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Is Wyndham taking owners' rights away?

I can't travel right now, so I changed my Wyndham Bonnet Creek reservation to send my kids and grandkids. Wyndham canceled their reservation the day before they were scheduled to arrive! Yes, I got my points back, but what consolation is that when they left my family with plane and Disney tickets and NO accommodations? I am furious. How can they do this?

Yes, we would be furious, too. Wyndham's new guest policies are vague and poorly executed, resulting in guest reservations being confirmed, then canceled last minute.

How It Started

Wyndham created a problem for themselves during the pandemic when most of their resorts were closed for an extended period. With more owners than any other chain, most of whom couldn't use their points, reservations after re-opening were limited and competitive. Wyndham decided to make sure their owners could use their time by limiting reservations for non-owners. On the surface, that seemed like a reasonable plan: let owners use the time that they've paid for and been unable to use. The policy was originally presented as a response to the company's extensive COVID closures, and temporary, to allow for owners to catch up on their vacations.

However, the company has continued to evolve the policy in a way that is NOT in owners' best interest. Restricted dates moved from one or two holiday weeks at a few resorts to EVERY summer weekend and ALL holidays through New Years 2023 (updated Oct 2021) - at their most popular resort options. Many Wyndham owners aren't ready to travel yet. Wyndham's new guest policy, though claiming to be only at peak times in peak resorts, essentially makes it impossible for owners who are not traveling to do much of anything with their ownership. If you own a vacation home, you can let your grown kids and grandkids use it. If you own Wyndham points, Wyndham has taken away your ownership rights - you do not have the ability to use your ownership as you wish.

Confusing Mixed Messages

To make it worse, Wyndham's own website claims, though there are restricted periods, owners can still travel with guests OR use two guest reservations during the restricted time periods when not traveling with guests. However, communication with both Owner Care and Wyndham's corporate communications employees make it clear that the policy is intentionally vague, and not as user-friendly. In fact, the actual policy they are operating under says that, if you make a new reservation for a "restricted period" that's not in your name, they can cancel it at any time, up to 24 hours before your guest checks in.

The real frustration for owners is: you can actually make a guest reservation for these times... they will only cancel it "if they reach 100% owner occupancy at the resort"... at any future date, they determine they want more rooms for owners... they will cancel your guest's reservation to make the room. Sure, you get your points and housekeeping credits returned, but yes, that's little consolation when your guests have flights and tickets booked, and are stranded without a place to stay.

And, don't trust what the resorts themselves tell you about your guest reservations - corporate representatives made it clear that the resort staff will not know. The corporate office is cancelling reservations after they've been confirmed. Even Owner Care is confused and offering different answers depending on who you talk to.

We believe Wyndham's policy started from a place of wanting to help their owners, but they have gone about it all wrong. What they forgot, is that OWNERSHIP implies a level of control over how their purchase is used. If an owner wishes to gift their week to a friend, or even recover their maintenance fees for the year they aren't traveling by renting it out, that is an essential owner right. Wyndham claims they are "cracking down" on owners using their weeks for profit, so this is an attempt to shut this down. Their website-stated policy to allow two guest certificates would have been a reasonable middle ground. The fact that they have plainly stated they will not honor guest certificates means they are simply cutting owner rights. Owners will need to fight back against any policy that restricts how they are able to use their ownership, or companies will continue to reduce benefits and raise costs without consequence.

What Can Wyndham Owners Do?

For now, be very careful with guest reservations on Wyndham's restricted list. Don't send anyone to use a reservation unless they're flexible with last minute cancellations.

Not sure how Wyndham has the ability to change your ownership rights after selling you the timeshare? Check your ownership documents carefully. If you can forward them on to us, we would like to better understand the legal implications of this as well.

Please let us know what you think — positive or negative — in the comments below. You can also let Wyndham's Owner Care department know by calling 855-287-3856 (or 833-624-0346 for VIP owners).

