RedWeek Hacks: How Timeshare Owners Win

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If you’re a timeshare owner, you know that owning a vacation property can provide you with wonderful memories and experiences. However, managing and maximizing the value of your timeshare can sometimes be a challenging task. This is where RedWeek comes in as a valuable resource for timeshare owners. Founded in 2002, the platform offers a wide range of benefits and services to help you get the most out of vacation ownership. 

RedWeek is the largest online marketplace for timeshare rentals and resales, with a vast community of over 2.9 million members worldwide. With an A+ Better Business rating, it has been serving the timeshare community for over two decades. In an industry that can be filled with misinformation, RedWeek has become a trusted authority. Here are just a few reasons why. 

Easy and Secure Timeshare Rentals and Resales

RedWeek provides a user-friendly marketplace for timeshare owners to rent or sell their timeshares safely and efficiently. Owners can create listings with detailed information about their properties, including photos, descriptions, and availability.’s advanced search features allow renters and buyers to find timeshares that meet their specific criteria, such as location, size, and amenities. RedWeek also offers a secure booking process and protects owners and renters with a payment protection guarantee, ensuring that transactions are safe and reliable.

  • RedWeek Verified: Trust is critical for success in a by-owner marketplace — and the RedWeek Verified program is the gold standard for ensuring that trust. The Verified flag provides renters and buyers with an additional measure of trust in the offering. Learn more

Cost-Effective Vacation Options

RedWeek offers cost-effective vacation options for timeshare owners. If you are unable to use your timeshare, you can choose to rent it out on RedWeek and earn rental income to offset your maintenance fees. Renting out your timeshare can be an excellent way to generate extra income and reduce your overall costs of ownership. Additionally, if you are looking to buy a timeshare, RedWeek’s resale marketplace offerings are often priced lower than developer prices, offering great value for money.

Resale & Exchange Opportunities

RedWeek also provides an alternative to the standard timeshare exchange: rent your week for cash, and then explore RedWeek’s inventory for another week that works for you. This allows you to visit new destinations and experience different resorts without having to purchase additional timeshares. If you’re looking to sell your timeshare, RedWeek can help with that, too. You can choose to do it yourself (DIY) or let RedWeek help you with the full-service resale option. The full-service  option costs a few dollars more, but offers professional market valuations, pricing guidance and a coordinated closing. Learn more about selling your timeshare

Expert Advice and Information

RedWeek offers a wealth of expert advice and information for timeshare owners. The website features a comprehensive library of articles, guides, and FAQs that cover various topics related to timeshare ownership, such as maintenance fees, timeshare contracts, and resort reviews. The community forum allows timeshare owners to connect with other owners, share their experiences, and seek advice on a wide range of timeshare-related topics. With these resources at your disposal, RedWeek can help you make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of timeshare ownership.

Satisfied Members

Don’t take our word for it. Here are just a handful of satisfied RedWeek members who have been using the platform for years. 

  • “I own several timeshares and have used RedWeek to try to sell some and also rent some. I love the site and have recommended it to others.”
  • “We love being able to use our two-bedroom timeshare in various places each year to get our families together who live over a thousand miles apart.” 
  • “RedWeek has made it easy to buy and sell our vacation club weeks so we can spend more time enjoying our vacations — we recommend to everyone!” 
  • “We booked our first family vacation to the beach through RedWeek a few years ago and loved it so much, we’ve used RedWeek to book our vacations ever since!” 
  • “We love RedWeek — great prices and renting through another owner has gone very smooth!”
  • “Because of RedWeek my husband and I were able to book the perfect romantic getaway.” 

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