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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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  • Avatar for kris195
    By kris195 Feb 6, 2015

    We have taken many trips to Velas with our family, or just the wife and I. We love the resort and all have had a great time each trip. The pools are wonderful, the games and restaurants are great, and the beachfront is to die for. I look forward to our next visit.

  • Avatar for lanceo8
    By lanceo8 Nov 11, 2014

    We have stayed there 3 times and have thoroughly enjoyed our stay. There are many staff members on the resort and the service has always been very good. To thoroughly enjoy your stay, I would avoid the timeshare meetings.

  • Avatar for melaniek35
    By melaniek35 Updated Mar 12, 2009

    We have stayed four times at the Velas and loved it. We purchased a timeshare there and feel you can really relax and enjoy yourself. The food and service were great! The weather is perfect every day. Nice pool and staff too. One week we brought guests and got a second unit. Whenever they come back from vacation now they say, "It's not the Velas, but it was nice."

  • Avatar for lori231
    By lori231 Updated Jan 26, 2009

    I am blown away by the other reviews on this resort. I have to believe that they were left by owners pitching what they have to sell. The photos of the rooms here on this site are totally bogus. We stayed the 2nd week of April 2008. The Velas has very rude staff, except for the pool service people that we came into contact with. The doormen never smile or greet you. They don’t even say hello or excuse me when they ask for your room number each time you walk through the front entrance.

    The counter people are robots that seem to hate their jobs. Check in is a chore. The lobby decor is sparse and very non-descript. The vast majority of the guests are obese, and they graze on the "all-inclusive" food and beverage all day long while beaching themselves by the pool. It is both entertaining and disgusting to watch. The room decor and furniture are minimal at best, and there is not a hint of color to be found. There is a silly one-card-one-towel policy at the pool, even though they gave us 2 cards for 4 people. The staff at the towel hut is argumentative and rude. Thirty bucks for a lost towel or card.

    There is no need to order any non-alcoholic drinks, as they all come that way. The food at "La Ribera" by the pool is awful. We began calling it "La Basura" or The Trash after our first and last purchase there. The evening dessert display is visually appealing, but is inedible. The prices are absurd and the good service is reserved for the locals only. I think that a big issue at this resort is the all-inclusive arrangement. We opted out of that nonsense from the get-go. Everything they serve is mediocre at best, except for La Andrea, the 2nd restaurant on the property. We started buying our 12 dollar burgers there. The all-inclusive guests reminded us that we could just get the pool boy to bring us stuff from La Basura. They had apparently never thought to extricate themselves from the lounge chair and walk 50 yards to get food that was 100 times better than what was available at their chair.

    Another irritating thing is the pool-side music. Why in the world would I travel to another country only to listen to twenty and thirty year-old American rock songs by the pool? Where's the Mexican music? What they played was way too loud and it just drives you nuts.

    There is an outfit called Vallarta Adventures that has an in-pool scuba thing on site and the teacher is an unmotivated potty-mouthed little American chick that really thinks she's something special. She dropped three "f bombs" within 5 feet of us when she thought she had lost her goofy sunglasses. It turned out that they were right there in her purse the whole time. No apology, but that's no surprise.

    Walking to and from the marina for meals was a treat. The local people that walk toward you will absolutely not give you one inch on the sidewalk. They will run you off onto the grass without even a thought. This happened so many times that I finally realized that they really don't like us being in their country. They kiss up during the day because they have to, but on their own time, we are trash under their feet. Forget about taking a taxi, as they will charge you 4 bucks to drive 4 blocks.

    The timeshare pitches and tour salespeople around P.V. are endless and extremely rude and annoying. You can't go anywhere without the calls from people trying to sell you this and that. Tours, atv rides, canopy zip lines, snorkeling trips, etc. All day, every day. When I was a kid, I remember a lot of cockroaches in Mexico. There are less of the little ones now, but I think they've morphed into timeshare and tour salesmen instead. Just like cockroaches, they hide in little spaces until its time to spring out on unsuspecting prey. Do yourself a favor and ignore these vultures, if you can. They are the plague of an otherwise decent place. Because of them and the ridiculous food prices, we are unlikely to return to Mexico any time soon. It's back to Hawaii for some real hospitality. Mexico used to be a bargain, and that allowed us to overlook the list of negatives, but no more. The prices are ludicrous and, frankly, all but one meal was disappointing. We have better Mexican food in Colorado.