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    Avatar for Jason Z.
    Jason Z.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Wyndham's Owner Care department couldn't care less about keeping owners happy and treating them fairly under their ownership

    I hope someone class action sues - I'm in

    Avatar for Diane & John P.
    Diane & John P.
    Jul 27, 2021

    is Marriott doing this?

    Avatar for John M.
    John M.
    Jul 27, 2021

    As a Marriott owner, I am frustrated at the number of times I seem to be competing with robo callers or some other means of getting in very quickly for desirable times. Within seconds (it seems) I have been denied reservations and then have seen a rental available that very same day for the time that I wanted as an owner. In other words, owners have no desire to stay at their own resorts. Is Wyndham trying to honourably address this with some unintended consequences. This issue seems easy to resolve…

    Avatar for Ronald R.
    Ronald R.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Take a look at the program benefits and see how they fit with your vacation style.

    VIP BRONZE 300,000 - 499,999 points 15% discount on new reservations within 2 months of check-in Receive 3 guest confirmations per year to share with family and friends VIP SILVER 500,000 - 799,999 points 25% discount on new reservations within 2 months of check-in Receive 5 guest confirmations per year to share with family and friends VIP GOLD 800,000 – 1,099,999 points 35% discount on new reservations within 2 months of check-in Access to Reciprocal Advance Priority 3 times per year Access to vacation benefits of Club Wyndham and more... VIP PLATINUM 1,100,000 - 1,399,999 points 50% discount on new reservations within 2 months of check-in Access to Reciprocal Advance Priority 4 times per year Free reservation transactions and so much more... VIP FOUNDERS 1,400,000+ points 60% discount on new reservations within 2 months of check-in Access to Reciprocal Advance Priority 5 times per year Early access to book Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham reservations Free reservation transactions and so much more...

    Avatar for Ronald R.
    Ronald R.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Avatar for Craig H.
    Craig H.
    Jul 27, 2021

    This policy and the decisions corporate makes once again gives a bad name to the time share industry. It’s like Government “ Bait and Switch”. One gets fed up with making a decision on what Sales tells you then to find out the facts care not really the facts any more. I would think a good harsh “ Class Action” might nip this horrible action in the bud or is it butt !

    Avatar for Patricia F.
    Patricia F.
    Jul 27, 2021 (edited)

    How dare Redweek! You did this to us at the beginning of COVID. Our resort was open and you took our money and refunded it to the people that rented our week and we got screwed! Shame on Redweek.

    Avatar for Barb Z.
    Barb Z.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Unbelievable and scary that they will take away owners rights. I hope other Time Share companies do not start this policy as it might start a mass exit from owning a Time Share.

    Avatar for Deanna S.
    Deanna S.
    Jul 27, 2021

    It stinks like pig poop!!!

    Avatar for Eugene K.
    Eugene K.
    Jul 27, 2021


    Avatar for Barbara H.
    Barbara H.
    Jul 27, 2021

    When I called I was told any illegal guest reservation would be cancelled within 24 to 48 hours of the reservation and I’m ok with that IF is truly is in the restricted dates. Depending upon where you read the website has conflicting information for sure. One place says one thing and another place says something different. I’ve printed out and saved what the website said the day I made a guest reservation although I doubt it would carry much weight if they decided last minute to cancel my reservation. It would take days or weeks to prove I was right. And as you said that doesn’t help the person with plane and Disney tickets and no place to stay.

    Avatar for Harbaksh A.
    Harbaksh A.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Being able to rent out units to help cover maintenance fees was one of the major selling points in the last presentation that got us to upgrade to Platinum VIP. If we can’t do this, that would not be good for us or anyone we’ve decided to rent or give a reservation to AND we might end up getting stuck with points we can’t use. That’s not fair! It’s our points. What difference does it make if we’re using the unit or giving them away? We’re still using OUR points to reserve the unit. We should be able to use them any way we like! Not being able to reserve a unit is a common complaint with people who have fewer points. What ever happened to the “privileges” that are supposed to come with VIP ownership? They should have thought about that BEFORE they pushed the ability to rent out units to cover Maintenance fees.

