The Ocean at Taino Beach

Freeport, Bahamas

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Freeport, Bahamas


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  • Avatar for wesdindm
    By wesdindm Updated Nov 29, 2010

    Stayed there Oct 22-30, 2010. The "Ritz" has 3 different units the "Ocean", the "Coral" and the "Marlin". The Marlin is the newest and the furthest from the beach but the whole place is right on the beach - the best feature of this resort.

    It does not appear that anything has veen updated in our room in the Ocean since we first stayed there in 2004. Plumbing fixtures coroded and leaking, the diswasher leaked and we had to make a dam of towels.

    Staff was extremely slow to get our room, even after waiting for the 4:00 check in time. They put us on 3rd floor even though we had asked for ground floor because of my wife's handicap. Said that was all they had available. Elevator did not work going down for 3 days so we had to use the stairs. There is only 1 elevator for the whole resort.

    Kitchen was very poorly equiped. We had to ask for some plates and mixing bowls. There was no maid service during the week.

    You will have to pay for ferry boat over to Port Lucya. Be sure to check the times it is running.

    The restaurant has good food but might close early if there is no one there for dinner.

    If you have a "Penthouse", you must go up stairs from 3rd floor. Only half face the ocean. The others look at the apartment building next door. Effeciency units all face away from the ocean and have only microwave and small refridgerator. The "studio" units have ocean view. There is a queen bed in the studio unit but any other persons would have to sleep on a very narrow couch - not a sofa bed.

  • Avatar for margcrown56
    By margcrown56 Updated Sep 2, 2010

    If you purchase at this resort you can never sell. It the resort is first right of refusal, which is not good. Just purchased two beautiful units there and lost both of them due to this action. Not a happy camper. Buyer beware.

  • Avatar for don1151
    By don1151 Feb 10, 2008

    We've been going to this resort for 12 years it gets better every year-----Still have a little trouble with staff being prompt . But all in all for the price we're paying. Where can you get the sun and beach for the price.

  • Avatar for dave153
    By dave153 Mar 10, 2006

    Instead of adding my own comments lets just say I agree completely with Helen 73, this place is a mess.

  • Avatar for blackbaby
    By blackbaby Updated Jan 27, 2006

    I just got back October 22, 2005 after spending a week there. There is not a lot going on at the resort, it is somewhat isolated. Some type of live entertainment would help to liven the place up. I enjoyed the ferry ride and made many trips to the casino at Port Lucaya. Lots of construction going on, it will be pretty when they are finished. And, by all means take your own face cloth, there was just not enough to go around. Nice and quite if you want to rest, and the weather was fantastic.

  • Avatar for helen73
    By helen73 Updated Jan 1, 2006

    We went to the Ritz from Dec. 24-31 2005 and I rate this resort as a one. That is a high rating - should be minus five. The resort is terrible. Here's just a few of the problems we encountered:

    When we checked in at around 7 p.m. we were told the unit was being cleaned. 7 p.m. and still not cleaned? Does that tell you seomthing about the staff and management?

    When we finally got to the unit, they hadn't cleaned it! The glass shower walls were coated with soap spray, there was long black hair in the shower drain, and the sink looked like it has not been scrubbed with cleanser in years.

    When we complained, the cleaning girl came back and sprayed lysol cleaner on the sink basin and wiped it thinking she had "cleaned it." However all she did was spray lysol over the buildup coating on the sink. I asked her to scrub it with cleanser and she said she didn't have any!

    The floors are washed with water that has been used in all the other units they have already "cleaned" and it smells like mold and is dark colored and dirty. They just wheel the dirty water from unit to unit! The staff complains complain that the bucket is too heavy to lift up and empty to put fresh water in each time! Needless to say, the floors are filthy. I used socks as slippers and they were black from walking around on the floor!

    The "jacuzzi" tub in the second room was also filthy and had white soap scum around the edges and at the drain! It hadn't been cleaned in a long time and I am sure was full of bacteria. We didn't even think of using it!

    The faucet in the bath was loose and wiggled when turned on. Of course, the staff didn't come tighten it while we were there and I don't think they will until it finally comes completely loose even though we called the first night to get it fixed. The shower doors leaked and after showering there was always water on the floor. If you were lucky, you could get a bath mat to mop it up - if not, they gave you a bath towel to use! Can you guess how clean the bath towels are if you use them for the floor, the dishes and the beach and pool? Egads!

    There was also no hot water for two of the seven days we were there. When we complained, we were told that maybe in a few hours there MIGHT be hot water. And we were not the only ones - even the newer units did not have hot water. Some of the "new" owners who had just paid $18,000 for one week use, got a wake up call for sure when they showered in cold water for two days! When they complained, they were also told, "maybe or might!"

    The lights in the room we were sleeping in were so dull you couldn't see. It was great for watching TV however but you couldn't see to read or write. Of course there was No VCR or DVD player - they wouldn't have a plug for it if there were one.

    The sheets were stained and I wasn't sure if they were even clean! I asked the girl to go wash them again and then she wanted a huge tip for her service!