    Timeshare sales at the Velas are equally as annoying. They call your room daily and they won't give up. I told them that their place was so unimpressive that I would never buy there and they still kept calling! Well, we were ultimately able to ditch them, but barely.

    Each night, the drunken, overfed all-inclusive guests drag themselves into the lobby/lounge for some very cheesy entertainment...and drinks of course. We began calling this the "adult summer camp" because of the immature nature of the entertainment. Mimes, casino night and mariachis, and always the ever-present free drinks. Alcohol-free that is! These half- dead zombies just sit there in the middle of the room on Target- quality chairs and tables, squeezing every dime out of there 100/day/person all-inclusive rate. These people are consuming 12,000 calories a day and not blinking an eye! Eat in the morning, eat and drink all day long at the pool, hoist themselves up in the evening and go to dinner and dessert, then to the lobby for drinks and cruddy entertainment! It is pathetic and depressing, but heck, it's "free"!

    Oh, I must mention the blasted peacocks on the property. They wake you up at 5:30 every morning with their high-pitched squealing every 15 seconds. Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to bring these things to a place where people overpay for rest and relaxation? I swear I was ready to strangle one of these dumb birds! The white one jumped up and attacked my son, leaving a permanent scar on his arm. Beware!

    Another thing is the turn-down service, usually at 4:00 in the afternoon. You come back from the pool at 6:00 or 7:00 and mess the whole place up getting ready to go to town to search out some reasonably priced food (a hard task) and then you have to call down to the front desk upon your return because you have no clean towels left for the morning. Some days, the initial maid service didn't even occur until after 4:30 pm!

    Anyway, you can probably guess that we would never, ever stay at the Velas Vallarta again...under any circumstances. My overall rating is a 2, rescued only by the immaculate condition of the grounds. If not for that, I would rate the place a 1 1/2, max. The rooms are a 2. The elevators are so small that only 4 normal-sized people will fit in them. You pay for every little thing. No free coffee in the lobby like everywhere else. No free internet access…anywhere on the property. Three dollar water at the pool. Charge here, charge there. It gets old really fast. If your vacation time and money are important to you, go elsewhere!

  • Avatar for avaj3
    By avaj3 Dec 20, 2008

    While Lori's review was entertaining, it is way off track. This is a great place for families or newly married couples. Service staff is friendly, even giving out as many pool towels as we asked for (gasp!). Rooms are cheery and food is very very good. By the way, I am not obese!

  • Avatar for lburton
    By lburton Updated Aug 22, 2008

    As a long time guest (17) years at the Velas I do not agree with anything lori231 has to say although the peacocks do get noisy. As mentioned earlier we have been going to PV and the Velas at least once a year for 17 years. We were sent to the Velas by a travel agent who had not been there but had positive feedback from other visitors. To refer to the vast majority of guests as obese is simply not true. I suppose not greater than in any US city.

    With an attitude like yours I am not surprised your service was poor. Ours has always be nothing but pleasant. The drinks are not watered down as you claim unless your attitude once again influenced the bartender.

    This is Mexico you cant go thinking you are in the US. Outside the resort you relalize you are in a foreign country. The Mexican people have always be nothing but pleasant.

    Timeshare sales people are a big pain in the rear. Expect that when going to Mexico. Dont pay any attention to them and enjoy your stay.

    Overall the Velas is decorated in true Mexican decor, very clean, and helpful efficient and happy staff. Both resturants serve excellant food.

  • Avatar for oscarj2
    By oscarj2 Updated Jul 21, 2008

    Just returned from a two week stay at Las Velas. first, it is ideally located in the private marina. Very quite and wealthy residential area surrounded by gulf courses and the private marina with its restuarants and shops. Very beautiful area to go on walks in the morning. The marina provided eating areas and shops if one is not interested in going to town which is about 5 minutes in cab or 20 minutes on local bus. nearby is the Walmart and Sams and a large mall.