    Avatar for Barbara W.
    Barbara W.
    Jul 27, 2021

    I was threatened in a Owner's Update meeting which tried to upgrade me to their "points" system (for $14,000 and uptick of my maintenance fees to $3000 from $1090) that Marriott may restrict my floating weeks to fixed weeks in the next 2 years. It is no longer about keeping clients of many years happy but money, money, money.

    Avatar for Betty M.
    Betty M.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Wow. Absolutely ridiculous. Potentially illegal & fraudulent. Is it explained at sales presentations & in ownership documents that you don’t actually “own” anything? That the week/point(s) you’ve purchased & paid maintenance fees for are not yours to do with as you please? Why on earth would ANYONE buy into this program? The real reason behind this is to shut down published owner rentals which prove that there is no advantage to owning. Lawyers & class action suits are unfortunately necessary at this point.

    Avatar for Ben B.
    Ben B.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Marriott legacy weeks are better than points. You know you can use the week. Points does not guarantee you any reservation unless you want to go to a location you may not desire.

    Avatar for Ann G.
    Ann G.
    Jul 27, 2021 (edited)

    I want to thank Redweek for posting this article. I am a Wyndham VIP owner and wasn't aware of the extent of the restrictions on my ownership. I called owner care and on my third call was transferred to "'Owner Care" and spoke to someone who explained the "policy" not fully in writing, but still somewhat fluid. I understood having to cancel a reservation that I intended for a guest this summer. When I purchased, I was told I could recuperate some of my $2000/mo carrying costs by renting some of my ownership. I understood that some fellow owners were unable to get reservations for this opening of the travel/vacation period after Covid. I willingly sacrificed my reservation and potential income that would have slightly offset my costs of ownership. I learned that these restrictions have been extended and expanded going forward. This tells me that perhaps this timeshare giant I loved may have oversold itself and now owners are paying a price. I suggested to Owner Care that in addition to restrictions on owners, they suspend sales until they can truly accommodate all owner usage.

    Avatar for Robert M.
    Robert M.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Without the ability to rent out my weeks in some years to cover maintenance costs, I'd be calling a time share exit service, and I'd certainly jump into a class action suit against the company. I also own at Welk properties, where they run an in-house rental service, which dependably returns more rental income than the maintenance fees.

    Avatar for Mary B.
    Mary B.
    Jul 27, 2021

    I am so happy not to be a Wyndham owner after reading this post.

    Avatar for Susan F.
    Susan F.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Does this affect Marriott owners as well?

    Avatar for John R.
    John R.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Thanks greatly for this timely article. We are legacy week ( not points) owners in Kona Coast 2 in Hawaii. We have fixed weeks 52 and 1 and a floating week. Does any of this new policy really affect these weeks? Thanks for your help. John Rogerson

    Avatar for David B.
    David B.
    Jul 27, 2021

    They are making the owners with deeded weeks (not points) hard to book their room type in the summer.

    Avatar for K S.
    K S.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Very strange. We've stayed at Bonnet Creek several times now. Each was by renting from individuals that apparently bought points and use them specifically to rent to others. They don't appear to use them as "owners" but clearly as a source of income to themselves. If Wyndham does not want this to be going on then they needed to have made it a condition of the original purchase. And going forward they'd need to see a way to undo what clearly has been going on for since it opened and probably longer at other similar facilities. Further, if they have so many "owners" that they were cancelling reservations that appeared not to involve the actual owners of said weeks then I have to wonder if they over sold their resort and would have to be canceling owners instead.

    Avatar for Michele S.
    Michele S.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Sounds like a class action suit may be in their future.

    Avatar for Tom C.
    Tom C.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Is WorldMark by Wyndham affected?

    Avatar for Sandra N.
    Sandra N.
    Jul 27, 2021

    Class action lawsuit? I’m in too! Anyone know a class action attorney?