    The electricity was inadequate and dangerous. All appliances including the TV are plugged into ONE drop cord plug and it lies on the counter next to the kitchen sink facuet! If water ever ran on to the cord, an electrical fire would surely ensue. When we used the sink and turned on the water, I would place the cord up on the blender to keep it off the counter. Talk about dangerous!

    There was an open electrical outlet that was on the wall and covered by a couch pillow! If your hand happened to rub it, you would be fried! The outside light on the balcony had no cover and didn't work.

    The AC in one room didn't work so we cranked up the unit in the attached room and kept the doors open between the rooms tp get some air. However it smelled so bad and was so noisy that at night, we would open the doors to the balcony to get rid of the moldy smell and to get some cool air into the room. Some of the folks complained that they didn't have any A/C and this was in the "newer" rooms! I guess we were lucky.

    In the kitchen, there is no garbage disposal so when you wash dishes, the food on them goes down the sink and clogs the drain! The resort does not provide dish towels, paper towels, or dish washing machine soap - just one small bottle of dish soap. The dishes are NOT clean! We had to rewash everything. We had to use hand towels from the bath to dry the dishes as the resort doesn't have any dish towels!

    There was no hot water for two days of our 7 day stay either in the oldest section where we were housed or in the new section where folks had just paid $18,000. for their weeks. When you complain, the staff says, "Maybe tomorrow there will be hot water!" Maybe is the word they use for everything.

    There were no clean beach towels for 2 days. When we complained, the staff gave us bath towels to take outside. They said, "Maybe tomorrow there will be some." Maybe??

    The rooms smelled moldy and were. The ceiling in one of our rooms had so much water damage apparently from the roof, that a part of it was torn out and the bare wood and mold and mildew were exposed.

    The outdoor "hot" tub wasn't even hot and it was filthy most of the time. A thick white scum floated on the surface most of the time. We complained and were told, "Maybe tomorrow it will be hot." Maybe again?

    The nice circular pool at the resort looked inviting but was freezing cold! And I mean freezing! Even after walking in it for about 10 minutes to see if I could get used to it, my feet were so cold, I had to get out and wrap them up in a towel to get them warm. The ocean was warmer than the pool! The floats which you were supposed to lie on and go around the pool were ripped and in filthy condition.

    The unit was old, in poor condition and only had a double bed that was a fold out couch style.

    THe unit is isolated and to take the ferry to Port Lucaya costs $5.00 a trip - gets to be expensive. And taxi is about $8.00 to the town which is close by! That adds up in a hurry and impacts travel budget.

    When you can get a two bedroom for for $80. a night at holiday time, that should tell you something about the condition of the resort! RCI LIEs when they claim it was "GOLD CROWN!" That is a joke!

    This place could be such a terrific resort but since the only money going into it is for timeshare sales, I strongly recommend against going to it. It is barely adequate. I would NOT recommend this place at all!

  • Avatar for beth60
    By beth60 Sep 14, 2005

    Units are very small, older and peculiar. Arrived right after the 2004 hurricane, much damage everywhere. Food was very expensive at the resort. Checking in and out was difficult, computers kept going down due to prior storm damage. Pool is lovely and the beach was as well. This resort is a little out of the way from Freeport, but a small ferry will take you over to the main dock for a small fee.

  • Avatar for sharon1072
    By sharon1072 Updated Jun 4, 2005

    The place is beautiful, but use an exchange to go there, or purchase from current owner on- line, the sales staff at the Ritz is unscrupulous. They do not deliver what they promise. There are too many Ritz units for sale thru re-sellers and less expensive. Buy from them and save the heartache of dealing with a less than honest sales staff at the z.

    Do not let them sell you a time share by throwing in "BONUS RCI Weeks". The sales staff will tell you it is like having 2 extra vacations. They are good for nothing - RCI handles them like excess inventory.

  • Avatar for cale2
    By cale2 Apr 5, 2005

    I was here July of 2004 and had a great time. I have to give props to Quincy C. you are the man. We liked it so much and although we were only 19 years of age we purchased a timeshare there and will return as sonn as we can. Thanks RITZ.

  • Avatar for dhoser
    By dhoser Dec 7, 2003

    I stayed at this Resort New Year's 2001. The resort is beautiful, accomodations, beach, pool area are exquisite. Checking in was not as enjoyable, alot of chaos in office. Did not see alot of staff around the resort all week, but had no complaints which was good. Being in Freeport in New Years is great. Went to the Junkanoo on New Years Day. Well worth seeing. Wouldn't hesitate to return.

  • Avatar for ronelaine1
    By ronelaine1 Updated May 5, 2003

    We have been to Ritz beach many times and find the beach one of the best. The units are beautiful and housekeepers are very good. The huge pool is a favorite with the water slide, wet bar, water caves and long section for swimming laps. It is great for the little and other children, they love it. No problem for things to do with cabs cheap, ferry boats, rental cars etc. There are all kinds of water sports. Our favorite is snorkling right off the beach to see sea rays, and all kinds of fish in very shallow water. Ron Prows

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