    The resort itself is gorgeous with extensive lush landscaping, which attracts migratory birds and lends life to the sky. All units have ocean views and are ample and imaculate clean. The beds, unlike the concrete pads with thin mattress oftern found in Mexican hotels, were pilow topped with high count soft linen sheets and feather duvets and feather pillows. We stayed in a 2 bedroom Plus which provided a master bedroom off of the ocean view balcony connected also to the living room. The second week we stayed in a 1 bedroom deluxe which again was ample and had quality bedding and was well decorated. The only difference is the bedroom does not have a balcony that looks out to the ocean but rather is off the entrance hall with windows to a public corridor which can be made private by heavy curtains.

    while we decided to not go with the all inclusive, since we have restrictive diets and don't drink. It was clear from those that did go all inclusive that they were very satisfied with the food and beverages which include top shelf shots of very good liqour. Never saw or hear people complain of the food or see plates full of uneatend food, a sure sign the food is not up to par.

    Staff if very professional and friendly and always with greet with a smile. We made many friends of the staff and they offered recomendations for places to go and see in PV.

    There are several cats, iguanas, white and regular peacocks on the premises that seem to catch the attention of the visiting children. Thought is is prudent not to let them get to near to the creatures, it was always a joy to see kids running around chasing the menagerie.

    I recently purchased timeshare weeks at this resort in the resale market. In investigating the resort for purchase it became clear that it has a very positive reputation for being a quality operation. It proved out to be the case and I am glad I purchase here and I am looking forward returning to the Velas next year.

  • Avatar for annr120
    By annr120 Jun 9, 2008

    This is an elegant, mature and established resort. If you're looking for a "trendy" or "new wave" type of vacation resort, this is not it. This resort is a tradition in "little America", or the Marina area of Puerto Vallarta, which is characterized by an American school for expat kids, a golf course, and several different ethnic restaurants which most Americans enjoy.

    We have been traveling to PV since 2005, and of all the resorts we've stayed at, we are most pleased, and comfortable at Club Velas. The staff is extremely professional, and well-trained. No matter how late in the day, or how busy the day may have been for them, the staff provides impeccable service. Even when we accidentally ordered the wrong wine and food from room service, the server and the phone waiter were more than professional and eager to please. We have traveled throughout Asia, where service is outstanding, and in our opinion, cannot be matched in the west. This resort comes very close.

    Our last trip to Club Velas was a spring break trip with a group of teenage boys and several families, and we were so happy that we were staying here! Although the boys had plenty of other teens to mingle with during the day and evening, it was not the teen haven that we'd stayed at further north in Nuevo last year. There is an air of civility and cultured class around this resort, as it has been around for a while and is frequented by wealthy nationals during off peak times. The club staff are proud to work here. They were respectful of our sons, and yet not indulgent. We parents had a great time as well! While waiting up for our kids to return from the local clubs, we got treated like beloved houseguests by staff - they got to know us by name and face, and were happy to put aside our favorite wines for after dinner apertifs.

    Although we had a large group, we were accommodated with ease each night for dinner with reservations. We definitely preferred Andreas to the outdoor restaurant, but even the outdoor restaurant was enjoyable - it made for a lovely dinner background - against the Bay of Banderas. The restaurant at the Boutique, a sister resort, is extremely romantic for couples - they take only a small number of reservations per day from members at Club Velas, so make your reservations early. We were so happy to dine there on our last evening outside by candelight, with exquisit food, beautiful scenery, wonderful piano music, and impeccable service! We spent hours at dinner, as the staff does not pressure or rush, but allows guests to savor each course before moving on to the next. Truly a pleasure and forgotten extravagance ... the gift of time.

    There is much to see and do in PV, but since we've done most of the tours, we simply enjoy laying poolside with a good book and sipping periodically on cocktails or fruit smoothies. My favorite is the bloody mary, which I've not been able to replicate even at home! They must use fresh lime juice and something else, but they truly are unique and delicious! The wait staff at poolside periodically appear with fruit cups, or wings with guacamole dip as a complimentary snack for all - very gracious.

    This resort feels like part of an old world classic movie ... where families spend evening meals leisurely together, and staff are attentive and respectful. I would and will go back year after year. It's a tradition.

  • Avatar for dannyk7
    By dannyk7 Updated Apr 7, 2008

    Our family loves this resort. I am sitting on the balcony of our regal suite right now listening to the waves break out in the distance. The grounds are beautiful and extensively maintained. At times it seems as though there are as many service staff as there are guests. The service is extrordinary and the facilities are great. This is our fourth trip to Velas, and we plan to make many more.