    Probably most Wyndham owners who use Redweek or other platforms book within their points discount/free upgrade window to maximize the value of their points. Wyndham does have its own rental company – Extra Holidays – but EH will not accept reservations made in the discount window, they take an exhorbitant percentage of the rental amount, owners cannot specify a minimum rental amount, and EH will not notify an owner whether the reservation has been rented or for what amount. So, owners rent points themselves on or elsewhere.

    There really is not an inventory shortage for owners desiring to travel if they book well in advance of the discount window. This costs the owner “full points,” but at least the owner gets a reservation for themselves, and they can always re-book during their discount window (and cancel the original reservation) if there is still inventory available. Owners are able to cancel up to 15 days prior to the check-in date and receive refund of points. So, there really is no inventory problem if owners who themselves want to travel plan ahead and make reservations well in advance.

    This is a fiasco of Wyndham’s own making. They allowed owners to “roll over” unused 2020 points to 2021 or 2022 for no fee. Right thing to do in the pandemic? Sure, but better to have refunded maintenance fees on unused points rather than create this debacle by cancelling guest reservations already on the books. Or, Wyndham could have warned owners in advance of a future change coming, rather than cancelling existing guest reservations. Or, the website could provide a pop-up message on the guest confirmation page for any potential guest reservation that might be affected BEFORE the guest confirmation is actually added – at least that way, the owner could notify the potential guest immediately and refund their money before the guest purchases air fare, Disney tickets, etc. only to have their accommodations cancelled by Wyndham later.

    At my level, Wyndham provides 30 guest confirmations per year. Now, they are upset that I am using GCs to recoup maintenance fees and are limiting how GCs can be used.

    The problem goes way beyond the new guest policy, though. Whether intentionally or through ignorance, Wyndham sales reps have consistently misrepresented how the timeshare is to work -- in our experience 6 different encounters/purchases from 2005 to 2016 totalling nearly $180K (not including annual maintenance fees that go up every year), with each new incremental purchase intended to fix some problem with the previous purchase, only to create another unforeseen problem. Most people do not read the 2” thick stack of legal documents provided at the time of purchase.

    Without going into too much detail, I originally bought in early 2005 in St. Thomas. When I went to make our first reservation a couple months later, I was told that I could not do so because I had purchased “fixed weeks.” To fix this problem, I purchased some “UDI” points at Bonnet Creek in May 2005. Then we learned we were being separately billed for real estate taxes at St. Thomas, in addition to timeshare maintenance fees. We had no representative assigned to help at that point, so at a third “owner update” at Wyndham Smoky Mountains in spring 2006, we were told all this would be remedied if we would convert all prior points (and purchase a few more) by trading to Smoky Mountains. Also, we were told we could use the points for airfare, and were presented a chart that showed the amount of points required for domestic/international flights. The points required on the chart were competitive with paying cash, so we “upgraded.” When I went to make the first airline reservation using points through Wyndham’s travel agency (this was the only way to use points for airfare), not only were the points required exponentially higher than the numbers shown on the chart from the sales presentation, there was also a $60 fee per ticket fee charged by Wyndham to use the points. This made using points for airfare economically infeasible. When I tried to reach the salesperson who sold us the Smoky Mountain points, I was told she was no longer there.

    In early 2009 we used Wyndham points to travel to an El Cid resort in Mazatlan, Mexico, where we were promised that, if we bought into El Cid, they would sell our Wyndham timeshare. We were presented a computer printout showing recent sales of Wyndham points. It appeared we could recoup our Wyndham costs, so we signed on. Not only did El Cid not sell our Wyndham timeshare, we were scammed out of $27K five years later by a legitimate looking title company who said they had a buyer for the El Cid timeshare.

    We met with a fourth Wyndham rep in spring 2011 in Branson who told us we needed to convert our points to the new “Club Pass” program (requiring still another points purchase) in order to be able to book reservations at over two dozen resorts (not just our home resort) more than 10 months in advance. A new owner rep would be assigned. We signed on, but this time I read all the legal documents and cancelled the purchase within the short 5-day cancellation window when it was obvious from the documents that Wyndham could change the rules at any time.

