6)

    • Avatar for Donnell G.
      Donnell G.
      Apr 17, 2020

      Good email message. I really like that you said "we are sorry" and moved on. Taking responsibility for consequences, unintended of not, is what I value in the companies with which I do business.

      • Avatar for Digna C.
        Digna C.
        Apr 17, 2020

        Excellent article, and thank you for keeping us informed; in our own misery and concerns we often don't give much thought to what others are going through. We are all in this together was heard loud and clear in your message. That said, I must commend the Baja California resorts, that agreed to refund our pre-paid reservations promptly and unquestioningly. It's a lot more than the airline we were flying in has been willing to do. Stay safe and be well.

        • Avatar for Edward S.
          Edward S.
          Apr 17, 2020

          I find it interesting that you have modified your rental agreement as of April 8 to reflect the Coronavirus situation. Came a little late for us as Owners when you refunded our full rental amount based on our Maui unit being "not habitable" despite the resort being fully operational. You refunded our renters full payment when they gave notice of their desire to cancel on the day of check-in on March 14. We received no notice or opportunity to contest the refund. Our $8,000 unit sat empty despite your existing Agreement on cancellation within 60 days being very specific. Our mistake was trusting Redweek as our agent for the rental.

          • Avatar for Myrtle H.
            Myrtle H.
            Apr 17, 2020 (edited)

            Thanks for your info. I think all have been left with so much we did not know and now is the time , as you are doing to correct it all. I removed my IMPERIAL HAWAII right away so I do not have anything listed. I did pay my fee and the one where you do it all and I just wait for the rental etc. I,m sure when I can re-list again my payment dates may change to the full year (at least I hope.)I have other timeshares and hope to list them when things change. Perhaps there will be a NEW NORMAL! I was looking forward to my relationship with this new RED WEEKS account.

            • Avatar for Mary H.
              Mary H.
              Apr 18, 2020

              I worked as a travel agent for 35 years, I feel your pain! I'm happy to be retired now. Thank you for doing the best you can in these trying times.

              • Avatar for Joel L.
                Joel L.
                Apr 19, 2020

                Really, somebody whining about losing a weeks rental fee in this environment? If the people cancelled a month ahead of time it still would have been vacant as no one in their right mind is taking a vacation to Hawaii (or anywhere) in the peak of the pandemic. Stop crying, you're not the only one losing income at the moment. Rant over.