    Our current unit is more than large enough for our party of nine. There are sleeping areas for eight plus plenty of room for cots and cribs. This current unit has over 1,500 square feet of living area with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Two of the units have their own bathroom attached. It also has 1,500 square feet of living area on the patio/deck with a private pool and numerous lounges. This three bedroom unit feels more like an apartment than a hotel room. It is wonderful.

    Last week we were in a villa plus unit that also had plenty of room for our party. The layout is nice, as it has the central living area and also has the studio area for older children or other family members to have some of their own space. The deck areas overlooking the pool are great relaxation spots and a place to send the kids to unwind.

    Because of the size of our party, we do not use the all-inclusive option, but I have heard great reviews about it. I like the fact that as an owner, I can choose each time I arrive whether I want to use that option or not.

    If you can avoid it, don't go to their "welcome" orientation meeting when you arrive. Avoid the sales staff at all cost. Buy your vacation weeks from Redweek then avoid the sales pitches when you get here. Today, I heard the salesman next to me convince a retired couple to buy two weeks so that they could rent one week out and make a profit. The next moment, our salesman was telling me that I needed to upgrade because I would not be able to rent out my current week when I wanted to. Also, he was fairly accurate when he guessed what I paid for my current contract on the resale market, twenty cents on the dollar. He thereby admitted that the resale market for the product he was selling was a fraction of their asking price. Well if you have found this site, you know how to get a good deal on a great vacation. Buy from owners that want out and come and enjoy a wonderful vacation spot.

    Back to Velas, we love the pools, the sandy beach, restaurants, convenient marina locations, and numerous services and tours available at the resort. We have looked at several ownership opportunities here in PV, and have chosen to return here year after year.

  • Avatar for lanitap
    By lanitap Updated Jul 10, 2007

    We went to this resort last year and got the all inclusive. We had an awesome stay and felt like a King and Queen. The 1 bedroom unit was large enouph for 4 people. The bed was very comfortable king sized bed, and they turned down the sheets every night. The kitchen was always stocked with goodies. Every evening they turned down your bed. You also had access to the sister resort and about 6 restaurants. We had breakfast served in our room with mamosas and saw wild peacocks around the gardens. The beach was wonderful and we ate breakfast most mornings at the beachside restaurant. They had lots of activities onsite and the liquor/food and service was top notched. Our room had updated furniture and was cleaned daily. There were nice nooks and places to sit in the main building and around the pool. We had beachside shows and drinks a plenty and beachside tents for comfortable reading if you didn't want to be in the sun. Free shuttle service to sister resorts for dinner and facilities. What more can I say? Its worth the stay. Taking kids here....I wouldn't, besides the pool and the beach its not must for them to do here.

  • Avatar for pluskota
    By pluskota Updated Jul 4, 2006

    I bought this RESORT sight un-seen on the internet, we decided to check it out this June. The resort is fantastic and I mean fantastic! The help is wonderful they love and appreciate their jobs and it shows. We all need to go to Mexico to re-learn our work ethic and appreciate what we have in the United States. I also own two Marriott Timeshares in Hilton Head (Grande Ocean) and I own the Royal Reef Resort in the Caymans,as these resorts are 5 stars and very nice Club Velas surpasses them because of their hospitality and their eagerness to please. Grounds are lush and beautiful and rooms are spotlessly cleaned. I almost forgot to mention the food. It is all inclusive if an owner chooses and 52.00 a day per person I haver never done the all inclusive before and I must say it was also wonderful. In additon to that the food was excellent and prepared in an up-scale manner, and again the staff was superb!

  • Avatar for john4471
    By john4471 May 31, 2006

    We bought here seven years ago, visited last year and found it to be improved. A great setting. I'm not sure what the effect of becoming all inclusive will mean

  • Avatar for bob168
    By bob168 Oct 26, 2004

    We've been to several other properties all around Mexico - from Cancun, PV, Ixtapa, & Mazatlan and this resort is the best we've stayed at in terms of over-all experience. The Suite (large 1 BR Suite is superb! - *** do not stay in the Bach suites as it has no balcony or ocean view), Friendly staff, spa facilities, excercise room, 3 interconnected Pool, good restaurants that's modestly priced, very good security (visiting friends were stopped at the entrance and security called our room to confirm their invitation to visit), kids program, and so on, and so on.... in short, your family will thoroughly enjoy your stay at Club Velas !!!