    In February 2012 on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe, we met with a fifth Wyndham rep who told us we needed a few more Lake Tahoe points with a staggered use year, so that we could perpetually roll over unused points each year for no fee and get him assigned to our account as the Wyndham rep going forward. He claimed he was there to assist owners, not sell points, and that he could help with rentals to recoup some of our maintenance fees. So, we bought more points. This worked out okay (he actually did facilitate some rentals) until Wyndham changed the rules and consolidated all points into one use year. The Lake Tahoe rep who had been with Wyndham for over 20 years left the company in early 2013 within a year after this purchase. He did introduce us to another Wyndham owner who helped us rent points for the next few years, but took a 35% commission.

    On another ski trip in early 2016, we met with a sixth Wyndham rep at Park City who sold us more points and converted existing points to the “Presidential Reserve” program. This gave us a new rep who had also been with the company for 20+ years, and provided a 50% discount/free upgrade window and 30 guest confirmations per year. While the legal documents specified that the purchase was not being made for the purpose of renting points, there is nothing that prohibits rentals – how else would one use 30 guest confirmations per year!? We also were led to believe that a Park City home resort would eventually sell more easily on the resale market in the future than a Smoky Mountains home resort. However, Wyndham has a right of first refusal, and any resale by us to a third party will cause the points to lose all the Presidential Reserve benefits otherwise afforded to points purchased directly fromWyndham.

    So, there is no way that we will ever recoup the $180,000 we dumped into these purchases or the ongoing annual maintenance fees that Wyndham increases every year, regardless of need. This timeshare bleeds cash every year, and with this new guest policy Wyndham has now made it even more difficult for owners to recoup costs.

    I tell everyone who will listen NEVER to buy a timeshare from Wyndham.

    Avatar for Ronald A
    Ronald A
    Jul 27, 2021

    The super salesman sold us unneeded points because a purchase was "necessary" for us to "qualify" for Ovation (Wyndham's simple exit program). We are in our 70's now and were concerned about what to do with the timeshare when we were no longer able to travel. We told him we could hardly use the points we already had so we could not possibly use any more points . Quickly, he showed us his own posting to rent one of his weeks through Vacation Candy rentals. Renting would take care of the extra points plus help pay for maintenance fees he said! First of all, a purchase was not necessary to "qualify" for Ovation. The only requirement to "qualify" was to not have an unpaid contract and to have all maintenance fees up to date. Lies on top of lies! We fell for this and found out six months after the purchase (ironically at another Wyndham location) that all we had done was buy more points!! A purchase was NOT necessary to qualify for the exit program!!! So renting was the only option to pay the extra maintenance fees and use the extra points. Now we are told there are restrictions on when we can send a guest ???? This is hurting many owners and also Redweek! Redweek is so affordable and so easy to post a rental. Not only is Redweek perfect for timeshare owners but perfect also for renters who need a reputable, safe agency to look for vacation rentals! Twice this year alone we have had to cancel good rental weeks because Wyndham says no! Sandra A 07/27/21

    Avatar for William M.
    William M.
    Jul 27, 2021

    I totally agree that this policy is not helping owners. I should be able to use my points how I see fit and they should not be changing the rules. I have filed a formal complaint with Owner Care and hope many other owners will as well.

    Avatar for Sandra N.
    Sandra N.
    Jul 28, 2021

    Owners can/should also file complaints with the Florida Attorney General. If enough people do this, maybe the Fla. AG will do something. Go to, then click "general complaints." You can file the complaint form online or download an Adobe Acrobat version and mail it in to the address on the website.

    Avatar for Sherry C.
    Sherry C.
    Jul 28, 2021

    I think I am ready to leave Wyndham. In fact I felt this way before Covid.

    Avatar for Fred F.
    Fred F.
    Jul 29, 2021

    This is HORRIBLE!!! I can't believe they are getting away with this!!!!

    Avatar for Brenda P.
    Brenda P.
    Jul 29, 2021

    Wyndham needs to have to QUIT renting out Wyndham Units THEMSELVES. Owners ARE NOT allowed these times YET Wyndham constantly advertises units available fir Rental. What's Good for the Goose IS Good for the Gander 🤷‍♀️

    Avatar for Walter E.
    Walter E.
    Aug 01, 2021

    Wyndham's new policy is ridiculous, especially with no advance notice. I would not consider acquiring Wyndham ownership. If you pay for usage, it should not be restricted. Doing it after it has been approved is even worse. They should be held responsible for any additional expenses..

    Avatar for Marcia M.
    Marcia M.
    Aug 04, 2021 (edited)

    This is totally unacceptable and ridiculous! There are some of us (not me) who have millions of points for guest reservations. If they have been purchased they should be able to use them in the manner that was intended. To say that there are no guest reservations is stupid! The sales people who are selling those millions of points NEVER tell you that!

    Avatar for Bryan B.
    Bryan B.
    Aug 04, 2021

    I just got screwed out of a Wyndam property as described above in Austin. Actually had the balls to ask if I would like to rebook...for next year? This cancellation came WEEKS after the owner accepted the reservation. Pissed.

    Avatar for Richard B.
    Richard B.
    Aug 04, 2021

    There should be a LAW, or Hire a Company to assist Timeshare Owners in all Legal matters, and I for one will appreciate now and in the FUTURE any way I can. The sooner the better, Sounds like a very Promising Business due to the amount of Owners NOW and in the near FUTURE... IT is a Shame that Timeshare Owners have no such REPRESENTATION what so ever !!!!!!!!!!!

    Avatar for Barbara P.
    Barbara P.
    Aug 07, 2021 (edited)

    In the past few months, I made several reservations that I was planning to sell on Fortunately, I found out from RedWeek (not from Wyndham) that Wyndham is limiting guest reservations to 2 during the restricted periods. I was able to list 2 of the reservations, and I now have 2 additional reservations that I can't sell nor can I give them to family or friends unless we travel with them. Wyndham claimed that they sent a couple of emails with this information, but I never received an email about this new policy. It is buried somewhere on their website and no owner is going to know to search for the information, which I did to no avail. Once again, I am furious with Wyndham and their changing policies. Once again owners are screwed! I wonder if Wyndham can still list & sell your reservation on their Extra Holidays website, even though we can't do that on sites like RedWeek. When I contacted various people at Owner Care, they were all very confused and couldn't give me a straight. One lady was even quite rude to me, saying I should understand what the website means, even if what it means is not what it said. I could go on and on! Maybe we should file a class-action lawsuit!.

    Avatar for Kathy S.
    Kathy S.
    Aug 21, 2021

    I own and rent at Costa Linda Aruba. I noticed that other postings are not putting their unit numbers on the listing. It would help if this requirement was enforced, since location, location, location, helps greatly determine the rental price.

    Avatar for Scott M.
    Scott M.
    Aug 28, 2021

    I don't like the new policy either. They have taken away our Rights of Ownership. We need to get this changed. I've filled out many Feedback surveys and none of them were nice.

    Avatar for Joyce P.
    Joyce P.
    Sep 24, 2021

    As a Member of RedWeek When I book a Trip And Buy Air Fare and clear my work Schedule I expect that trip to Happen …..I consider this A BIG PROBLEM ✅ September 2021 I went to a Wyndham Timeshare meeting and didn’t Buy…NOW I’m GLAD 😀 In the room were lots of Folks ..that they where trying to get to buy MORE POINTS So I Guess if You have More Points you can bump others out of that week you want They Talked about renting out your weeks for Maintenance Wow…Time for a Class Action Lawsuit..but I’m sure they probably wrote something in small print to keep there Company Safe… Now as a RedWeek Member…Will I keep trying to buy Folks Weeks?? Knowing it COULD BE CANCELED Will I still Refer Folks to Join RedWeek if this Could Happen to them… NOT GOOD Not Feeling Good about WYNDHAM TIMESHARE PROPERTIES for Vacation Picks YIKES 😳 THIS IS NOT GOOD Will Marriott Timeshares ….BE NEXT ??