  • Avatar for jyon
    By jyon Updated Mar 31, 2004



  • Avatar for joe128
    By joe128 Jan 24, 2004

    It was great...lots of room to swim, and the facility is very clean. Its located in a good area and the people are friendly and give exellent service. I have been there three times and would not hesitate to go again.

  • Avatar for rainguet
    By rainguet Updated Dec 11, 2003

    Club Velas Vallarta (do not confuse with the newer Grand Velas Vallarta at Nuevo Vallarta) is a grand old lady. The units are almost done being refurbished and the grounds are lush, mature and gorgeous for such a small property. The beach is not spectacular but at least was untouched by the hurricane that wiped out many beaches farther south near river inlets (especially Mismaloya).

    Our unit was a two bedroom and had a large balcony onto which both bedrooms opened. Because of the tall palms, a 5th floor unit or higher is needed to see the ocean but it can be heard throughout the property. The living/kitchen area is rather dark but we spent almost no time there but rather on the balcony or pool area. There are 3 pools, one separate for small kids and the other two connected by an artificial river.

    We traded a timeshare and all-inclusive was mandatory at $85pp per day but we'd heard it was worth it and it was. Andreas was the Italian restaurant and La Ribera (grilled steak, chicken, seafood) was beachside. Both had linen tableclothes and napkins, a nice buffet for all meals, and indoor/patio seating. Both also had ala carte menus with each restaurant alternating a specialty gourmet meal each evening (Italian, Oriental, Argentine, South Pacific, Mexican, Mexican gourmet, French). The fair trade agreement has opened up a new world of foods not before found so easily in Mexico.

    The food was, in general very good to excellent, and the all-inclusive a bargain as it included drinks (name brand if asked for), wine list, and room service. We were a group of four and had coffee delivered every morning and a bottle of wine brought to our balcony every evening before dinner.

    Every evening there was some type of free entertainment provided in the lobby bar area and Andreas offered a live keyboard musician nightly.

    The staff was wonderful and although all- inclusive required no tipping, we tipped well and were treated like royalty.

    There were the usual aports activity center, kids activity center, small mini-mart, small boutique, and also a salon/spa/exercise center on site. The concierge can arrange any excursions and car rental (about $70 day) is available on site. Taxis were inexpensive and the bus, practically right out the door, was only 4 pesos.

    Club Velas is located at the marina area, once in glory and now now a little empty and down in the heals. The airport is quite near but the noise never bothered us during the day and we never were aware of planes taking off at night.

    Be aware of the usual timeshare push here and elsewhere; we'd heard folks tied up as long as 5 hours at Mayan Palace!

    The only reason I didn't rate this a 5 star is because of the beach and the fact that not all the units were refurbished.

  • Avatar for kanakaridge
    By kanakaridge Mar 13, 2003

    My wife and I stayed here for a week on an RCI exchange. One of the most beautifull resorts we have had the pleasure to stay in.

    The grounds, the rooms and and the pools were awsome. We stayed the week before at the Mayan Palace which is also a nice resort, but found the Club Velas Vallarta far superior.

  • Avatar for jroly911
    By jroly911 Mar 10, 2003

    Great place, only caution, studio units are small with no view, on the back hall. Otherwise, lovely visit.

  • Avatar for gogert
    By gogert Feb 1, 2003


  • Avatar for mcmullen
    By mcmullen Jan 20, 2003

    We think this resort has all the others beat. It is absolutely gorgeous with 2 huge free form pools connected by a canal, lush gardens and great beach. The rooms are lovely and well equipped and air conditioned. Daily maid service. It is within walking distance of the marina which has some great restaurants and shops and of course wonderful yachts to see. The golf course across the street is really nice to walk around. The supermarket, about a 15 minute walk, is great. Bus transportation downtown is frequent and right outside the front of the resort.

  • Avatar for khanft
    By khanft Dec 18, 2002

    This is a great place! Beautiful gardens and pool area. Very lush and relaxing. Staff is very friendly, good restaurants and nice facilities.

    Units are good sized, airy and nice. Relatively clean and well equipped.

    I would visit again

  • Avatar for mamulder
    By mamulder Updated Oct 2, 2002

    Nice property with good sized units. Pretty close to the airport, so you often hear the jets taking off which can get quite loud during the day/evening. Not too far from activities.

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