    Avatar for Sheila Marie S.
    Sheila Marie S.
    Sep 26, 2021

    I don't like what Wyndham has done. They certainly didn't send information out to owners to let us know that their policies were changing and it is absolutely wrong of them to just cancel guests without any warning! That said, now that you've shared this information, I've reviewed their website and talked with member services and I don't find their posted information confusing. Have there been violations on what this says: ?

    Avatar for Paul J.
    Paul J.
    Oct 05, 2021

    I am pleased with this policy. It enables us, as owners, to use the units during busy times, instead of the units being rented by mega-renters. Wyndham does make an exception for up to two guest reservations during those restricted times, so we can send family twice. That should be enough for those who are not doing this for a business.

    Avatar for Madelyn CS
    Madelyn CS
    Oct 06, 2021

    Does this apply to units rented thru RCI?

    Avatar for Phyllis B.
    Phyllis B.
    Oct 11, 2021 (edited)

    Before reading the above message about Wyndham, I thought WYNDHAM was Superior to other time share companies...BUT now I'm ashamed to say I'm a Wyndham owner. What a terrible thing to do to un-expecting travelers who in good faith purchased my Timeshare just to have it taken away. They wind up with no vacation and extra money spent to get there....SHAME ON ALL THE BIG WIGS AT WYNDHAM** Phyllis Bain** EMBARRASSED OWNER

    Avatar for Monique W.
    Monique W.
    Oct 24, 2021

    I’m so down for a class action. We paid to use our timeshare are we want to. Why give us guest confirmations we cannot use or charge us for guest confirmations if we cannot use them. If we cancel less that 15 day we forfeit our points but if Wyndham cancel with there is no penalty has is that fair. Also Changing developer and resale points when there was never anything saying you’d be penalized for points.

    Avatar for Vacation Travel
    Vacation Travel
    Oct 26, 2021

    Could this be a breach of contract?

    Could owners bring a Class Action Law Suit against Wyndham and get their money back?

    I paid over $30,000 for my Wyndham Timeshare.

    Avatar for Brent B.
    Brent B.
    Oct 26, 2021

    The truth is Wyndham makes more profits when an owner uses their timeshare and they then have the opportunity to make another sale by upgrading them while they are there. Neither COVID nor the lack of availability due to MEGA Renters has anything to do with this. It was mandated by the Senior VP of Sales after he did a study on profit based on which type of guests stays on property and which type generates the most revenue for the company, and it's not guests or renters: OWNERS Win every time. They are greedy and their only interests lie in their pay checks and stock prices. It's time for owners to put their foot down with these people NOW!!! We won't even get into Extra Holidays and them allowing rentals there, but nowhere else!

    Avatar for Bruce K.
    Bruce K.
    Oct 26, 2021

    I don’t think Wyndham is a good buy. You need huge amounts of points to get family size accommodations and huge amounts of points means huge maintenance fees.

    Avatar for Susan D.
    Susan D.
    Oct 26, 2021

    Wyndham is merely a ponzi pyramid scheme.

    Avatar for Barbara P.
    Barbara P.
    Oct 26, 2021

    Wyndham has continued to do everything they can to make things worse for owners. Since we couldn't use all of our points because of Covid, I booked several reservations (we are entitled to 30 guest certificates) to rent out on RedWeek. I have been constantly changing reservations to accommodate Wyndham's restrictions. Even when I have booked a reservation which was not on their restricted list, I was told that was a mistake on Wyndham's part and the date should have been on the restricted list. I can't win. It's been very confusing, and Wyndham has made it difficult for owners to access the information about the restrictions. I wish there was something owners could do; it seems like they promised owners "rights" and take them away at their discretion. I'm also in for a class action lawsuit. I'm so disgusted with Wyndham! Who wants to start this class action lawsuit? Anyone know how it works?